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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

(one piece)

*Dual Size

Custom-Wound Strat-Style
Neck 6.3K
Bridge 10K

3-way pickup select
Phase Select

7 lb


with case


I like to get to the point, no bull shit.
Maybe know one El's has told you, but I must, and I will be as real about it as I can...
The head stock of yours is the ugliest I have ever seen... Can't you come up with a look that don't make one fall out of interest when one looks at the head stock?
If you don't know of a better looking design for your neck tops I can help! I will send you some designs for free! Why free! I just like to see your fine Axe look fine from start to end.
Bobby King;   The Airbrush-Artist    helphascome2u@yahoo.com


Here is my take on the venerable and iconic Stratocaster, with just a few minor changes and improvements...if I may. I hope Eric Clapton does not get angry for what I have done. I would have done much better to make an exact Strat copy with some fake aging thrown in to attract the boomer guitar boutique customers. A lot of celebrated guitar "builders" do just that and are highly admired for it. I can only dream of such reverence.

If you are a dumb fuck and don't know guitars - you will not really see much on this page. You will look but you will not see. To look you need only eyes, but to see you need to be knowledgeable and have a brain. I will not give a lecture on this guitar. I will not say what it features and what I did. No reason for me to make the effort. What benefit will it bring me? To give the dumb fucks a free education? I have done enough of that over the last 15 years. I will keep you stupid this time. I am looking forward to my new headstock though, so that people don't fall out of interest.

No, that is not whiteout on the tuner buttons. What do you think I am, some sort of a hack tinkerer? LOL     .
Its spray paint. Paint does not stick to plastic very well, so I had to rough up the buttons first and then put several coats of paint on them. It was a temporary thing. since I did not have white buttons and this had to have white buttons. I didn't care how they looked, I just wanted them white in a hurry to be able to play the guitar. I was going to order some proper white buttons but I really like the textured feel of these painted ones and will keep them on I think. I like the "White Out" theme. You guys actually pointed out what the theme was here. I told you I arrive at most of this by accident or more accurately, divine predetermination.

I always go straight for the flat front and back shots in the middle of the pictures first before going after the close ups. I want to see the overall impression that it gives me first then see the real detail. For me, it looks as though you were having a bit more fun with this one. The more I look the more it says "Look at me!" At first it appears a bit understated, but the pickups and knobs immediately wake you up. Multicoloured trim woods on the fretboard and screws are a bit shocking considering the limba's shade but it just seems to beg for any style you could throw at it. Afterall, what guitar player doesn't go through a miriad of personalities and moods when they play?

The countersunk tuners are a nice touch. Is that liquid paper or paint on the gear heads? You definately have a strange vision buddy, but I'm with you all the way! I've been coming here since 2000 and every guitar holds something new and exciting for me. Keep it up.

Not falling out of interest (and the headstock is one of the reasons that I became interested in what you do). Stay uniquely you.   Regards,     Jeff (Calgary)

Alex, this looks like it comes so naturally to you. Instead of making a Strat copy you played with the look and design but still retaining the signature Strat tone with the Strat pickups and trem. Its so cool to see asthetics all done with the natural color of various exotic woods, as apposed to a gaudy pearl and abolone or airbrush paint. The middle pickup on a Strat gets in the way of my pick and I always wanted the power increased on a Strat bridge pickup and you have done it with the 10K. That is some nice Limba. I bet it was hard to find it in a one piece. Checked out all your youtube vids, some wild playing. I would love to hear the phase switch on this one. The Aribrush guy comment should be on your Idiot page, not messing up this page. Don’t hold back. Just do what's in your heart.    Kyle

Alex, Still got a grin on my face from seeing your latest creation. LOVED IT! This guitar is awesome! Very playful touch with the dot and plug colors. Nice touch on the recessed tuner posts. It really adds a nice detailed touch to your “Zen” like Samurai Headstock. BTW..I LOVE YOUR HEADSTOCK. People that say they hate it are not looking at the whole picture. You experience the whole guitar. You cannot take a work apart and judge it individually when it’s meant to be experienced as a whole…just my humble opinion.

Of course your neck and Action are always the stuff of “Mad Science” Like you flip a switch and scream (lightning goes off and stuff) once the smoke clears you get the Zachary neck.

I can relate to leaving the middle pup out, I always thought the noise cancelling setting on 2 or 4 would just thin out the tone, I was always neck or bridge on my Strat.

