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Here you have it, some perfectly morally acceptable video files of Zachary Guitars in Action.

HAVE PATIENCE!!! These are large files and I hope you have a high speed connection

A demonstration of the Zachary Trem tuning stability. Nothing like you've ever seen.

Zachary Trem Abuse 01 (clean)

Zachary Trem Abuse 02 (clean)

Zachary Trem Abuse 03 (high gain)

Zachary Trem Abuse 04 (high gain)

Zachary Trem Abuse 05 (high gain)

Zachary Trem Abuse 06 (high gain)

I could send you a video of similar acrobatics on a Strat. I almost forgot why I never take the trem arm out of the case. Rich

I've never seen a non locking set up that is even close (and I simply won't use a locking nut), totally amazing. The combination of the incredible sustain and trem is great and it just won't go out of tune. I'm sold. Congrats!
Mission Impossible indeed.   Eli


Here is some video footage that I found on an old tape that was in my video camera. I had completely forgotten about it and these vids are not great due to the poor lighting but I decided to might as well used them. They were shot sometime in 2002.

010902  01 high gain
010902  02 high gain
130802  01

both pickups single coil


261003   01
over 12.5 minutes of whammy torture...can you make out the American Anthem?


171103 01 clean
171103 02 clean
171103 03 clean
171103  05 crunch

010404 01               010404 02

8 string guitar

040705  01
040705  02


280705 01 and the 8-string above were recorded with the prototype Zachary 15 Watt amplifier I have been telling some of you about.
The amp will be available soon, full details will follow. The volume was as low as the volume pot will go on the amp. Its the warmest sounding, most touch-sensitive and musical amp I have ever played.
The pedals are custom-made pedals placed into empty Boss and other pedal cases. When the time comes and I find a manufacturer, the pedals will be made for sale. The pedals are amazing as well.


090905 01

And I know this is going to sound like sheer heresy .... but I'm not convinced of P90's. I know many people absolutely love them and maybe I've just never had the chance to play a P90-fitted guitar through a decent amp cranked up, but they sound somehow .... anaemic ? to me. Please post a vid of this beauty played through your new MonsterTone Tube amp!  
 Ludwik (UK)

You are hearing this guitar through the new Zachary Amplifier Prototype 1 (yet to be named) and with the new "Zachary Optimum Gauges" guitar strings.
Both of which should be available soon.

141005 01
141005 02
141005 03

These selections were all recorded with the Zachary SuperNatural (121005) Prototype 2 amplifier, two secret Zachary pedals, a Wah pedal and the new Zachary Optimum Gauges "10" string set.
The guitar was not tuned prior to recording or between selections. The battery in the video recorder went dead and selection 01 was prematurely terminated. An external power supply was then used and Selection 02 is a continuation of selection 01. The totally clean parts of selection 01 and 02 and the entire selection 03 was played completely clean into the amp with no signal processors.



     Recorded with a cheap external microphone using the Zachary SuperNatural prototype 1 amp and the Zachary prototype pedal.

130106     Redneck      130106_01

090506       Willow        090506_01



Sound files of the F1 060806  Roy B.    My recording equipment is still awful but you will get some idea anyway.
Recorded through the Zachary SuperNatural (prototype blue amp), the Zachary SuperNatural pedal, string were ZOG 9s. Amp volume was quite low and totally clean. The distortion you are hearing is entirely from the pedal.

060806_01    both pickups on, neck in double coil mode, Zachary pedal drive only at 10 o'clock.

060806_02   both pickups on, neck in single coil mode - at 2:09 switched to bridge pickup - at 5:21 switched back to both pickups, neck in single coil - at 6:30 switched on the pedal Boost - at 6:50 switched to bridge pickup for the ending. Pedal Drive only at 10 o'clock throughout.

060806_03 - no pedal, just clean amp, neck pickup in double coil mode, tone pot turned down to about half.



