031216 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE

Zachary Handcrafted Guitars - ZT Telecaster 031216

Fender Custom Telecaster

Body Style:  ZT Telecaster

Body Wood:  Walnut (1-piece)

Neck Wood:  Walnut

Fingerboard Wood:  Maple

Scale:  624 mm (vintage Gibson)

Tuners:  Kluson-style

Frets:  24 med/large combination

Pickups:  Z-custom

Switching:  master Volume, 3-way LP toggle

Neck Joint:  Spiked, 4 machine screws with metal inserts

Strings:  Zachary Optimum Gauges 10++

Weight:  6.6 lb

Price:  $2750 with case

Availability:  For Sale




The theme here was purity, simplicity and organics, as with every Zachary guitar I create.

Everything you need but nothing more. I wanted to make an all Walnut Tele. This has a wonderful and unique, one-piece Walnut body and a Walnut neck with a maple fingerboard. You will have a very hard time finding any mass produced guitar with a one piece body. Its unheard of. Try to get that from the Fender Custom Shop and they will laugh at you and think you are deranged. But of course, quality of instrument is NOT the reason why you buy a Fender Custom Shop instrument.

What a joke. Recently I just noticed that PRS is still trying to make you believe that CNC machines and a thick plastic condom-covering over the whole guitar makes a "vintage" instrument. It cracks me up. Who the hell do they think they are talking to? Idiots???    YES, of course!     PRS are a sham but they are NOT stupid, they are very clever actually. PRS is a marketing company. They know precisely that that they are talking to Idiots and they exploit your stupidity and ignorance. They also know that they need to be nice to the Idiots, to get you to part with your money. Sorry, I cannot do that. Its just not within my character. I give you sincerity and directness here in guitars and in information. PRS gives you disinformation and this is why they sell more guitars than I do. However, its NOT about selling guitars. Its all about building guitars and I am having a great time building dream guitars by hand, not mass-producing them by computer program. This is actually what a real vintage guitar is all about.

Here is another ultimate Telecaster, matched with a vintage Gibson-scale neck. I just love that combination. This Tele has a very penetrating sound, cutting through anything in its vicinity. Playing in a band, you will be heard, to say the least. Of course it must have all the traditional Tele features and characteristics, only weighing in at 6.6 lbs. The pickguard is the original fiber material used the first 4 years of Tele production, from 1950-54. You put Zachary Optimum Gauges strings on it and it will shame anything pretending to be a guitar, which is every other brand guitar. It is truly the highest performance instrument which is on a whole other level from anything you have ever known.

Speaking about Vintage Guitars, a Zachary guitar feels like vintage at birth. My goal is to shame anyone and everyone who does not play a Zachary guitar. What drives me is to shame the Idiots. Its a very strong motivator to be the BEST and I do it all by hand. Give it a try and you will reach your highest potential, instead of just being a follower and a cuck. I have been trying to wake you up for over 20 years.