Thanks again, made my night while I am here working away.     Every good wish…     Yordys

Hi Alex,      Nice one! That thing is positively psychedelic. It should ship with a fuzz pedal - a package deal. Sweet cutaway. they are getting deeper. You can bend up to that F# or G no problem, even with 11's. I love the colors, the dots, the retainer neck bolt dowel thingies, the knobs (!), the super long Fender trem arm. The whole package! Yum! What did you do, paint those peg heads with white out? Ha Ha. I'm not even going to ask why the 2 pups, it's too cool. Load up a vid and spank out a surfer tune. Put on a paisley shirt or something.

You can go to this page and check out the G-4 in action if you want           http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCsLfWe7Kow                 Tony

Okay, that's two that I get credit for naming! I didn't mean anything by the liquid paper comment though and I'm glad you got the humour behind it. I've never liked plastic tuners. I would love to try a guitar with wooden ones! God, I like the feel of wood. Nowhere near as nice feeling as my old lady's skin but you get the point.

I used to play all those fucked up BC Rich guitars with the wild shapes and got bored. The ones I have now are super strat types from Ibanez and I see where you're coming from with your comments on the traditional strat. I used to know a guy with an old strat that was actually a really nice instrument despite being a CBS era one. The middle pickup is always in the way, right in the path of your picking sweep. Bless Yngwie for playing them though.

I think what gets me about your Z3 model is that it actually looks like a peice of wood. Strats don't. Not even the clear coated and sunburst ones. (Regarding this Z3) Its a bit unsettling to see one solid chunk of wood in that shape especially without the pickguard. Is that weird? I wasn't sure if there was going to be a pickguard with those two little holes on the lower bout but I suppose they are small incursions from bugs. Old nail holes?

Man, I hope that I can play one of your guitars one day. I like just about everything about them and your attitude and skill have really impressed me. For whatever my two cents are worth to anybody! They just have to kick ass. I've said it before,; that I have several guitars but none of them can do everything. One is good for rhythm playing, another for clean leads. I want a guitar that can just pound everything out and still have room for more. Something that has a bit of soul to give back and inspire. From reading your buyers comments I think you capture that well. Against the grain and making converts.   Jeff

Love your work and attention to detail very much. You are really bringing the industry some serious criticisms, and I agree completely. Innovation is just not in their vocabulary. I don’t mean sticking computers into shit brick boxes with some fancy hot-rod paint job, but an improvement on quality for people who would rather have something that WORKS. Sure road use will kill anything, but for the sake of all that’s golden I WISH the mass produced would somehow be less massive sh!t! It is so much shit and in such volume that the world is filling up with polished turds.

I just like guitars and the people who make them facilitate one of the only things that makes the uninspiring day to day more like a moment, so I thank you for being what you are. My interest in your guitars is that you might have a formula that others don’t have. I don’t expect it to make me a better guitarist or give me the status of uber dude. Really I just can’t stomach learning I spent my earned hours of monotony on something that should be worth the price of a dollar store item when it comes to it’s sonic character. I’ll just say two of the biggest reasons I was ever disappointed with guitars. Gibson & ESP. The most overpriced pieces of shit I have ever owned. I won’t buy their crap again and their formulas just aren’t thought out to be timeless guitars. Things that are worth a small fortune to the hobbyist, or priceless in the hands of an artist are quality. ESP/Big G make me sick because in the hands of an artist I can only imagine that the artist can best make a strong tone only by the style/technique. Play a simple note and just listening to the harmonic value of the string and it’s voice is lost... it’s sterile, muddy, and that kind of thing is better left for cheap casio pianos.
Peace! I want one of your OD pedals,    Robert

Hey Alex,    White Out is one of the coolest guitars I've ever seen. I can see Hendrix at Woodstock in that killer machine. That thing could be dangerous if put into the right hands.   Ted

Alex, Love the newest Z3 with the gorgeous Limba body. Must sound fantastic with the single coil pickups, one right at the end of the neck and the other at the bridge. As someone mentioned, it's nice to have 3 pickups but depending on how you play you may have to work around them. Also, tapped humbuckers can sound great, but I think there's nothing like a true single coil pickup for that glassy Strat tone. And with ZOG 11's on there? Would love to hear how that one sounds.
Btw, that's exciting that there will be a new Z pedal coming out. Put me on the list for one. I consider myself very fortunate to get one of the original Z pedals.     Mark


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