111006             Z3-TS - with 3-pickup Strat configuration
                             0:00 - neck,   1:15 - neck + middle,   3:40 - middle,   4:30 - middle + bridge,   5:15 - bridge,   6:37 - bridge + neck

4-String Bass          - all pickup combinations used


This was recorded an hour before the guitar had to be finally packed up and shipped. I wanted to keep some record of it. As you can see the volume of the amp is too low. There were no external mics used, only the built in camcorder microphones, which were pointed at me and not at the amp. The amp was behind the camcorder. Not the most direct sound source being behind the microphones and not in front of them. You will notice that I actually have to reach down and turn the amp up a bit. It was recorded with the Zachary SuperNatural Black Amp, at first totally clean and then at 5:15 the Zachary Pedal was turned on. The setting of the pedal was the "starter setting" Drive at half and Boost off.

0:00 neck,    1:45 -turn up amp,    2:11 - neck + bridge,    4:15 neck,    5:15 - neck + Zpedal,    
7:57 - bridge + Zpedal,    8:34 - neck + bridge + Zpedal



April 2007 - The following selections are the same tune showing some but not all the different sounds these guitars produce. The amp was totally clean and you are hearing the Zachary pedal with the drive at only 10 o'clock and the Boost off.

230407 _01


111006_05         111006_06

271107_01               271107_03               101207_01

These were done with no distortion pedal. All distortion is from the Skank amp.
The only pedals used were a delay pedal and a reverb pedal.
130208_01          130208_01          130208_01          130208_01


David Keustermans     (YUF) of Belgium plays his various Zachary Guitars

Who is this guy? A Hendrix impersonator? I don't get it, he sounds just like Hendrix but looks like a Young Uncle Fester.
That tone sure sounds like Jimi, or at least the tone Hendrix would have had if he played a Zachary guitar, like he should have.
Be patient these take time to load.

171103 01
171103 02
171103 03
171103 04
171103 05
171103 06
171103 07

Follow the switching in this video.  6 different pickup settings in this one and in this order :
single neck | single both | single bridge | hum bridge | hum both | hum neck | 
No distortion, other than a bit from the amp’s tubes, and just a bit of reverb.

171103 Live Solo

YUF here plays his Bloody Red 170301 through nothing more than a small tube amp.
Check out the Fender sounds Boody Red does. With extra voodoo sauce. Damn, I can no longer hide my lack of ability behind bad equipment. ;-) David

170301 both sincle coils
170301 neck single coil
170301 Surf
170301 Shuffle

Namaste guitar 170205 1, 2 and 3 are all neck pup single coil, and using respectively no effects
(1), Reverb & Univibe (2), Reverb & Univibe & Fuzzface (3) The Fuzz is controlled with the volume knob of the guitar.
NamasteIntro is a Hendrix-style intro I whipped up. Effects are Reverb & Univibe. Neck pup single coil.
NamasteJazz : neck pup humbucking mode with volume rolled off, no effects, not even a pick.

170205 Intro
170205 02
170205 03
170205 Jazz

Ted Noize

Ted & Chinta 121001

The strings on Chinta are about two months old, in fact a little older than that - and - well - just listen to them if you can. Unreal.    Ted

060500 Poisian Bluez

060500 Pisian Bluz in Zratocazter Mode

Bobby Tuzza (the TUZ)

You can hear 250405 on all the electric guitar parts Beauty of the Time mp3


Eli Friedmann

220803 01

"Coud Cover" played with 220803 Guitar and 311000 Bass

010703_01   -with the Zachary SuperNatural Pedal

Drunken blues        Plink 010703        Played by Eli Friedmann
This is sort of in your style perhaps....organic, natural, flaws, wah, a touch of feedback, range of pups....z pedal at the helm.
This one is Plink into wah, Zpedal, delay. No pick. It is sort of a tribute to your raw solo blues style.

Plink, wah, zpedal, delay, drive at 75%, boost on here (from 25% to 65% or so) and there with all sorts of pup combinations. Tone at around 75%. Level at 25%. There’s a sweet tone with the wah and boost in effect on the front pup in single coil mode. You’ll hear it. That boost is really something. I have to try that more. Even at 75% it is beautiful. Just majestic sounding. I was teaching a student “Time” off of “dark side of the mood” yesterday and the Zpedal was astounding at getting those kind of sounds. 75% drive for verses and boost on with more delay for solos. I was smiling.


