Zachary Custom Handcrafted Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar

260201         "The Pier 1 Z2"

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Gotoh Sealed
Super Distortion
5.5 lb


Its not that I like green guitars or the color green. Its just that I really like some of the wood furniture and trinkets that you find at Pier 1 Imports. They have this really nice dining room table with chairs finished in this classy transparent green color. For some reason I really liked it. I was inspired so much by this finish that I wanted to build a guitar that had that look. I think it worked out well. I really like this guitar and the color is one of the reasons.

This guitar is the companion to 151200 and it blows me away. The 26 inch scale is unmatched for tone. For the same reason that a grand piano has a huge sound compared to an apartment-size upright, this guitar has tremendous tone. Tons of sustain and a real definition to the notes. I can honestly say that there is no solidbody on the market that has a better tone than a 26" scale Zachary, or any Zachary for that matter. Can you imagine a product comparison or shoot-out in a guitar magazine. It would be more of a massacre than a comparison. They would never do it. The Zach would destroy all their heavy advertisers. You can tell how much respect I have for guitar magazines. About as much as I have for music store owners.
All I can say is that whoever ends up with this guitar is one lucky son of a bitch.

Korina body, Mahogany neck, Wenge fingerboard, DiMarzio Super Distortion and Fred pups, 26" scale.


Hi Alex, A friend of mine has one of your guitars which he loves very much. He turned me on to your site. Taking a look I was surprized to see your Pier 1 guitar. I actually have that dining set that you mentioned as inspiration for that color. Do you still have that guitar (260201) ? Please send me a demo tape if you still have any. I really like what you are doing.
Don't let the bastards get you down. -- Marc, Chicago, IL

Notice the black Ebony plugs. This is needed to support the neck screws in the very soft Korina.