260501 (the first with ZachAttack pickups)

"Baby"               Bobby Simcox's first Zachary guitar

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
6 LB


Yo Alex! She's Here, Bro!!! Yippieeeee!!!!! She got here while I was out auditioning bass players. What a RUSH! Found the perfect bassist, and got the perfect Guitar! Damn, Bro, this neck really does make Ya want to run the whole fretboard. What a trip. And these p-us, Man , they sing, scream, cry, whisper, and everything in between. The sound is so crisp! Damn, now I'm really gonna scare the shit out of other guitar players. The articulation of my picking is so prevalent, and with only the smallest particle of pick noise. I've NEVER been able to accomplish that on any other guitar, and I'm talking clean and distorted. I mean it's almost all note! SCARY! And I'm talkin' scales, blues licks, six string arpeggios, the works. This Axe is FUCKING AWSOME!!!! You're the MASTER, Bro!!! There's so much life in this thing! It screams "PLAY ME!!!!!!" I've been playing Her for 5 hrs. straight and had to tear Myself away to write to Ya. I was exhausted when I got home but 5 hrs. later,I can still keep goin'. Anyhow, Bro, I'll letcha go now. I'm desperately in need of sleep. THX so much for this AWESOME LADY!!! She's A -#1 in my book. I can't wait to really cut loose on Sunday! Take care, Bro, I'll be in touch! Bobby (California)

Bobby Simcox playing "Baby" at a recent live show.

Beautiful single piece Walnut body


The neckjoint is tighter than a witches c--t


Wood coverplate

My famous 5 bolt neck joint. You can imagine the strength and the stability.

Handmade ZachAttack pickups

26 inch scale neck. Have you ever played one? You should. The tone is incredible.

Simple switching, single and humbucking option for both pickups.

Yo Alex! Hey, Bro, I hope You and Yours had a GREAT Christmas and New Year! Frankly, I'm just glad that 2001 is over. By the way, I just want to tell Ya that the #1 highlight of 2001 was finding You and buying "Baby"! Guitarmaggedon was a distant 2nd, but how can that compare to finding the Guitar You've always searched for and getting to know Her Creator. Anyhow, let Me know what Ya think. NAMM's commin' up and I can't wait! I'm hoping I can turn some GOOD musicians on to Yer Art. THX for thinkin' 'bout Me!!! Bobby

Perfect fretwork. Handshaping allows me to make it feel like a dream.