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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Wiring Neck Joint

Swamp Ash


*Dual Size

Compound Radius
7.5" - 10"


7.5 K

10.5 K

3-way selector
8.2 lb


A vintage Tele anyone??? Some have paid over $30K for one and I doubt those were even playable or just barely.
Everyone knows how great vintage Teles are. ... are they? Are you sure?

Here I set out to make the best vintage Tele ever made. My goal was to stay true, as much as possible, to the original character of a Blackguard Tele from the early 50s. I used the same woods, same hardware and same specs, to the point where improvements had to be made but without taking away from the genuine historically correct vibe.

Unlike Fender Telecasters, new or old, this F1 is really playable and is a Z all the way. So playable in fact that you wouldn't be able to put it down. The bridge pup is so biting and bright that I actually get nausea from its tone playing it. Its the way it should be. If you want smooth and mellow, get an archtop. The pickups are great and the way I have it wired, with just a traditional 3 way switch, when both pickups are on it sounds like Donald Duck. I may install a push/pull pot for the tone pot, to get one more sound from it. I use ZOG 9s on it of course and the action is low and the neck as straight as an arrow. There is nothing more to it really. Just a board of Swamp Ash, with a great neck, fat frets and overwound pickups. Its all you need and when you turn it up the tone makes you sick to your stomach but in a great way. If you play it long enough and if you have a sensitive stomach, you will actually puke from it. In a nutshell, this is the criteria for a good Telecaster and worth every penny of the $30K ... LOL

I scrambled to get one more guitar in this year, in order to make it a record number of 16 guitars made this year. Not exactly mass-production but it makes me seem productive at least. Making guitars by hand is slow work and a lost art. Making instruments by hand comes down to actually being considered absurd these days. Almost like an antisocial freakish thing to do, like some mad scientist constructing a Frankenstein in a dungeon. This is why I love it. A combination of big endorsement dollars for artists and a very uneducated and ignorant consumer base, has made handcrafting guitars unappreciated and unpopular. The bottom line is that there is no money in it for anyone making guitars by hand. Not for the builder and not the professional player. Its not only a lost art because of this, it has also become a totally stupid thing to do economically. Its a good thing I don't do it for the money. I sure feel lonely however.

What's next? A terrible world in which everyone actually stops playing the guitar and instead used digital boxes to program all of their playing in a virtual world. Kind of a mixture of video games, computers and consumer electronics gone to the extreme, with the absence of any actual playing. You say its here already? Playing the guitar already has started to become absurd, just look around you. Only old farts are playing and listening to guitar players. Will it ever come to the point where the actual playing of a guitar, once thought of as the coolest thing in the world will seem stupid and goofy? I think its just around the corner.


My motivation for this guitar.

It seems like I enjoy getting aggravated and this is why I sometimes read guitar magazines. Its the fastest way for me to get angry. Guitar magazines are disturbing to me. Here are people who claim to be impartial, yet all of their income comes from advertisers. Their main elegance is definitely not to the reader, its to their advertisers and very importantly, potential advertisers. I found out to my surprise a few years ago that guitar magazines have no interest in reporting the news about the guitar world, they only give you selective information, always directly tied to some product being marketed, be it a new CD, new gear, new book, comeback of an old artist, etc. Everyone is selling something and the guitar magazines are there to promote it for a fee. Its purely commercial and not for the sake of information or education. If you get any info or learn anything at all, its only a byproduct of their marketing goals.

Recently a guitar magazine article caught my eye which was about "boutique Tele builders". Apparently they all claim to be making handmade instruments but I can tell a handmade guitar in my sleep and those are NOT handmade guitars. In fact I always wondered why a supposed handmade guitar looks just like a mass produced CNC-made guitar. It looks like it because it IS a CNC-made guitar.

As CNC computer manufacturing has trickled down to the hobbyist-tinkerer, pre-manufactured bodies and necks have been available to anyone for quite a low price. Many have jumped onto this opportunity and started assembling Fender-style guitars from these premanufactured parts. Of course they look or play nothing like a handmade guitar. Yet its all deceivingly presented as handmade. The ignorant consumer will never question it, nor will they even care if its handmade or not. Some are even clever enough to build from scratch a body or even a full guitar, take lots of pictures of the process and post it on their dull websites. I could not figure out why any self-respecting craftsman would ever disclose what they do so willingly and show it to the world. What purpose was there in doing that? Then I realized the trick and why it is worth doing. If they put up the building process of one guitar, they will deceptively establish themselves as "real builders". The dummies will then line up to ask for a handmade Strat or Tele, supposedly built like the pictures show. At this point the marketing has been effective and the "builder" can just simply order their kit parts and assemble the kit Fender for the dummies ready to buy, who will then believe they got a handmade guitar. They have no clue what a handmade guitar is anyway. The "builder" is now in business, can make some money and is even presented as a great "craftsman" in guitar magazines. It would certainly be unbearably uncomfortable for me to be in the company of these scammers. On some level, I don't blame them really because as I said, there is no money in making guitars by hand and very few have the skill to do it anyway. "Handmade" is just a nice marketing term, which is thrown around quite easily, to really mean nothing.

