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Dedicated to all the fucking idiots of the world, so they know what a real guitar is like.


Hey, my name is Rick Payne, I'm going into Music Education next year. I live currently in Cincinnati and am thinking about buying a new electric. Just looking at your website but I must tell you I'm extremely interested in a PRS. I don't have the money right now, but by mid to late summer I'll be able to make the purchase (if my parents approve). I am concerned with one thing however: how am I going to be able to test out your instrument? No offense to you or your company, but I really don't want to get ripped off and spend around 2 1/2 grand and get a piece of crap. Thanks for taking the time to read this email and hope to hear from you soon!    Rick Payne


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top: Figured Hard Maple
(1 piece)

Back: Walnut
(1 piece)


Gotoh Sealed

*Dual Size
AlNnico 5

AlNico 5
Volume, Tone,
6-Way Rotary
8.4 lb


with case

Pickup Switching:   1- Neck HB,   2- Neck inner coil,   3- Neck inner + Bridge inner,   4- Neck HB + Bridge HB,   5- Bridge inner coil,   6- Bridge HB


Hi Alex…..just looked at your new Z3…….same old shit from you……….perfection. Beautiful combination of woods…….I dig the fact that your ‘tops’ aren’t all perfect and that they’re ½ the guitars thickness.     Patiently waiting for your next Z,   

One more thing….just for the hell of it, you should send this one to Rick Payne. People that frequent this site should start a betting pool as to how long it would be before he sends the guitar back for a refund. If he’s looking at buying a PRS, he would be more than a little confused when he opened the case. He’s missing the point entirely, just doesn’t realize the obvious differences, or hasn’t read your site thoroughly enough. Although I’ve never played a Z (and unfortunately probably never will), it’s all about meticulous construction, anticipation, heart and reward when that case is finally opened.   Grady

Very nice work on this one Alex. Classy, fluid and very much NOT PRS. ;)   Regards,   Jeff (Calgary)

Wow, very impressed by this new Z3T. As you know, the Z3 is the first guitar I reach for when playing live. Comfortable fit, nice wide fretboard, great sounds. This one looks awesome with the maple top and highly unusual walnut back (at first glance I thought it was 2 piece!). And of course another killer rosewood neck that will feel fabulous to play. Looking forward to learning how the 6 way wiring is setup. Looks like the volume knob is edged forward just a bit to give plenty of clearance with the trem. Awesome. This is another fantastic Z3.    Mark

btw, don't worry about the kid who wants a PRS - he doesn't know any better yet. He's probably not ready for a Z anyway. Ironically, he'll drop $2.5K on a PRS and get the piece of crap he was afraid of and probably never realize it.

A very impressive specimen. I am also very curious to hear these 6 switching options in action.Aesthetically unified as always....and with that spectacular neck joint as well. It was also very cool to see a dual Z band playing on the front page. Check out Fenner burning up the stage at 2:40! Shred those arpeggios! I look forward to a better quality recording of this band so I can really hear the bass as well.
Something tells me that Rick Payne may not be getting a Z guitar.   Eli

Well, it's ALMOST a PRS. It's got the PRS p/up switching arrangement. Just needs staining to kill the irridescence of the maple and the obligatory 1/4" coat of clear polygoo varnish. With the now-obligatory coat of nitro on top, so you can say it's got a nitro finish.

Other than that, it's brilliant. Fabulous combination of woods, timeless elegance and functionality - what more could anyone want?
That PRS-obsessed kid is a dumbass. Why doesn't he do his research and read the owners' comments and the reviews on Harmony Central?   Ludwik

Killer guitar. One of the few I have seen that I consider to be near the pinnacle of my Z2-T. This is a guitar that will get played constantly and make soaring music. What a beautiful top and its not a veneer but a natural huge chunk without the uniform pattern that would make it look fake. Yes the 6 way is sweet. I don't know how much it contributes to tone but I also love a rosewood neck as well, which feels and looks amazing. Its nice to see these guitars so beautiful that they are worth the price just as art. I am still pleased you don't agree to sell them that way.

That guy should change his name to Dick. That would be a great name for such a thinker. Dick Payne... I can tell you that a Z is more likely to be appreciated by a guy who has already owned at least one each of a PRS, Gibson, Fender etc. Not just with guitars, but many things, its is difficult to know what you don't know till you really do know a lot. Perhaps it is so obvious that it does not need to be said, but a Z (or even the inferior PRS) has no business in the hands of someone who needs their parent's approval. It is something that needs to be earned. I hope parents stick with Squiers and Epiphones.   Frank

Congrats on the new axe, Alex. What a treat.
You should name it after Ricky Payne. Another idiot who has no idea what he's talking about or what he's looking at. Ricky is both a male and female name, so you are in no danger of guessing the wrong gender. Dedicate it to all the fucking idiots of the world so they will know what a real guitar looks like. Ricky Payne -- this one's for you, babe. LOL.    Ted Noiz

You amaze me once again Alex. This is an awesome looking guitar! I just can't believe, with the detail pictures you take, that others can't SEE the quality of workmanship; and they question weather you work is good enough. It should be quite obvious to anyone that your guitars are way ahead of all the rest.   Eagle

This might well be your most stunning instrument to date. What lovely aesthetics!   Seth

I know the pictures CANNOT even hint at her true beauty. But man that Neck, the Action! I saw the volume knob position – Thanks! I had not seen a 6-way rotary on your other Z’s?
I must hold her. I must have my mail order mistress over as soon as possible.

Alex you have a real and rare Talent.

This guy Rick Payne…I am still shaking my head after I read what he sent you. He cannot be real. Perhaps he should get his next guitar “free with his purchase of a Happy Meal.”
I know You must get tons of e-mails from knit-wits and haters constantly, but man! this one is just from another dimension.   Yordys (expected owner of this guitar)

You really got the guitar right - I noticed the changes as soon as I saw the pictures and was expecting good things when I played it. And, I was not disappointed at all. That guitar and the pine Tele really stood out big time when I played them. I have to admit that with the extended upper fret access, the volume knob location, nice combination of body woods and the killer rosewood neck, that it is close to being my dream Z3. I mean, if I asked you to make me a Z3T exactly how I wanted it - that would be pretty damn close to what I would ask for.   Mark

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