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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Canary, Spalted Maple

Soft Maple

Gotoh Sealed


7.8 lb


Here is the pinnacle of what I make right now. Although this will change quickly because I will be adding many new things and models in the upcoming months, I hope. This is a Zachary guitar with all the bells and whistles if there ever was such a thing. Note the multi-piece body construction, the exotic wood, tone control, side mounted jack, longer tremolo arm, etc. Most notably, you will notice the single piece Rosewood neck.

My first experience with a Rosewood neck was at the first NAMM show I attended, I believe in 1996. I had just started making guitars on my kitchen table and I stumbled onto the PRS booth, which was much smaller than it is now. I never kept it a secret how I felt about those guitars and the company in general but I noticed something different. There was a young man playing a limited addition PRS which they called the "Rosewood Special" I believe. It was a regular PRS but it had a one piece, unfinished Rosewood neck and it had that long beanstalk inlay machine inlayed on the fingerboard. The unfinished neck on this PRS actually made it feel organic which was totally shocking for a PRS. This was the best playing PRS that I had played and the neck would have been great if it wasn't for that awkward shape they make them in. It felt good to the touch anyway. It had no gross plastic finish on it. I believe at the time there were only 100 of these made and they cost about $14,000 back 10 years ago. That is a lot of money to pay for a rosewood neck with inlay.

So now you can get a Zachary guitar and pay only $100 more for a Rosewood neck. Not a bad deal really. The neck is unfinished because Rosewood is inherently so oily. I love it. This guitar is everything a Zachary guitar should be. It plays effortlessly, its totally alive with great tone, pickups and switching. The tremolo is unmatched for sensitivity and tuning stability. I particularly worked hard to redesign this bridge, featherweight aluminum knobs, optimum tension tremolo springs and custom length tremolo arm. Notice the matching Canary Wood position dots and neck screw plugs. Each guitar has a different theme. Every detail has been thought out and perfected. After all, each guitar is really made for me and I am a player.

The person who gets it better know how to play. I have a hard time letting it go.


Looks like a monster. The most expensive Zach yet and worth every penny.
Hope the guy that reserved it can do something with it.     cheers, Eli

NICE! That 8 string is a beast! Hehe, that last fancy 26 sounds amazing! even at lowish volume it rocks like crazy. It is ALIVE!! Those pedals are INSANE. How do you get feedback like that at pretty low volume. Things are moving forward!!

I THOUGHT those looked like boss pedals, you tricky mofo! but they do not SOUND like boss pedals. Even w/ the crappy mic on the little digital camera I can tell the sound in that room was SICK. Usually to get anything happening you have to have the amp on 4 at least before a distortion pedal will sound good with it. It is like the pedal and amp are sort of melding together. What did you DO? I'm sure there's all kinds of insane secrets. You are onto some shit for sure. Those dive bombs w/ the harmonics are killer but somehow the gain does not have to be too much to get that effect. Helps to play a Zach I guess, hehe....   Eli Friedmann (NY)

This is an exquisite weapon. The longer Trem extends the grace of body. She has an elegant feel and requests whomever is dancing with her to be tasteful. Of course there are moments when she will have to lose control...Ed

Holy Shit! I just heard (can't see 'em from work) that new video you did with 280705. Man, that tone and playing will be haunting me forever. Is that the new Zachary amp you're using? If it is I want one. I've never heard anything that organic or wild before. Aside from Hendrix, and even he didn't sound that good, even at his very best. Oh fuck, I can see why you can't let go of that guitar. Jeez man, I'm shocked. Never heard you play like THAT before. Best one you've ever done. I'm serious man, it cuts to the bone, I love it and I feel like crying at the same time.

Just read it is indeed the Zach amp. Great tone man, you should sell a ton of them. Then again, most guitar players are too stupid to know a good thing when they see it.

I LOVE that amp. I want one. It sound like nothing else I've heard before. Great dynamics, and touch sensitivity. I could hear it right away.

David (YUF) Belgium

Hey, Alex! I just downloaded and watched your 280705-01 video. The amp and the guitar sound just fantastic! Of course. I expected nothing less than perfect. It must be a lot of fun to be able to make that little room sound like an airport one second and a walk in the park on a May morning the next. That stuff is the tightest I have ever heard. Won't be long and I can send my deposit for my Zachary. And now you'll soon have the AMP TOO! Yikes! I just can't wait. Thanks for the sample, Alex - ROCK ON!!!!!!!! I am gonna make Muddy Waters proud!!!!!!!     Ted

Hi Alex, The guitar arrived today in good condition. I have to say I'm very, very pleased with it, it has to be one of the best guitars on the planet, absolutely immaculate! The neck is great - it's wide and really fills the hand, but at the same time it's supremely comfortable. The unfinished Rosewood is just a treat. The Zach Attack pickups are very revealing with a very wide frequency response and the two switch control system works really well. Anyway the guitar nearly plays itself, congratulations on a unique design. Thank you very much, Terry     Oh by the way that P90 guitar 090905 you just put up on the site looks great.   JR (UK)



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