040517 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE

Zachary Handcrafted Guitars - ZT Telecaster 040517


Body Style:  ZT (Telecaster), 1.75'' thick

Body Wood:  Knotty Pine (one piece)

Neck Wood:  Maple (quarter sawn)

Fingerboard Wood:  Maple

Scale:  25.5"

Tuners:  Kluson-style

Frets:  24 (large/medium mix)

Pickups:  Tele format P90 set

Controls:  master volume, 6-way rotary;
1. neck, 2. both parallel (in phase), 3. bridge, 4. both series, 5. both parallel (out phase), 6. both series (out phase)

Neck Joint:  spiked, machine screws / metal inserts

Strings:  Zachary Optimum Tensions, 10+ set

Weight: 6.6 lb

Price:  -

Availability:  Not For Sale


I remember in the late 90s I was the only one who was making guitars from Knotty Pine.  The ignorant morons on the internet peed their panties when they saw it. This was the heyday of the extremely (gross and tacky) figured tops, which made PRS famous and all other guitar manufactures copied it. Big Guitar propaganda was able to convince every moron that the more figured the wood, the better the guitar is and the better they will sound and they sold for huge premiums. Even crap guitars came with Photo-Flame tops. Remember those hideous things but morons loved it. Makes me sick. Every guitar had to have a revoltingly figured top or it was NOT considered a "quality guitar" by the morons, who are unfortunately the majority of guitar consumers and that is the tragedy of my life.

So here I was with a Knotty Pine guitar and it just made them go insane. They did not know what to make of it. They mocked and ridiculed and jerked each other off on the forums, since that is all they are capable of. These are losers I would never even acknowledge in the real world. The internet gave them some importance and attention, which they would never get otherwise.

Meanwhile, I was blown away with the tone and resonance I was getting from Knotty Pine. The best sounding guitars I made were Pine. Later I found out that Leo Fender made all of his Telecaster prototypes from Pine. The morons did not know that and most still don't.

So now, 20 years later, Pine and even Knotty Pine is considered very cool, for at least Telecasters. Since then some smaller companies copied me but they happen to be in New York City. Then it all must be legitimate, right? Anything which is done in NYC or California is instantly legit for the morons. This is the way morons operate. They are Type B males, who are followers and can never think for themselves. After all they must also play the exact same guitars as their heroes play. They look to others to tell them what to purchase. They don't know enough about guitars technically to even know what is good. A moron is not capable of originality, creativity or individuality. 

So where are all those Morons now, who were on the guitar forums 20 years ago? Did they learn anything or are they still morons but 20 years older? Shit, they must look like hell. 
Well, I am still here and guess what, I am still building guitars fom Knotty Pine and still amazed at how great these guitars are. As you can see, I make them look great also.
Listen, when you have the talent you can easily make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, however one cannot sell a pearl to a pig, nor should you, if you have any principles.
Or what Jesus said “Do not cast your pearls before swine,”.  Yes it is extremely difficult for me to sell these guitars to swine.

However, if you are not a moron, I will chat with you any day.

Take a look at this one-piece Knotty Pine body. Try to find that in a Fender Custom Shop Tele, even at $5000, good luck to you.
Also, if you have any attention to detail, you will have noticed the pickups. They are actually P90s in Tele format. The cool thing is that they sound very Tele-like but warmer with a thicker top end. Through a nice tube amp this guitar is so warm sounding. Just the way I love it. The tone itself is captivating, regardless of what you are playing.  

Also noteworthy is the Titanium string retainer bar. I used Titanium for the first time here. This is to save as much weight as possible. Titanium is half the weight of steel and never corrodes but its very expensive. Who cares, cost is not the priority when creating a Zachary Guitar. 
Also to save weight, The strap buttons are aluminum and so is the knurled knob, which I black oxidized. I moved the volume knob as close to the bridge as possible to facilitated volume swells.

All hardware has been aged to match the theme of this guitar. Everything has to be fitting, correct and just right for the high performance player with above average intelligence. That is who my clients are. Its a good thing I have OCD.