Fender Stratocaster
270218 – Z5 – SOLD
Fender Thinline Telecaster
090218 ZT-SH Thinline
070118 – ZT – Telecaster
Gibson Firebird
041017 – ZFB Firebird – FOR SALE
060817 – ZFB Firebird – FOR SALE
Zachary Guitars Gibson Firebird
220717 – ZFB Firebird – FOR SALE
240617 – ZFB Firebird – FOR SALE
Danny Gatton 1952 Fender Telecaster Tele
250517 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE
Fender Telecaster knotty pine
040517 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE
Zachary Guitars ZT Telecaster 280117
280117 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE
201216 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE
Fender Custom Telecaster
031216 – ZT Telecaster – FOR SALE
260615 – ZT Telecaster Thinline – NFS
Fender Broadcaster
201214 – ZT Broadcaster – FOR SALE
Zachary Handcrafted Custom Guitars
311014 – Z5 – SOLD
Zachary Handcrafted Custom Guitars
XXXX97 – Zachary Z1 – NFS

Ordering Information

Zachary products are NOT sold by any retailer. You order directly from us, the maker.
Simply contact us by email for any inquiries or purchases you want to make.


Portfolio Legend
Serial Numbers (what they mean):   DD-MM-YY  (The serial numbers are the date each guitar was completed)
SOLD - Guitar paid for and shipped.
Reserved - a guitar designated for a specific individual who has not yet made full payment.
NFS - Not For Sale, but you can ask about it still and maybe.
Note:  Any guitar NOT marked SOLD, Reserved or NSF, is currently available for sale and immediate shipment. Please inquire here


This page is under construction! Many more guitars to come!
More than 180 individual guitars.

Please be patient, its a lot of work.