How to Purchase a Zachary Guitar

Important Question

Are you looking for a custom guitar or are you specifically looking for a Zachary guitar?  Zachary guitars are NOT custom guitars.

First some terminology everyone should be clear on.


What is Handmade?  

Handmade is when every operation is directed by the human hand, either using hand tools or power tools. 
CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) made guitars are NOT, I repeat, are NOT hand made. No matter what anyone is trying to sell you. One cannot make a vintage reissue guitar using CNC machines, programmed to give cookie-cutter results. 
All vintage guitars were hand made, simply because programmed machines were not available at the time. 


What is a Custom guitar?  

This is a very loosely used term and it has lost its meaning. Custom should mean that its a guitar specifically "custom made" for YOU and no one else. This is when the luthier does what YOU tell him to do. This can mean minor things, like the color you want, or the pickups you want, or it can mean major things, such as a narrow neck, wide neck, V neck, fat neck, a bass guitar with a flying V body or even you giving the builder a body shape you drew on a napkin and the luthier agreeing to make everything the way you the guitar player have designed it. This is what a custom guitar is or should be. If you are looking to do just that, this is the wrong place for you to come. 

First make sure you understand that Custom and Handmade guitars are NOT one in the same. They can possibly be both but not necessarily. Most custom guitars are not hand made and some hand made guitars are NOT custom.

I only offer hand made guitars but I do NOT build custom guitars. The inspiration for every creation must be mine and nobody else's. I let my own creativity dictate what I build. If I have an idea and it excites me. I create it. If it excites you just the same, you may buy it, its for you.


You can own a Zachary guitar two ways.

1. You can choose an unsold guitar from the Portfolio page. 

Like a painter, I have my portfolio available, and you simply choose which piece of work appeals to you. Just imagine going to an art gallery and viewing all the exhibit pieces. You can simply choose the guitar which appeals to you the most and purchase it. You can choose any Zachary Guitar currently unsold or not marked NFS (Not For Sale). All instruments are listed and exhibited on the "Portfolio" page.  Simply choose the guitar you want based on the specifications listed on the dedicated page for each particular guitar.  If a guitar you like is sold or marked as NFS, then you can request one built for you like it. It will not be the same but will be quite similar. 

2. Or you can commission a new build to your own preferences from my list below, which need to be approved by Me, the designer and builder. 

You can commission a guitar with some approved preferences. You can have a guitar built specifically for YOU, to my design but using some of your specified and agreed-upon preferences. Choose any specification option listed below, such as body style, scale length, hardware, woods, etc. No piece can ever be exactly duplicated. Therefore, each guitar I create is one-of-a-kind. This is NOT the mass produced, cookie-cutter, over-advertised and over-hyped commercial product, which you may be accustomed to. You can find those at any music store. I suspect you have now made it to a higher level of guitar sophistication and that is why you are here. I am a guitar designer first and foremost. If you trust my abilities and if your preferences are sound, I think we will come to an understanding, which is mutually rewarding and a guitar which is second to none. 


This quote from a follower of my work who really gets it and this illustrates how I love to work.

It would be a fantastic experience knowing NOTHING about the instrument beforehand, other than who is making it and what kind of work to expect, and having it show up and being surprised. - John B