Plink 010703 with Cedar-top acoustic and Zachary Bass

This recording is just me on Plink (neck pup, single coil), Cedar-top acoustic and Zachary bass, with the Zachary pedal (drive around 11 and boost on but almost all the way down), and the Cedar acoustic with the ZOG 10.5 set.

That is a damn convincing overdriven amp tone....but the amp is clean as a whistle with the pedal providing all the dirt. There is not an effects processor on the planet that can do it that organic and natural. Every movement of the finger is clear and it sounds like vintage Led Zeppelin or Hendrix type tone with the guitar just plugged right into the amp. Maybe this kind of tone is no longer in fashion....but it is still my favorite.   Eli


These are good quality recordings and a good presentation of the true Zachary guitar tone.
All done with Z2-T 010703   a small tube amp and flile 03 was also done with the Z-pedal.

Bet you have never heard a floating trem guitar sustain like a Zachary does.

EliPlink2W_01                  Eli_Zpedal_CT_03                     EliPlink2W_04                 EliPlink2W_SlowJazz               Video ZvidPlink _01.mov



Wildman - Bobby Simcox

Parental Discretion Advised - This was shot in a borrowed cheap and cheesy motel room in the porn capital of the world.
The moaning and groaning in the background is not part of Bobby's performance.

200602 01
200602 02
200602 03
200602 04

Also please note, these were filmed at a very low volume in order not to disturb the occupants of the room. You are hearing the instrument acoustically as well.

An anonymous detractor makes a statement:
"that bobby simcox guy is nothing compared to yngwie. I'm sure that he doesn't want your stupid egotistical guitars." michaelb@FARLEIGHCOLLEGENEWBURY.CO.UK

Oh Yeah? Well you tell Yngwie to get his fat ass on this page and throw anything he wants at us, including the kitchen sink, but Paganini is not allowed.
Bobby has a much more potent weapon. Yngwie has a peashooter while Bobby has a flame-thrower. Now you tell me who has more brains.

Eli Friedmann on Bobby Simcox
Saw Simcox videos. Simcox has quite the aggressive approach to the guitar. That 26" scale can really take his assault and still be sensitive enough to respond to all the tapping and piano type playing as well as the slap bass/Spanish stuff. It's awesome that players as totally different as Simcox and I BOTH can agree on what is the perfect guitar. So your whole point about custom guitars being totally useless is true. Just build what you find to be the best guitar and everyone will agree. You've done it. By the way what will he do with 6 Zachary guitars? I hardly have the chops for 2. Also the sleazy hotel room and lo-fi recording is perfect. Hilarious and oddly right. PRS does their marketing by putting their guitars in the hands of some non player in a 4 million dollar music video where he is just leaping around and posing and sort of pretending to play what you're hearing.   Eli

RH Coyote

Coyote Traxx (professional guitarist, songwriter, recording artist, producer, engineer)
His initials are RH and he has been around playing guitar, performing and recording for many years. For one thing, he was there when Randy Rhodes ordered his custom guitars form Jackson, must have been 1980. He is also a professional recording engineer, producer and award winning songwriter with a busy schedule and close ties to the Nashville scene. He owns 3 Zachary instruments to date. Z3-T 261003, Z1-B4 101003, and the first F1 090105. I am very appreciative of the following recordings he put together for me in his studio, featuring only his Zachary guitars. Here you will be able to hear what the guitars can do and what they sound like. The only guitars on these tracks are the three instruments listed above - no other guitars.

Country Music Star

I've attached a song I co-wrote with Kris for you to hear--I'm playing the F1, a Taylor acoustic, and Zach bass (I also produced, engineered, and mixed).

One Exit Past Heaven

Charles Altura

250204 01    Kidz On Skateboards

Mark Miller    - plays Roy B. 060806  and the Zachary Pedal

060806 Moonstrings

I hate it when this happens. It's getting late and I should go to bed so I can get up in the morning for work. But I can't resist picking up Roy B for a few minutes. Well, 10 minutes later I got this cool little concept down that I'm positive I'll forget tomorrow if I don't record it NOW. So, I get set up, record it, add some reverb and compression in Sonar and 30 minutes later I got this clip. Short but sweet. Middle position with the neck pup full humbucker. Clean channel of the Mesa Rocket. Gotta get to bed.

