The Base Price of all Zachary instruments is $2500 USD  *plus add any of the following options

Take a look at the PORTFOLIO of my work, spanning my entire guitar building history and browse through my various guitar themes and inspirations. Then look over the features and pricing and decide what you would like regarding your preferences. When you have an idea of what you like, get in touch with me (Alex) directly to discuss the next steps.

Additional Options

tremolo bridge   +$300
locking tuners   +$50
1/21 tuners, with special buttons   +$50
extra pickup   +$200
weight-relief body holes    +$150
hardwood plugs for neck screws   +$100
black or Gold Hardware +$50
semi-hollowbody   +$300
full hollow-body   +$500
figured or exotic body wood   
+$100 or more, depending on the wood

one piece solid body   +$100
laminated solid body   +$100
multiple piece neck   +$50
exotic neck wood
- Paduak, Yellowheart, Bobinga, Rosewood, etc.   +$100
ebony fingerboard   +$50

Shipping charge

Domestic shipping - handling, and insurance to Lower USA and Canada = flat charge of +$80.

International shipping - approximately $150 (as of 2016), depending on country of destination.


7-String guitar  +$300
8-String guitar  +$500

GuitBass (Xtra Short Scale Bass 4-string)   26" scale   - no extra charge
5-string (E-B or E-C)   +$200
6-string (E-E or E-F)   +$400


4-string bass - no extra charge   30", 32", 34" or 35" scale
5-string bass +$300
6 string bass +$500


Custom form-fitted to fit each guitar shape  +$150  

* every guitar must be purchased with a case *

Prices are listed for all in stock guitars on the Portfolio page.

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