Zachary Players

Hello, Alex,

This is Christie Lamoureux I own 121206 "Honey" (I've called her a few things, but Honey seems most appropriate). She truly is like honey! I've never owned such a precise instrument! Her tones are unbelievable! She holds her low ends together all the way down and turns around and rings out her highs like a bell! There is a certain "spank" to her sound that is entirely unique to her sound alone. The P90's are second to none, just like the craftsmanship! This is easily the most amazing guitar I've ever held, and anyone that says otherwise doesn't truly understand the craft of instrument building. I could go on and on about this guitar but, I'm contacting you about strings and the tone lube! I'm ready to order! I will send you a money order as soon as you give me a total. I would like 15 sets of "10's" and the tone lube!! I'm thinking the next time I need strings I'll be ready for the Skank! But for now, I play her through a vintage 1972 twin reverb with a little tweaking. THANKS, ALEX!! CL (Lincoln, RI)

Hi Alex,

I'm the lawyer you were kind enough to sell Guitar 050312 to last year. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still utterly in love with it. I don't have the words to describe how great it is.

I own 12 guitars. Since the day it arrived I have not played any other, except when I feel like playing acoustic, which is seldom. Your guitar – my guitar!—feels like it was made for me. And it is, for lack of a better word, the most "musical" guitar I have ever played. By this, I mean that it just has a wonderful sweet tone, at every position on the fretboard.

My other guitars are now just lovely sculpture. I have no desire to play them. They just don't feel or sound "right" to me. Your guitar feels perfect and sounds amazing.

The guitar makes playing a joy. Lately, my wife and I have started playing together, which is a blast.

Thank you for making such an amazing guitar, and for letting me buy it from you.

All the best,

Jeff Ehrlich (Los Angeles, CA)