060806 Morning

This isn't a review of the guitar - I'll get to that later. I'm still putting it through the paces and getting familiar with it. One thing's for sure - I love it. I got the pedal plugged in tonight also and am very pleased with that too. I need more time with it but I do like the light acoustic-like sounds it gets. In fact, I hit one sound I really liked and quickly set up and re-recorded the rhythm track of this tune with the pedal. The tone control on the guitar is rolled off a bit and it makes a nice contrast to the lead track, which is pretty twangy. I like rolling off the tone on the Zach Attack (neck pickup) because the sound doesn't get hollowed out - still stays very musical and jazzy.

This is a 2 track tune - I think the lead track has the center setting with the Zach Attack (neck pickup humbucker) in single coil mode. The rhythm track uses the Zach Attack in single coil with the tone rolled off plus the Zach pedal. Both tracks are played through the Mesa Boogie Rocket 44 clean channel into my AEA R84 Ribbon Mic (recommended by Eli) and panned about 40% to the right and left to get some stereo separation. I added some light reverb in Sonar after it was recorded to give it some more space. No editing done - the mistakes are there but the recording also catches some nice spontaneous stuff at the same time. Enjoy.

060806 Roy B. Blues

Have a listen to this - it's a cool tune, a walking bass blues. I took your advice and tried adding some compression to the final mix. Let me know what you think.

060806 T Bird Blues

If this tone does not get your blood moving, you are fucking dead.   Its time to throw away any Fender Telecaster.   The Zachary F1 has arrived !!!

To hell with the New Age and Jazz stuff. I believe this is the clip you've been waiting for since the first time you even thought about building an F1. At least it's the clip I've been wanting to play since the first time I saw an F1. I was reading the biography "Roy Buchanan - American Axe" tonight and read that after messing around with some minor rock bands Roy met up with Dale Hawkins - the guy that did 'Susie Q'. Once I got that tune in my head it was time to put down the book and plug in the guitar..........

This tune was done exclusively on the bridge pickup - a super fine pickup. I can't stand most bridge pickups because they are too tinny and trebly. However, this one is very full bodied and musical. Depending on your touch you will get different sounds out of it from raunchy open string blues to singing, wailing highs and the pinch harmonics leap right out at you. It was done on the clean channel of my Mesa Boogie Rocket 44 with only the Zach Pedal with the drive just over half and no boost. I'm still not very familiar with the pedal - just dialed it in real quickly so I could get playing. That's it - a super clean drive sound that screams but doesn't hide much as far as the playing goes....... Added some very light reverb in Sonar and some slight compression on the mix - I'm no recording engineer by any means......... I had done the backing track a few years ago just to practice over and knew it would be perfect for this guitar. I hope there is plenty of Roy influence in the solo - I pretty much learned how to play guitar listening to his albums. Actually, I'd be hard pressed to play anything without any Roy influence. It was all improvised in a single take with no editing - very raw....... Awesome guitar........ ROY LIVES!!!!!

I was pretty happy with the tone I got on the T-Bird Blues tune. It is indeed pretty Roy-ish but I think I can do even better than that. I did crank up the amp a bit on that one, which helped to drive the sound (and probably drive the neighbors crazy too). But the amp is way too loud to really crank. Fortunately, the pedal was more than making up for a lack of the amp overdriving. But I really want to try Roy B out on my Fender Pro Junior, which I haven't had a chance to do yet. I want to try and crank it both with and without the pedal and try to capture the tone. The pedal really helps to get a good, clean overdriven sound without having to max the amp. Anyway, the playing part of it came out pretty well too for the most part but I was too tense and there are plenty of mistakes in there. Happens every time I record - as you know! Anyway, I'll be looking for more ways to showcase Roy B. and the Zpedal. I'm going to be a bit busy for work the next couple of weeks so I don't know how much I can get done but there's no rush. Take care, I'll be in touch.

