The Best Electric Guitars In The World

How can someone make this arrogant claim?
Its easy, you just have to be an arrogant guy.

Seriously, here is why:


Zachary Guitars have a number of features that make them the best playing and sounding guitars I have ever played in my 22 years of guitar playing.

Tone - The tone of my guitars comes from many factors, too numerous to mention here in details.
These are just some of the reasons why my guitars have better tone than any other guitar you will play.

I don't pull a condom over my guitars in the form of thick plastic finish. Thick plastic finishes are done for one purpose and that is to give a dramatic glassy covering to the figured wood underneath. It makes even the worst, piece of shit guitar look dramatic on the wall of the Yuppie, non-player/accountant who has a lot more money than guitar knowledge. Guitar companies know all too well that thick plastic finishes help to sell a lot pf crappy guitars to morons but they have two serious drawbacks. Thick plastic finishes do not allow the player to ever feel the sentuous wood of their guitars and these awful coverings keep the sound of the guitar in, instead of letting it out. Its very much like having sex with a condom. I have never tried this but they tell me its nothing like the real experience.

I build all my guitars without the use of a thick plastic finish. My guitars all have an oil finish which penetrates the wood instead of covering the surface of the body and the neck, soaking up all the resonance.

I use a large and very tight neck pocket to increase the contact area and hence the tone transfer between neck and body. Compare the contact area of my guitars with that of a Fender. My necks have twice as much contact with the body.

The neck joints on Zachary Guitars are also very tight. A perfect contact between neck and body.

The materials I use for the nut and the bridge are chosen for tone and not for convince, price, or looks.

The woods I use are chosen for resonance and tone quality not tradition, nostalgia, looks or marketability.

Feel - Most importantly, if you buy a guitar made of wood, you should be able to feel that wood and not plastic. Feeling the wood is your main source of emotional attachment to your instrument.

I use a wider than normal neck width at the nut. At 45.5 mm, it is slightly wider than 1 3/4 inches. This allows the player to have lots of room and not have that cramped feeling. What you get is a cleaner, less sloppy playing style.
The neck is contoured so that its thickness stays the same over the entire length of the neck. This means that chords in the first position feel the same as chords at the twelfth position, or anywhere on the neck for that matter.

Comfort - the body is shaped and contoured to be extremely ergonomic. This results in comfort for the player when sitting or standing . The guitar is made to hug your body and not fight against it.

Balance - The other advantage of having a large neck pocket is to get the neck closer to the body. The center of gravity therefore does not extend out as far as it does on other guitars. This eliminates the neck-heavy feeling which is found on many guitars. The worst example of lack of balance would be a Gibson SG. The SG has a very weak neck joint as well. Fender-style guitars have an unstable neck pocket with some problems with the neck shifting.

Tuning - My new and secret "Mission Impossible, Anti-Friction" nut material will give unmatched tuning stability even with heavy vibrato use. A guitar which stays in tune is a joy to play. One of the highlights of my demo video is the tuning demonstration. I am shocked myself. It is a major breakthrough. I can't believe it when inexperienced players rave about some of these synthetic nuts that are on the market. First of all, they kill your tone by eliminating the high end (your guitar will loose all of its brilliance) and second, they are actually bad for tuning. I experimented with some of this stuff on the market and they suck for tuning. You simply can not compare my nut to these other disfunctional nut materials. It just shows you how much power advertising has on the inexperienced. You can sell anything if you advertise it enough.

- I use the best hardware. Hardware that works to produce the best tone and functions the best. All the parts are matched to work together. Again, I must bring up these aftermarket plastic saddles you can buy. Most guitars have very poorly machined bridges made of the wrong materials and therefore this results in contestant string breakage. So players go out and buy these plastic saddles and what happens, they stop some of the string breakage but they kill your tone. Away goes your high end, your guitar sounds lame and dull. don't confuse that with "warm".

Zachary guitars all come with unique bridges that are the result of design excellence. I can honestly say that I have never broken a string on any Zachary guitar. Not even when I go ape on the tremolo arm. This again is quite an achievement. The bridges are also the best I heard for tone, sustain and acoustic volume.

Innovation - Where do I start? There are so many. The Uniplane neck design (no angle in the headstock) is a design breakthrough allowing me to build necks from just a thin piece of wood, saving wood and making the headstock very strong since the grain is not interrupted. This is a major achievement. The traditional angled headstock is a serious problem area in terms of structural strength. Leo Fender had improved on this but my design is even simpler and more ingenious. The Samurai headstock further reduces the amount of wood that I have to use and it allows for a straight string path to the tuners.

Don't forget the different and unique scale lengths you can choose from. You get tremendous variety from a very short 24.5" scale to the extra long 26" scale. Try a 26" scale guitar. No mass production factory makes guitars with this scale, but its fantastic to play a guitar with this scale.

There are many more innovations but I can not list them all here. A Zachary guitar is not based on the flawed designs of the past.

Uniqueness, Originality and Individuality - Due to the complete handcrafting of each guitar by me and one at a time, there will never be two identical Zachary guitars. Every guitar is an individual creation. Its like going to an art gallery and viewing the original paintings on the wall. Each one will be different and a unique creation frozen in time. So don't believe all that bull shit about consistency and insanely close tolerances. I am not interested in cloning anything here. I am not a cookie cutter and I am not interested in gimmicks, only substance. You can have real pride in knowing that there is no other guitar like your Zachary guitar. Its as individual as you are.

Due to these factors, as a guitar player and enthusiast, I have never played a better guitar than a Zachary. I know that this may sound biased but it is not. Any other guitar I pick up feels inferior to a Zachary. This is why I no longer can play any other guitar. Zachary guitars take away all the fun out of going to a music store because you know you can't buy anything better.

You can buy a more expensive guitar, a more hyped-up guitar, a more advertised guitar, a guitar that is played by a famous rock star, a guitar with a copied "classic" shape, a more traditional guitar, a vintage guitar, a guitar with an insanely fancy top, a guitar with a famous "big" brand-name, a guitar that is a status symbol, a guitar with a very glossy finish, a guitar that would make you sound cool on discussion sites on the web, etc. But





Zachary Handcrafted Guitars