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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top: Hard Maple
3 piece

Back: Mahogany
(one piece)


Gotoh Sealed

*Dual Size

Compound Radius
12" - 20"


7.3 lb

The top is 3-piece made of Maple wood I found at the local Habitat Store (Habitat for Humanities). Aspiring "luthiers" ask me all the time where I get my wood from, well here is a source for you. Some local cabinet shop donated their scraps and I wasn't going to let it go to waste.

This is funny, you know the way to tell a tinkerer from a real guitar builder? The tinkerer will use the fanciest, most expensive wood they can find for their first and consequent projects and ruin the wood each time in the process. They try to make up for their lack of abilities and lack of talent by using fancy wood. It gives a very clear indication of their ignorance about guitars. I see this happening all the time and it makes me sick to my stomach. I have no respect for those people and they will never be guitar builders or artists, most of them know it and hang out on Internet guitar forums.

I used these pots for the first time. They are the most expensive pots in the world. They have a different taper. I will not say what type because the tinkerers are watching and listening. All I will say, is that they are the same pots we use in Zachary amps, they are completely sealed and are nothing you have ever seen on any other guitar. People change their pots thinking they are getting better quality by using conventional pots. Think again.

This guitar is all about its neck. A massive rosewood piece with Ebony board and dual-size frets. The fretwork allows me to bring the action down to 1 mm high E and 1.5 mm low E, without buzzing. I just added that little bit for the tinkerers. Did I mention I hate tinkerers? They irritate me.

Love the classic simplicity of 300607. Definitely not a Plain Jane - but rather a slender lady of impeccable breeding and understated beauty and discreet elegance. Another classic. Ludwik (UK)

Whew! That thing looks like a serious piece of work....and with the 1mm to 1.5mm action to boot. Yikes. The electronics "holes" further emphasize the organic functionality.

Some cool new touches....using the deluxe pots.....and check out that neck! Somebody is going for a journey. Plug that monster into a sparkling clean tube amp.......26” scale with zog 10s......STRUMMMMMMMMM!

The holes are just a continuation of the immaculate and open back trem cavity....it is an extremely cool aesthetic, sort of like a hot rod with parts of the engine and suspension on display. I still remember opening up the trem cavity on my old PRS “custom 24” years ago (this is the one I sold to get my first Z and, yes I DID have a PRS, as embarrassing as that is).....when you removed the plastic cover the cavity it was total slop with ragged unsanded surfaces covered in finish glop. Amateur hour. They somehow thought on a 2500 guitar that nobody would open the trem cavity and see how many corners they were cutting....this last “open and honest” z is the polar opposite.   Eli (NYC)

My monthly Zachary fix is finally posted! I feel sorry for anyone who can look at 300607 and not instantly realize that these are the best guitars in the world. It must truly hurt to be that thick headed. Who is going to be the proud owner of this one? Lucky bastard!   
Congratulations on the new masterpiece! I don't even know what to say, that is a truly jaw dropping example of your work. I love the rosewood neck! I can close my eyes and almost feel what it would be like to play.    - James, the Reaffirmed Zachary Zealot!!!

Hi Alex, I just saw 300607, probably right as the pictures were loaded. Looks fantastic, another fine musical instrument. I like the rosewood neck/ebony fingerboard, great look and I bet it has a nice feel to it. Its good to see a Z2 again. I love all of them but the Z2 is my favorite. And 280507 looks like an even hotter version of 'Chili Pepper'. The outdoor photos make that color jump right out.    Bruce

I can't remember the last time I was at a loss for words, but this guitar has me fucking speechless. I'm reeling. For me, music is a deep emotional experience, when both playing and listening. My first sight of 300607 left me with a pang in my guts. It was like being set free from a long spell of bondage. It's not about seeing, but it's about knowing. Truth shall indeed set you free. Congrats, Alex. I know you try to "raise the bar" each time you build. What is hard to believe is that you actually do raise the bar each time you build. I've got butterflys in my stomach.    Ted Noiz (NV)

This is one fine, classy, upscale lady. She needs to be wined and dined at 4 seasons not White Castle. The gold hardware contrasted with the rosewood neck is elegance supreme. Magnifique     Ed (MI)

From an engineer's point of view, I must say I love the "no cover" style even though I can imagine Alex will cop shit over it from the ignorant. This style Alex is embracing makes for the most honest solid body guitar money can buy irrelevant of the purchase price anywhere. Nothing is hidden. Everything is in plane view. You couldn't get away with sloppy work, or crap components here!! I love it!! Well done!! Love your style. But I bet there will be many that will rubbish it. Despite all that, this high class and insanely refined musical instrument is beautiful to behold. I totally love the neck and the gold, it really sets it off. You all know the deal, you rock up with your case, they all expect some mainstream thing and wonder what color is yours, then you open the case and jaws drop all round when they see it .... Love it!! Cheers Alex, Orlando (AU)

Alex, Was just checking out the new Z2-T. Stunning is a good word to describe that one. That is some serious neck neCK NECK!!!! "Plank" would be a good name for that one. At 26" scale it might be too much horsepower for your average Les Paul Jr. twanger to handle. Again, love the color combination from light to dark. Looking at the neck joint closeup it's obvious you have some very tight tolerances going on there. AND...... last but not least I am fascinated by the hardware and electronics you are using. I never paid too much attention to hardware before I got "Roy B." 060806 but now I realize it makes SUCH a huge difference - like the difference between a Ford Pinto and a BMW. Cheers, Mark
     * Mark did not yet know this was his guitar.