060806 Blooze Blooze

I love having some free time during the day when I can crank up the amp a bit. This is a solo over a blues backing track I had. I used the Pro Junior on this one and dialed in a quick sound with the Z Pedal (Tone - 75%, Level 25%, Drive 65%) and recorded it with my SM57 mic. It's actually a loud little amp so I only had the volume on 3 and used the pedal to get the overdrive. I did this in true Roy B style by playing a rambling solo with different pickup settings in different sections. I love it when you can hear that pop when Roy changes the pickup during a tune. The solo starts off with the Zach Attack (neck) in single coil. Halfway, at about 2:00 I change to the middle setting (both pickups), then I change to the bridge pickup. Near the end I change back to the Zach Attack in humbucker and slow things down slightly. Added some light reverb, EQ, and compression in Sonar. Roy B is a blues machine - sounds like a Tele but then again doesn't sound like a Tele. Perhaps a Tele on steroids is a good way to describe it. Enjoy.


Videos       July, 2006

Sometime in July 2006, Mark visited me to pick up his F1 (Roy B). I asked him to play several gutiars and really liked what I heard. I set up the camera and these following video files are the result. You will agree that there are some very impressive tones here. You will hear the best Telecaster sounds you have only heard in your dreams before. Hearing these sounds brings me great satisfaction in the F1 achievement. I think I nailed it.
You will also see some impressive playing from Mark in demonstrating three of my guitars, one of which is his now. Mark certainly deserves the Zach.
Thanks again Mark.

All the videos below were done wth the Zachary Amp (Blue prototype) and the Zachary pedal.

Redneck 130106 - 01

0:00   neck humbucking, tone on full
0:44   neck humbucking, tone turned down
1:10   neck single coil only
2:09   neck humbucking + bridge
3:05   neck single coil + bridge
3:45   bridge only
4:30   Z pedal Drive turned up more, to max I belive, I don't remember about the Boost.
6:28   neck humbucking, Z pedal off

Redneck 130106 - 02           bridge pickup only, tone on full

Redneck 130106 - 03          bridge pickup only, tone on full

Roy B. 060806 - 01        

Roy B. 060806 - 02   

Roy B. 060806 - 03    



April 2007,
Here mark plays Roy B. through his tube amp. Its a high quality recording. If you are not a familiar with Roy Buchanon you will not realize how well Mark nailed the sound and some of Roy's playing techniques. If you are not a Tele fan than I feel sorry for you even more. Listen to the tone of the Zachary F1.

In Marks own words:
Add some tube gain and volume to the bridge pickup of Roy B. (060806) and I'm not sure how to describe the result...... Incendiary? Nuclear? Raunchy? Nasty? Growling? Roy-Like? Whatever...... I guess "Inspiring" is the best description. The tone definitely inspires certain playing and techniques - and that's the way it should be. Looking back at the vid I did on the Burgundy Z3T (180706), it's like a continuous feedback loop - the guitar feels a certain way so you play certain notes, and when you hear the resulting tone and music coming back at you, your playing reacts according to what you are hearing and adjusts, and it just keeps going - resulting in "Inspiration". This was recorded on my Mesa Boogie Rocket 44 on the high gain channel with both volume and gain fairly cranked with an SM57 mic. Check out how the tone varies according to the touch used. When the touch lightens up the notes get rounder and jazzier, when you hit it they are screaming and quacky. Wow......

Roy B. 060806 - 04

I played a gig at a place about a month ago and the house amp was a Fender De-Ville. Since I knew the amp was there beforehand I decided to play the gig on Roy B (060806). I got there early to set up and had just plugged in the guitar and started playing for a sound check when the bass player walked in. As soon as he heard the guitar he came hurrying over with his eyes bugging out and jaw dropping.. He said, "Holy shit!! I LOVE that tone!! Let's just play blues all night!!! (it's an Afro Caribbean band).    Mark Miller

Roy B. Country Blues   played with 060806, a tube amp and no effects


The Z2 goes acoustic... without even trying.       Z2-T  300607      300607_Z2_Midnight Man      Z2-T recorded unplugged for the rhythm tracks

I'm not an Eagle's fan, but I love Joe Walsh. I've always wanted to do something with his song Midnight Man (and many others...) and I finally did - at least the tune as I remember it, I never sat down to actually figure it out. This is pure Z2. And pure Fender amp. And pure ribbon mics....... Something about Fender amps brings out the best in Alex's guitars. Of course, Zach amps do the same - if you can get one........

