301205              Relic

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
one piece Walnut

Dual Size


A 7.37
A 15.55
7.0 lb

Guitar Player Magazine             www.zacharyguitars.com

I totally LOVE your latest Z3 s/n 301205 and if it doesn’t belong to anyone I really want it. I’m not much for big words when it comes to what I like, but it’s simplicity, coordination and unmatched attention to detail is PERFECT. I even love the two marks on the neck which look to be where 2 nails used to be. It is a rebellious statement against all the big dollar B/S brands that claim to use only “the best wood”. I totally love it, and I can see myself playing it. Orlando (AU)

Alex, you are the best guitar maker in the universe. I just picked my new baby up and she is perfect!!!!! Man, talk about resonance. I have never in my life ever played a guitar like this...it sounds like a mini acoustic! I haven't even plugged it in yet...I am waiting for my tube amp to come out of the shop. This guitar is absolutely effortless to play. I have been shredding the crap out of it for over an hour now...it molds right to my body and there is no interference between what I think and what comes out of my hands. Thank you so much for doing what you do. By the way, the case is wonderful as well! I will write you again later, as I have a lot more to say, but I must be off to work...but when I get back home, I will be in total shred mode all night long, baby!   -Zack F. (RI) owner

I have spent the last two hours tearin' face on this thing. Alex, I will never stop thanking you. It plays like a harp. I plugged it into my Fender Dlx and played around with it's EXTREMELY wide pallate of tone. I didnt' even touch the gain yet, I just played it clean. I don't think there is anything that I can't do on this guitar. I pulled out every test I could think of...classical, ragtime, jazz, rock, metal, country, bluegrass, tapping, slapping...it is so woody and organic. It almost has a built in "chorus" like effect. Overtones galore. I'm glad I have a tube amp. Thank you again. This is certainly been one of the best days of my musical life. Your hard work has reached the hands and ears of someone who really appreciates it. I am lucky enough to have a musician for a girlfriend as well, and she is as amazed and impressed as I am. -Zack F. (RI) owner

Alex, I just wanted to let you know that I gave a nice little private concert for my parents this evening and they loved the guitar! They are both music lovers and my father can play a little...it made me happy to watch him play it. He is a carptenter by trade and loves wood. He is extremely impressed with your hanywork. He has a hard time playing now because of so many injuries to his hands, but the Z is so easy to play, he was able to get around on it just fine. They both commented on it's clarity and rich acoustic tone. Thank you again for such an amazing instrument. It has a life of it's own and needs a name...I just haven't come up with one yet.
-Zack F.(RI) owner

Ok, first of all, I actually jammed with a drummer last night at my practice hall... just off-the-cuff jazzy jammy kind of stuff which turned into full blown shred bluesy madness. This was my first experience with my new Z2 where I got to really tear into my amp and actually play my ass off with another good musician. It was unbelieveable and I should have had my tape recorder going. I am really upset that I didn't because you should have heard it. You would have shit your pants. I have never in my life had so much command over a guitar. Whatever I ask her to do, she responds perfectly. The overall range of sound on this guitar is amazing. I can be subtle as a lamb or feirce as a dragon and it performs. It has one huge set of testicles. The bottom end is as big as a bass guitar and the high end sounds like bells. I have never used potentiometers like this before. They are so smoooooooth! Must have been very expensive parts. The switches are great as well. I love ALL the sounds on this guitar. Every setting has something to offer...but you already know this. The drummer I played with was very impressed with the Z as well. -Zach F.

Speaking of effects, I am constantly learning new ways to use this guitar. It has the uncanny ablility to produce sounds that I did not even intend. I accidently leaned my hand on the bridge while playing some bluesy stuff and was able to create an almost vocal vibrato effect!!! Now I give it a little wiggle if I feel like it and it really sounds unique. I know I keep telling you this, but I promise to send a video soon....I think you would really enjoy hearing the fruits of your passion and labor. -Zach F.

I'm still discovering things about this guitar. The range of the trem is approximately a perfect fourth down and a whole step up. I can get some really strange sounds out of it...almost like an old analog keyboard with LFO's. Well, not really. But when I get really creative, I can make it sound really freaky. The Zachary pedal helps keep the sustain going and I can get some crazy dives and swooping. Great for jam band sound effects without all the pedals and shit. I've never used a trem like this before. Oh yeah, and it stays in tune no matter what I do. Have you ever heard of Billy Cobham? I cranked his album "Spectrum" through my PA last night and went to town on the Z. My chops are getting even better. Those players kicked my ass. Zach