201216 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE

Zachary Handcrafted Guitars - ZT Telecaster 201216


Body Style:   ZT Telecaster, 40 mm thick

Body Wood:   African Mahogany, 1-piece

Neck Wood:   African Mahogany

Fingerboard Wood:   Pau Ferro

Scale:   25.5"

Tuners:   Kluson-style

Frets:   24 (large/medium mix)

Pickups:   neck - AlniCo soapbar, bridge - Zachary Tele custom

Switching:   master Volume, 3-way LP selector

Neck Joint:   Spiked, machine screws / metal inserts

Strings:   Zachary Optimum Tensions, 10+ set

Weight:   6.1 lb.  (Wow! that's light)

Price:   $2800 USD, with case

Availability:   For Sale


Here is another ultimate Telecaster, which mass production can never produce. The theme here was red color with gold hardware and I know you agree its stunning. My goal was also to make this Tele as light-weight as possible. I dropped the string ferules because they are heavy brass. I used my custom made aluminum strap buttons, light weight tuners with plastic buttons, thinner 40 mm body-thickness and the African Mahogany is very light weight to start with. So, we end up with a Telecaster at 6.1 lbs complete. You also get much better high fret access, 24 frets (2 octave neck), tall dual size frets for bending, my usual wide fingerboard, powerful pickups and original "blackguard" vintage fiber pickguard. You get one master volume knob, very close for easy reach for volume swells and contoured body everywhere for comfort.
What you do get is everything that is essential to and defines the classic Telecaster.

Try to beat all of this with any Fender Tele, new or old. Contact your favorite Tele hero and tell him its time to get red-pilled, even if it hurts the ego.
Anyone will be 10 times the better, playing this guitar. The fretwork and action on this is absolutely unreal.

I just want to let you know that its an ongoing terrible struggle for me to stay humble. I just cannot do it.
However, had you designed and built this guitar, you would be arrogant also and it would be totally warranted. Remember arrogance must be earned. If you are not arrogant, its because you have not accomplished anything. Just ask The Donald. He earned his arrogance also and earns it every single day. So, pay attention, learn something and try to create something great. If you have no talent, then all you can do is be an anonymous goof troll on the internet. Go ahead and blame God for shortchanging you.