Zachary Optimum Gauges - Optimized Tension Guitar and Bass Strings

A purely original invention by Alex Csiky of Zachary Guitars. 

Alex, the builder of Zachary Guitars is the inventor, originator and exclusive seller of the only real and true Optimized guitar and bass strings.

Finally, the first time in history, the correct way to design guitar and bass string sets. Every string manufacturer was oblivious to and disinterested in actually offering correctly designed string sets. This knowledge was unknown and players were using string sets which lacked any design. String suppliers have no clue about what they are doing, beyond offering gimmicks, marketing and material options. All string sets before ZOG were incorrectly designed because they have NO design. The problem was with String Tension. More specifically, relative string tension balance between strings. If string tension of every string in a set is not balanced, it is NOT correct. No amount of material innovation will result in a good string set. Balanced string tension is the most important factor to a well functioning instrument, in terms of tone and feel. This is why I was the first to call such a set and OPTIMIZED String set. 

If you don't have balanced tension, you have NOTHING.

Everything starts with correct tension between strings in the set, as they relate to each other and the overall string tension or each string. String suppliers, big and small, simply put together a collection of randomly tensioned strings, to make the sets players used for decades. All string manufactures offered the same incorrect sets and copied each other's lack of design. These compromised string sets work but they don't work well. This glaring lack of design was the only choice players had before ZOG came along. Guitars and basses either did not play at their full potential or certain models were practically unplayable. Most naive players were unperceptive and simply put full trust in what they thought were "experts"; the string manufacturers. Without Zachary Optimum Gauges, ALL guitars suffer from unbalanced strings sets in terms of tension. Most notably the Les Paul sounds muddy, short scale basses are unplayable, uniquely designed instruments like the Fender Bass VI is useless and failed in the marketplace and all 5 and 6 string basses play, feel and sound terrible the lower the strings go. They all suffer from unbalanced string tension between strings, lack of tension or both, regardless of what material the strings are made of or what the string band may be. 

A partial description of the science and innovation behind Zachary Optimum Gauges was posted on this website for a number of years and ZOG strings were available to any and all guitar player. However, it was inevitable that unscrupulous, uncreative and deceptive individuals, who are nothing but thieves, would steal Alex's intellectual property - as soon as ZOG had become the talk of the guitar community. They stole Alex's complete list of terminology describing his design. However, as some have attempted to copy and cash in on the ZOG concept, as it was posted on this website, they missed the details altogether. Therefore you are NOT finding the true innovation of Optimized Tension Strings and NOT getting the real thing, with its complete design advantages. You are still getting a compromised set, unless its a Zachary set, regardless of what words are used on the packaging.

Although Zachary Optimum Gauges (ZOG) were available to the public for a number of years and sold by Alex worldwide on a personal and  individual basis to players, ZOG were originally designed for Zachary Guitar owners only. This is only fair to those who purchase Zachary Guitars, the best playing guitars you can play and ZOG strings are one link in the chain of the overall Zachary guitar design. Alex decided in 2016 that Zachary Optimized Gauges should be kept proprietary and only available to Zachary guitar owners.

Every Zachary Guitar owner should be using ZOG exclusively. Contact Alex regarding ZOG strings at any time if you are a Zachary guitar owner. ZOG strings were made for you and for you alone. 

For the rest of the players, Alex hopes you will make the connection between Zachary tension-optimized strings and Zachary guitars and that you will use ZOG strings as a point of reference for what a Zachary guitar could offer you. The same mind and skill which brought you this landmark innovation in string design, is the same individual who designs and handcrafts every Zachary guitar.

Alex hopes that you become Zachary guitar owners and players and that you experience a guitar you have always dreamed of or maybe never even dreamed existed.