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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Culy Maple Top,
Mahogany back
7.25 lbs.


Several interesting things about this guitar:
One-piece Curly Maple top, really nice Ribbon- Figured Mahogany back, Gold/Chrome mix hardware and genuine Pearl dot inlays.
I usually use wood or metal position markers but this one has pearl dots. In the future I will be making some necks without any dot markers on the face of the fingerboard, thanks to a suggestion from Eli Friedmann.

Alex, The Z3-T arrived yesterday in perfect condition. To call this a guitar would be doing it and you and injustice. It is more precisely a work of art that also happens to function as a precision instrument.

The first thing I noticed when I strummed her is her total organic feel-unlike any other guitar I've played. The resonance, ergonomics, balance, and shape of the instrument all work synergistically to create a pleasurable experience unattainable with a computer-designed, assembly line guitar.

The quality of wood is outstanding, as is the figuring and finish. Flawless. One could go over this work of art with a microscope and not find a blemish, defect, or imperfection. The neck joint is obscenely tight and faultless. The hardware is equally excellent. The frets are beautifully dressed and seated, the tremolo is much more preferable to a Floyd Rose in every way and the tuners are first rate. The real standouts are the Zach Attack pickups; more about those in a moment. The entire design concept of the Zachary guitar including its generous string spacing is so perfect it's almost supernatural. Only an idiot savant or an incredibly gifted luthier could have designed such a guitar. I'm guessing in this case, it's the latter.

I auditioned the Z3-T with a Marshall Plexi and mic'd the cabinet (2x12 greenbacks) with a Sure SM-7 > Neve 1073 > UREI 1176 LN blackface > an Apogee A/D > Pro Tools HD. As a former major label recording artist/producer and now a producer/songwriter/session player, I have owned many fine vintage and custom guitars, including those built personally for me by Grover Jackson, Jol Danzig (Hamer), Paul Reed Smith, Rand (only savvy collectors will know who this is), Ed Roman, and many other luthiers. Nothing against their fine work, but no guitar I've owned stands up to the Zachary Z3-T. The raw sound of this instrument captured every nuance I've been searching for during my career. The body and neck woods, fret board wood, tremolo, and pickups all conspire to create a tone that literally makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I could joke that the Z3-T has so much sustain that I could hit a chord, go get a drink of water, and come back before it decayed, but it's basically true.

The Zach Attack pickups are pure ear candy; they have an especially pleasing upper-midrange bite and amazingly tight low end that Seymour Duncan can only dream of. The tonal balance of the Zach Attack pickups is as close to perfect as I've ever heard. I know you took great pains to achieve this tone with your pickup manufacturer and I'm happy to say that your efforts paid off handsomely. The versatility of the pickup arrangement and coil splitting allows me to create various desirable single coil and humbucking tones. Yet the Z3-T sounds nothing like a Les Paul, Telecaster, Stratocaster, PRS, Jackson, or Hamer. With all due respect to the venerated guitar manufacturers who build these axes, the Z3-T sounds more musical. It also has, for lack of a better term, more balls. I understand that this is a completely subjective evaluation, but I believe that any accomplished player with educated ears would agree with this assessment.

And that brings me to an important observation: I don't think a player who lusts after mass-market guitar with less than five-plus years of playing experience is going to appreciate the differences between a Zachary guitar and the axe du jour. Quite simply, the more educated, experienced, and talented a player is, the greater will be his/her appreciation of the Zachary experience.

In sum, the Zachary Z3-T stands heads and shoulders above any guitar I've played or recorded. Of course, each player brings a unique tone to any guitar by virtue of his/her skill/technique/talent level, but I believe a Zachary guitar can bring out the finest in any competent player.

Bottom line: You'll just sound better playing a Zachary guitar. And that's as good as it gets.

Coyote Traxx   (professional guitarist, recording artist, producer, engineer)


Hi Alex, I must tell you...after recording with the Z3-T, I am even more impressed with this incredible instrument. It's really hard to believe a guitar can play and sound this good. It is a sheer joy to play and it sounds more impressive than any other guitar I've recorded. I am simply blown away which is near impossible to do! You've given a gift to all serious guitar players. I could go on but I'll save it for future correspondence! I see that you have a bass on the website that is not yet marked as sold or reserved. I would love to purchase it if it is still available.    Best regards, Coyote Traxx


I just won a major country songwriting competition with the incredible guitar you built for me. I've received numerous compliments on the sound (single coil in bridge and middle positions--hey, it's country!). Many thanks for building the finest guitar in the galaxy.   Best regards, C.T.

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