250517 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE

Zachary Handcrafted Guitars - ZT Telecaster 250517

Body Style:  ZT (Telecaster), 3/4" thick,

Body Wood:  Swamp Ash, 1-piece

Neck Wood:  Maple

Fingerboard Wood:  Maple

Scale:  25.5"

Tuners:  Kluson-style

Frets:  24 (Large and Medium mix)

Pickups:  neck - Mojo P90 Clone, bridge - DiMarzio True Velvet

Controls:  master Volume and Tone + balance pot

Neck Joint:  Spiked, machine screws / metal inserts

Strings:  Zachary Optimum Tensions, 10+ set

Weight: 6.5 lb.



I saw some pictures of Danny Gatton's 1952 Fender Telecaster. I really liked the warn smoky look of it. So I decided to build a Zachary ZT to duplicate that look.
I also wanted to finally use a blend/balance pot, instead of a pickup selector switch. 
Of course I wanted to stay true to the original Telecaster where it was obligatory, such as the Swamp Ash full thickness body, Maple neck and fingerboard and the Tele bridge pickup.
I also used original style hardware, such as the Kluson tuners, vintage style bridge and "blackguard" pickguard. 

What you have here is all the characteristics which a 52 Tele is known for, with the addition of design improvements, which does not adulterate the original vintage Tele but adds to it as improvements. Such as the wide high frets, the wide neck, the P90 neck pickup, Zachary MI nut, blend pot and improved, more ergonomic body contouring. If God would updated the Telecaster, this is what He would do. I think Leo would be pleased and would welcome all the improvements.

If guitar players were at all interested in playing the very best guitars possible, then this is the Tele they would play. However, we live in a funny world and guitar choice has never been decided according to that criteria.