Why I hate Custom Handcrafted Guitars

What the Fuck ?!?!


After trashing all the big companies, which pollute the world with their bull shit and industrial waste they call guitars, what the hell am I talking about now?

You think I must have really gone mental now. I am supposed to be the biggest promoter of Custom Handcrafted Guitars. After all, this is Zachary Handcrafted Guitars, is it not???    That's what you thought but not quite.

I am sure you must be really freaked out now but you also know that I stand behind everything I say.

I will give you an explanation and complete this page but it will take some time. I am busy building guitars every spare minute I got. So hang in there and you may learn something new when I finish this page.

Hi Zach, Your philosophy is similar to mine and millions of others: If you think you have to explain it, they will not understand. Don't bother finishing this page . . . WE KNOW~!   Brian C.

I saw the link on your page as to why you hate handcrafted custom guitars and I too, a guitar builder, understand that concept without your spelling it out for me. In a sentence, it's exactly why I hate your guitars.

More clearly, here's my opinion. Every honest guitar maker will admit that even with the finest craftmanship and expensive materials one cannot predict the sound of a guitar before it is strung up. It is impossible to create a sound in your head, then build a guitar to sound that way unless your 'sound-vision' is of low fidelity or flexible to interpretation.

I read of your innovations and they are stupid. The reason a neck SHOULD be thinner at the nut-end and thicker by the body is because your hand is extended when out at the end of the neck. Ergonomics dictates that you should compensate for the player's shoulder-wrist angle-which does not move in a hydralic-jack type motion, but rather changes to a less efficient position of leverage as the hand gets further from the body.

The bolt-neck joint with threads into the body is also retarded--not an innovation on the fender design, especially if your neck joint is as tight as you say it is.

Oh, and that 'busywood' top. You've got to be kidding if you're going to give me some purist-tone attitude about that piece of shit. It looks kind of cool and I'm sure it sounds ok (as basically any well built guitar would). But if you are going to rant about a plastic finish, you got to consider phase relationships and glue joints too.

You are full of shit. Maybe you need your psychotic psychobable to sell your guitars. It seems to be working for you, but just so you know, there are those of us out there that know you are full of shit. There is no perfect guitar. Aside from straight-string pull, tight neck joint, accurate fretting, secure bridge mounting, quality materials/electronics, perfect fretting/setup, and thin glue joints--there are no innovations which one electric guitar apart from another, handmade or not. Getting the right resonant/phase relationships between neck and body is intuitive guesswork--at best. On a classical guitar, one can make modifications to the bracing dimensions to account for flaws, but on a solid body, it's luck of the draw-unless you go around trying 10 different necks with each body.

Human touch, if it is a factor, is present in all handmade guitars. I've heard factory made guitars-- carvins, fenders, and gibsons that sound as good as any handmade guitar after a good fretdressing. Oh, and your maintenance/owners manual--you are such a tool .... Jason
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