This was recorded on the clean channel with the volume at an ear-splitting 1.5!!!!! I took a page from the Eli school of recording technique and recorded the rhythm track with 2 mics. Both are ribbon mics - an expensive AEA R84 (about $900), and a cheaper CAD Trion 7000 (less than $200....). Both ran through my AEA ribbon mic preamp. Ribbon mics get some remarkable depth and clarity...

The R84 was used to mic the raw acoustic sound just a few inches from the strings of the Z2 (300607). The CAD Trion was up against the face of the amp. Tell me the opening measures don't sound like they are played on an acoustic guitar - ala Take It Easy by the Eagles perhaps...?? The guitar was in single coil in the center position. For the lead track I played through the Z pedal on the bridge humbucker. The Trion was still against the face of the amp but I put the AEA R84 about 2 feet away from the amp to get some depth.

Sounds complicated but I had the whole thing recorded in less than 45 minutes (of course the editing and mixing on Sonar was another story.....). There are no effects whatsoever other than a little reverb and compression in Sonar. For the rhythm track I split the 2 mic tracks 65% right and left. For the lead track the 2 mics are split 100% right and left. That's about it... I do love Joe Walsh.....    Mark Miller


Same tune as above but the lead done with ROY B. 060806      060806_F1_Midnight Man        Z2-T recorded unplugged for the rhythm tracks

Roy B didn't want to be left out of this one. Lead track was played on Roy B through the Z pedal. Center position, full humbucker. As Alex said, "if you don't like the sound of a Tele I do feel sorry for you"................ Mark Miller


In July 2007 Mark Miller stopped by to pick up his second Zachary guitar. This was his first time touching and playing his new Z2-T 300607.
These are also the first recordings of the Zachary Hussy amplifier. He played through the blue one 010807. Please note there was no distortion pedal used for any of these recordings. The only pedal used was an analog delay pedal and a Reverb pedal (since the Hussy does not have built-in Reverb). These were even turned of in some parts of the recordings. Whatever tone and overdrive you hear is strictly from the Hussy Amp. Mark only played through channel 2, which is the bass-boosted channel. I was turning the Channel 2 volume knob up and down to show what tone the amp does at various volumes (gain levels). All Tone knobs as well as the Presence knob were in the middle. Only the volume was moved and shows the range of overdrive the amp is capable of. Its also a very touch sensitive amp, as you can see and hear..


* more Mark Miller vids coming soon

JD                 www.thejdproject.com

Here is an outstanding local player. JD has been a professional player for many years, having played with many different musicians in many different settings and toured with various bands. As a result you can see he is accomplished in many different styles. JD has several solo CDs that he plays contemporary jazz on with other top notch musicians.

I only met JD a few weeks prior to these videos. I asked him to come by the shop and allow me to make a few vids of him playing various Zachary guitars I had on hand. He had never played or touched a Zachary guitar prior to this video session. You can see he got used to the guitars rather quickly.

All these recordings were made exclusively with the Zachary pedal, the Zachary (Blue) amp and Zachary "ZOG" strings.

He was particularly impressed with the F1 and how in his words its like" three guitars in one". I agree and so does Mark Miller I think.

JD is not a Zachary guitar owner yet but I will be happy to build him any number any time he wants. I think he qualifies for them. He asked me about the Hollowbody. I told him they are coming up in the future.

Note that on most of these recordings, due to his playing style, JD turned down the volume and tone knobs. Rarely are they on full. Due to this attenuation of volume and tone you are not always hearing the pure, full-on sound of the particular pickup settings, since even turning down the volume a bit will effect the tone by cutting the highs and also decreasing the gain at the same time. Zach owners know all about this I hope. You are however hearing a whole new set of tones that the guitars can produce with the manipulation of the volume and tone knobs. So give that a try as well but just remember that with the volume and tone knobs on full the guitar will sound considerably different.


