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Zachary Guitars continues its legacy of excellence and innovation with the Guitar of the Month Program. New models like the G2 Busywood draw on Zachary’s incredible history of 13 years, and the constantly evolving needs of today’s players. Each is limited to a small number of 1,000 identical units worldwide, and a new model launches every month. So keep your eyes glued to this website and your pecker in hand for all the filthy guitar porn you can handle. Just don't let the old lady catch you.

Every month, we will unveil Zachary’s newest limited-edition guitar, available for a very limited time only. (Well actually not avaialble at all, since they are sold years before they are even made.) Each Zachary Guitar of the Month will be distinctive, visually striking, and an original. Production will be limited to 1000 identical guitars, to make sure you truly get a one of a kind and unique instrument, which nobody else will have, making each Guitar of the Month highly collectible and very desirable.

I go this BS above from the Gibson website and adopted here for the purpose of humor. You can see how silly it sounds when applied to Zachary Guitars. Gives gives you one of kind guitars of which only 1000 identical pieces will be made. This is great achievement for them in personalization and craftsmanship.

However ... here's the catch. You can't just buy a Zachary Guitar. Unlike buying anything else in this rotten world, your money is not enough. Your money means nothing here. In fact, you can stick your money up your ass.     A Zachary guitar ... YOU  MUST  EARN !

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top: Busywood

Back: Bloodwood


Gotoh Sealed

*Dual Size

Compound Radius


Neck: 7.5K A3
Middle: 10K A5
Bridge: 17.8K C

9.8 lb


Bobby waited over 3 years for this guitar.

WOW! Holy Shit.........!! If Bobby sees that and he's still touring Europe he's gonna leave in the middle of a gig and catch the next flight back to the States............. Send out an APB - he's gonna freak!! And, ummmm, if he doesn't show up to claim it - just consider it mine........ Mark Miller

Yeah, "WOW" is right. Holy Fuck!!!    Ted Noiz

Wow. Now a new Z is always Wow, but every once in a while there is one that's a bit more Wow than the others.
This is such a one. I have no idea why, but it's more Wow than the other Wows. ;-)   David

A masterpiece! Total fucking rock machine! I'm positive there are major builders keeping an eye on the Zachary site. They must be totally embarrassed. They know that Z's kick their ass.......but money blinds them. I can see them all now sitting around the board room table trying to figure out some way to capture the spirit of a Z and knowing deep down that they could never pull it off. I'm going out on a limb and guessing that each mini switch controls a pickup (off/on) ????????      Eagle

Very nice work Alex from start to finish. That guitar is Bobby all over. Just as EVH is renown for his Frankenpileofshit, so to is Bobby renown for his Busywood. Only Busywood doesn't have innovations like pups nailed inot the body, a coin to lock the tremolo, and other such brilliant ideas. It does kind of have a similar vibe with the wood patterns as EVH has with his signiture stripes hehehe.

Wouldn't Frank Marino absolutely LOVE to take this baby for a spin?? This weapon would have to be undisputably the best SG out there so far. It would without even trying fuck Angus Young up the ass. Again, well done!!!    Orlando

Of course, you are right it kills them all. But then I'd have to say that this guitar is no SG, perhaps only hiding its Z-ness and superiority with that body shape. Pity the poor fool who sees it in a show, mistakes it for a Gibson, and runs off to Guitar Center looking for one. Can't wait to hear the tone!   Frank B.

The new busywood G2 really got my attention! I knew you were saving that Busywood for Bobby but I didn't realize it had been that long. looks like it was well worth every minute of that three years. That is the mother of all ultimate guitars! I hope Bobby knows what a lucky man he is.   James

I am simply amazed at the new guitar. What a beast! Yeah, thats got "Bobby" written all over it.
Gibson, Gibson, Gibson! You should stand up (or maybe sit down) and take notice! This is the kind of hard rocker you COULD be building instead of your airy, flimsy crap. Tony

Alex, The 270408 is a pure stroke of genius. And I'm not only talking about the front. I have never ever seen a guitar more inspiring. I can only imagine how it sounds and plays. It is a union of creativity, craftwork and engineering. It has crossed a border, redefining what a guitar should strive to be.   Otto

Alex, I actually exclaimed aloud at the pics of the G2 Busy Wood.  That guitar sir, is pure art.  Lucky SOB who now owns that monster. Mike

Hi Alex, those two latest guitars look great. And within about 2 weeks of each other. That Cinnamon with a 1-piece mahogany body, pretty tough to top that, but the busywood G2 was an unexpected surprise. I really like the busywood, its probably not for everyone but I like the look. I think Bobby has all 3 of the busywood guitars? If you make a Z3 of that I'm interested. Probably eventually like to get a Z3 of any wood, actually. I love my Cherry Z2, it never goes out of tune and I'm always finding new sounds with it. I'm intrigued by the Skank amp. I can't do anything right now but its something I'm keeping in mind. Small, portable, tube sound, and with some balls. I'd just be worried about the tubes being protected from getting hit by something (flying beer bottles?) anyway, its good to see these new creations, very nice work.   Bruce

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