What is handmade you ask? Quite simply it is starting with raw lumber and turning that into a finished instrument with every process guided by the hand, mind and soul of one individual from start to finish. You can see why in this day and age this is not economically viable.

The roots of the Custom Shop boutique scam can be blamed on the Fender company. They started it all by taking bodies and necks from the assembly line as they came off the CNC machine and assembling them separately with the same parts by some invented person who stuck a sticker of their signature on the back of the headstock. They call these guitars Fender "Masterbuilt" instruments from the Fender Custom Shop. I bet this person who's signature is on the back of the headstock could never even build a guitar on their own and by hand. So the whole process is totally bogus and a pure marketing scam. You recall 20 years ago they were predicting that the boomer market will be huge and smart industries will take advantage of it and win big. Well, the guitar industry did just that.

Seeing how well this scam worked, literally hundreds of hobbyist tinkerers around the world followed the Fender example and started ordering kit bodies and necks doing it themselves, just as the Fender Custom Shop did. They too became "highly respected luthiers, handcrafting guitars" for a premium price. This trend is great for the actual CNC kit parts manufacturers who do most of their business, not with individuals who want to assemble kit guitars but with these "luthier businesses" who make up the boutique market you find today.

This of course aggravates me and was the anger behind my motivation for making the F1 you see on this page. I created a true handmade vintage Tele. In the true sense of the word.

Without my anger towards this guitar magazine article, the guitar industry and the guitar consumer, this guitar would not exist. As simple as that.


I have recently been psychoanalyzed again and been given advice by yet another person. This time by young Travis Howell . He finds my anger upsetting but ironically, I think I got him angry and this is what he has to say.

Your attitude is just, well in a word - ridiculous..

With experience comes wisdom, humility, appreciation, and many other great things.. It sounds like you might want to think about that one.

What's so funny to me is you have all this anger for people, for music shops, for guitar companies and yet you seem to ask people straight up to believe you and spend thousands of dollars on something they haven't even heard yet, or played.

On top of that you hate all those people and companies who don't make guitars for players, and so you just traded that for respect, attitude, appreciation and a couple other things..

I kinda liked going on your site checking out new shit, reading what you have posted that wasn't negative (which there is very little of unfortunetely) but I don't think I'll be coming back..

When it comes to my Paps, he is an incredible person, very smart, and a musician from hell but cares very little for your business mostly because of your failure to free yourself from your anger, arrogance, and your precious little issues.


Well, what I want to say to young Travis Howell is that without anger there would not be any Z guitars and would not be any creativity on my part. I mean, what the hell would even motivate me? Without anger there is no fire in my belly, so to speak. I would have no passion to do anything. There would be no reason to live really. I would just be another person with a lobotomy, another perfectly socialized robot of the new world order. Anger and negativity is essential to my existence and I embrace it. Anger is what makes me want to get up in the morning and what makes me want to create and change the world ever so slightly. Without anger there would be no purpose and no reason for me to be moved to do anything. Anger has to be the best motivator in the world. People have moved mountains motivated by anger. Some are motivated to do major evil and some are motivated to do major good. I think Zachary guitars are good, so its a positive way to use my anger. You take my anger away and its the end of me. If you like Zachary guitars and like what I do, what the hell do you care where my motivation comes from. Or would you rather me make another kit guitar at boutique prices?

Motivation is a complex topic and its not pretty in any way. Society is not accepting of anger because of a certain agenda which is a whole other large topic for discussion. The bottom line is to be motivated, wherever your motivation comes from. As I look around the great problem in the world today is lack of motivation. As the world moves more and more toward diminishing individuality, any type of self expression must be labeled as antisocial and unacceptable. The masters know that if there is no anger, there is no revolution.

Living without anger is like living without a belief in a higher power. Its a meaningless and purposeless existence and the goal of a future world on the horizon.

I wish you all a great new year and remember to either stay angry or get angry. It will move you forward, whatever your pursuit is.
Remember, arrogance must be earned. If you feel you earned it, then go ahead display and celebrate your arrogance, you have earned it.
Only those who have not earned it cannot deserve to be arrogant. Arrogance is a gift for your achievement in any field, its the prize for accomplishment. People without arrogance scare me. They are freaks in my book. They don't believe in themselves and have no vision for their own destination.
Witnessing arrogance is an inspiration for the dedicated and a great insult to the underachiever. Arrogance is simply a tool in setting the bar high for yourself, the end result being a higher level of achievement.

LOL, this sure is a very different type of guitar website.


My name is Pimpy, this is my website and I can be as angry as I want.

Hey Alex, Hope you are doing well these days. I had to drop in and make some comments about the latest F1. It screams of the Bluez; the Traveling Riverside Bluez, to be precise. You might remember that Led Zeppelin Tune of the same name (actually, Zeppelin stole a lot of that song from Robert Johnson -- at least they had the balls to admit it).

Anyway, here's to you, to the F1, to Led Zeppelin, and Robert Johnson. Ted Noiz

P.S. Keep an eye open for south of the border. It is being said that the narco-terrorist state of Mexico is on the verge of a complete collapse. I don't know what that means for all of us, but whatever it is, it is likely not going to be good.

I hope you got the point !


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