Zachary Guitars in Action

This page is dedicated to everyone, in action playing their Zachary Guitars.


Bobby Simcox Anaheim, CA - January 2002


Bobby Simcox at my home - February 2003

I know. I was once an idiot as well but then someone from Croatia gave me shit and set me straight. Opened my eyes and my ears. I saw the light. I the shockingly realized how wrong I was. I am not ashamed for I have learned, became wiser and will never go back to my stupid ways. Now I have dedicated my life in bringing revelation to others.


Bobby Simcox at the Zucchini Festival, San Jose - Summer 2004


Bobby Simcox with Tsunami at The Deep, in San Jose, on March 6th, 2005


Bobby Simcox in France 2006



Larry Marsh 2007

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