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Your a weird dude Alex. No offence. I am sure you hear that a lot though. Obviously you haven't found your true calling yet Alex.    
Chris Martin (cellular sales)


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

2 piece


Vintage Kluson-style

*Dual Size
Kustom P90 Neck:10K


5-way Rotary

ZOG 10+ RW
7.9 lb

1. Neck
2. Neck +Bridge = Paralell (out of phase)
3. Bridge
4. Neck + Bridge = Series (out of phase)
5. Neck + Bridge = Paralell
6. Neck + Bridge = Series


Some notable things about this instrument

You may have guessed that this is the sister guitar to the previous instrument 050464. Again, this one was designed in keeping with the details of the historic Gibson tradition. If you know any guitar history at all, you will recognize the aesthetic cues throughout. Also, in terms of tone it reflects that of a vintage Gibson or what would have been. Essentially, this is a hotroded vintage guitar in feel and tone. A bit of a desirable upgrade is the one piece Rosewood neck with Ebony fingerboard. What would you expect to pay for something like this? What would your local guitar boutique owner make of it?

Also, not trivial to anyone - with a love of objects, passionate about nostalgia, having respect for history and with a keen eye for detail - is the noticeable uniqueness of the chicken-head knob. Most "luthiers" would not even notice it, point it out of even give a fuck. Most observers would be clueless to even notice or recognize it. I am not "most" and to me this knob of utmost importance and metaphoric. Those who know, will notice it looks different from the (made in China) cheap plastic reproductions, which undoubtedly adorn your high priced boutique vintage signature reissue amps and guitars.

This is the real deal; Bakelite. Its dense, heavier and even smells different. Its an original vintage knob. It may be from the 50s or even considerably older. This knob is in mint condition and it strangely excites me to cherish it. In many ways its metaphoric. It horrifies me that some of you no-talent stupid schmucks would not recognize it, discard it and replace it with a cheesy knob from your cheesy digital amp.

Tragically, its people like you who are the future of guitar playing; whatever will be left of it. What a horrible world it will be. Images of Slash, the cartoon character, will be omnipresent, the creepy horrific clown, following you everywhere, selling you every product and promising to give you eternal life within some hideously gruesome video-game. A future world where technology will turn all your nightmares into reality. Where nightmare and reality will become one in the same. No longer will you be able to awake screeming from a nightmares and be relieved that it never happened. There will be no escape. Slash will be ubiquitous as the horrid replacement of divinity.

Everything hinges on education and being cultured. I detest ignorance. I don't want to educate those who don't deserve it but you get some here anyway, free of charge, here on this web site. The question is, are you too stupid or too disingenuous to even recognize and admit to how much smarter you have become just by looking at this web site and just from knowing of my existence? I made you think.

The struggle continues.

The Z2 SP is one Z I would LOVE to have. Somehow it reminds me of an SG in a Z2 body. Same pickups and wiring scheme as Eli's hollow - gotta sound incredible. The rich wood colors blend perfectly. I'm totally partial to a Z2 with a rosewood neck - as mine has. The feel and the look are just unbeatable - people are just amazed when they see my Z2. Looking forward to hearing this one. I wish I could say I was looking forward to owning it.......

Btw, that quote at the top of the page is so funny - if anybody has found their true calling in life I'd have to say it's Alex.        Mark Miller

I was so bummed that the pics of the new guitar weren't up yet. I checked back ten minutes later and there they are!
Excellent as always, Alex. The red dots make the guitar though. I've never seen anyone do that before. Little red eyes peering out from the blackness of the ebony. Ha! Red Eye! I'm sure that someone will have a little jet lag from flying that Z2.    Cheers,   Jeff (Calgary)

Well this one is damn fine guitar. It is so correct in every way. It is good for my finances that it is NFS. It makes me weak and wanting. Even though I have 11 guitars already including three Zs. This would be one I would wear quickly, playing hours per day. This new guitar is so distracting. I must get back to playing the ones I already have.    Frank B.

- no surprise to see that its marked NFS!
Best JR

Impressive. A totally unified statement with similar switching to my "Hollow" Z but in a compact Z2 body. The wood combination is also very classy.   The matching of the fingerboard dots with the body color is a nice touch.   Eli

Ack! There it is!

What a strange feeling to see this guitar. It was like dreaming of somebody you've never met, and then walking around the corner the next morning and bumping into them. Or more accurately, seeing them sailing off into the distance. . . .

It's sort of hard to explain, but I actually felt panic when I saw it. My first thought was, "but I'm not ready yet!"

Of course it doesn't matter, because it's NFS anyway, but it was the strangest experience to see almost EXACTLY the guitar I've been imagining pop up (somehow, I failed to envisage the bakelite chickenhead, though I think it's great)--and know that I'm not in line for it.

The though the padauk body and rosewood neck is an amazing combination. The individual factors that appeal to me so strongly in this guitar are the 2 P-90s, the Z2 body shape, the LP Special pickguard, the extremely versatile switching, and the neo-retro/minimalist vibe.

Thanks for your time, inspiration, and the new wallpaper for my computer,

Rodney       (Osaka, Japan)

Alex, Those last two guitars are so ... ehm... iconic? The essence of a guitar?Because of those last two guitars I doubt my whole baritone - let 's tune between a bass and a guitar - approach, since I want to play one of those Les Paul JR guitars you made... Fucking hell, that short scale isn't suitable for low tuning. I play baritone tuning exclusively the last 8 years and I feel lost on a regular tuning. Really, it feels awkward to me. Oh well, those les pauls are sublime and I will never play'em, that 's life I guess...
Have a nice day,   Jef (Belgium)

Love the new axe. I mentioned before how much I like the rotary switch. Simple and effective. I'd love to own a hard tail Z in the future so I can work with some alternate tunings. This one would be perfect. Since it is also NFS I can only imagine you are enjoying it immensely. Hang on to it until I can persuade you to sell it to me. ;)    Z. Fenner (RI)

Well I think that even if the bridge pup w the tone rolled down is not identical to a neck pup (and it is not), the stone cold simplicity of the previous one-pup 050410 is just so appealing on a conceptual level. All the best Van Halen stuff was recorded on a guitar with no neck pup at all. I suppose having a guitar with just one pup puts you in another head space. You have to use your hands to get the range of sounds you want and it forces you to be more creative when you don't have the option of 4 or 5 other settings. That is the flip side of the versatility coin. There is an interesting debate to be had on that score.

However this latest Z2 w 2 P90s? There is no debate to be had with this one. You are all set with this guitar. It is the same set up as my Hollow and I am not close to getting to the bottom of that beast.   Eli Friedmann (NYC)

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