WOWOWOWOWOWOWWOW!!!! YEAH!!!!! Actually, that is so freaky for a number of reasons.................. When I saw it, the first impression I got (other than being blown away in general and thinking this would be perfect for me) was of Africa because of the deep, dark neck and fretboard. And, as you know, I'm playing in an Afro-Carribean band and being a white boy the light to dark color combination of the woods is perfect.I mean you always do a masterful job of mixing colors in general (as I've mentioned previously) but for me personally it couldn't have been any better. And the blond streak in the ebony fretboard is magnificent!

Secondly, I swear I came soooooooo close to writing you to tell you that I love dark fretboards with no fret markers but at the last second decided not to. The reason I didn't is because I didn't want to be a pain in the ass, plus I like your fret markers better than any I've ever seen so it wouldn't bother me at all if you did put them in.

Thirdly, gold hardware is my color of choice on a guitar (except for Roy B, of course - wouldn't trade that traditional color combo for the world.......) although I know for a fact I never mentioned that to you.

Fourthly, I had mentioned in an email or Zach guitar review or somewhere about a year ago that I loved the tone of Mahogany body guitars - I know you are very detail oriented but I'd be shocked if you actually remembered that so it's a happy coincidence. Other than that, I have to thank you for taking note of some things I did mention to you.

First, the locking tuners are PERFECT! Nothing like being able to change a string fast in a live situation (just went through that with non-lockiing tuners recently..... arghhhh) and they are generally good with trems for tuning stability. Next, I recall that I did mention to you that I'll be selling off a custom Carvin Holdsworth H2 (hehehehe........), and I pointed out that it did have some redeeming qualities such as a smaller resonant body with a big fat neck!! But HOLY SHIT, the Z2 just blows it out of the water big time in this respect!!!!!!! As Bobby would say, the Z2 would clobber an H2 hands down....

Next, you obviously know that I've been raving about the quality of the hardware and electronics on Roy B. but you didn't rest on your laurels at all - you decided to up the ante big time on that as well with these new innovations. And THANK YOU for not covering them up CAUSE I WANNA SEE EM.

Lastly, thank you, thank you, thank you, for remembering that I wanted a 26" scale guitar!!!! I mean, this is living proof that you make custom guitars for your customers (or should I more appropriately say 'musical brethren') exactly how they want them - no, actually even better than they want because they don't have nearly as much vision of an instrument as you do being a builder/player. In industry talk your work embodies the philosophies of 'Continous Improvement' and 'Exceeding Customer Expectations'.

Screw the idiots who want a checklist of options to work with - unlike other builders you take the time to get to know your 'clients' personally and musically and create an instrument that fulfills their needs and dreams. This is not just talk - you already did exactly that with Roy B as you knew quite well what I thought of Roy's playing and what an influence he was for me. And now you've gone full spectrum - respectfully going back to tradition on Roy B and then turning around and pushing the boundaries on this one. You really can do it all................     Mark Miller

You can see and hear Mark play by clicking on his links on the VideFiles page.

Hi Alex, What a blast 300607 is..!! Just in case you didn’t realize - that axe is Bentley’s (290506) cousin. As you know every Z2 owner needs a hard tail and a trem loaded axe. If by some miracle the person who reserved it gets cold feet, could you keep it until I can afford to buy it? I know this is a big ask. But that guitar is a killer….!!

Please tell me all about it. Give me some tone talk. Are you making a video?

Your work constantly amazes me. For example: I never liked Bigsbys – never liked Firebirds - but what you created with your G3 - 230407 - is truly brilliant. I would have loved to play that axe.

I feel like I’m part of a small club having been blessed to own a Zachary guitar. The critics who have never played one just don’t get it..!! They mistake you confidence for arrogance. The only way for people to understand what you are doing is to play the guitars. You know how when you plug most guitars into an amp you have to fiddle about to find just the right settings to get a good tone. “Dialing it in” or “tweaking it.” The best trick is to get any other axe and dial in the sweetest tone you can – Then you play for a bit and think to yourself  “this is pretty good” - “not bad.”  Then you leave all the setting the same and switch to the Zachary – guess what? - every time the Zach will crap on the other axe – NEVER FAILS..!!!

It’s lucky for other manufacturers that the hearing is connected to the brain and the brain can trick you into believing all sorts of things unless you can do a direct comparison (it’s the same sensory trick that let’s someone play a digital amp and think it sounds as good as an analog tube amp).
As far as I’m concerned you’re not the next Leo Fender - you are the Stradivarius of the modern electric guitar. Cheers mate, Peter (AU)

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