111006_JD_01           0:00 no idea, 1:20 bridge only

111006_JD_02                 middle pickup only

111006_JD_03                 bridge and neck pickup together, (a combination not found on a Stratocaster)



130106_JD_01                 bridge pickup only

130106_JD_02                 neck pickup in single coil model

0:00 neck single coil with both volume and tone tuner down a bit, with clean amp and Zach pedal on,
0:51 bridge with tone turned down a bit, so you are not hearing its full bite,
neck single coil, volume down a bit, tone I think down quite a bit,
3:22 bridge and neck together with volume down a bit, so you are not hearing the full twang due to the volume knob turned down



This whole vid may be all with the neck pickup and he switches back and forth between single and double coil, not sure about volume and tone settings

I believe this whole thing is done with the neck pickup and not sure about tone and volume settings, Wah pedal is used.



241006_JD_01           bridge only

241006_JD_02           neck only, volume and tone turned down

241006_JD_03           neck only, not sure about volume and tone

241006_JD_04           0:00 neck only, volume and tone quite high,    0:21 neck only with tone turned way down


JD videos - recorded July 5, 07

These were all recorded through the same tube amp, which was kept at a low volume and totally clean. All the distortion you are hearing is from the Z-pedal. This is another good opportunity to hear what the Z-pedal sounds like. Two external mics were used, plugged into the digicam.

280507 and 300607 have ZOG10 strings. 230407 has ZOG11 strings. Particularly listen to the ZOG roundwound bass strings on 110307.

280507_JD_ 01

300607_JD_ 01

110307_JD_01        JD wants to say that he is not really a bass player. This is easily apparent seeing how terrible he is on bass.





JD on 7-string guitar 060807  -   Aug 28, 07

Vid 01 has the Z pedal around half and the amp clean. Vids 02-04 have no distortion pedal and the distortion is coming totally from the Hussy amp. The amp is turned up around half and is already distorting. A bit of reverb and a bit of chorus and delay were used throughout. The best quality recording is Vid 5 since by luck I forgot to plug in the two external mics, which did not sound the best on this day on the other Vids. Piss me off. The level was too high through the external mics and distorted the recording. I got a much better and defined recording from the built in mic of the camcorder. Live and learn, I will get this recording right one of these years. These vids should still give you an idea what this instrument can do. Definitely not for your average eBay guitar collecting smuck or guitar forums poser with the PRS collection. You got to know how to play if you have a Zachary. As you can see JD just barely qualifies.







060807_JD_07 + conversation

Erik Ingalls      

All played through the Zachary Hussy amplifier with the Z pedal.

060807_01             7-string

060807_02             7-string

060807_03             7-string

090506_01             Z2    Willow

121206_01             G2

Tim Prophit    






These were recorded the first time Tim played his new Zachary Guitar.


Frank Baker

Frank has made, continues to make and will make in the future I am sure, many home recordings of his Zachary Guitars.
They have all been posted on youtube and a convenient link will be provided here in the near future, once they are all uploaded.

Zachary Fenner          hear the Z-pedal and the Z2-T   Live

Gravity Works played this Friday night (March 14, 08) and killed it. Turn it up as loud as you possibly can...it is totally worth it.

Settings for 'Peaches' are:
Z pedal: tone=30% level=45% drive=30%
the boost gets turned on for different sections of this tune such as the synth-like wall of 16th notes through the climax and then the other group of 16ths. Boost off for the 'theme' again and on for the solo and ending. I ususally just set the boost at 50% and forget it, but I find that live I like to turn it up to almost 75%
My amp is a clean tube amp with not distortion.
My Z2-T

301205 guitar is all the way up with the tone feathered back a bit (where I usually keep it...maybe 80%) Both humbuckers on.

301205 Fenner 01          Peaches En Regalia - Live - (Zappa)                  

301205 Fenner 02         Doit2it - Live        I use the trem for the melody of the tune and it is a pretty good demo of how to use the Z trem tastefully.

301205 Baby's Bottle - blues

Frank Baker

Z Surf Boogie

coming soon!

Roger Moser - the Z-Jesus
- Savior of Orphaned Zs.
You know if you're one of the Assholes. We sure know who you are.

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3 Vai Satriani Malmsteen