Hi Alex, I got the guitar yesterday. Sorry it has taken so long to write back but I just can't seem to put the guitar down. It is an amazing guitar. All the great things I've heard about it really are true and then some. It has such a big yet clear sound and so much sustain. No matter how loud I play or how much distortion I use all the notes come out clearly, and like others have said, there is absolutely no muddiness. It doesn't go out of tune, even with insane whammy abuse. It was even perfectly in tune when I first played it. It is also the most versitile guitar I have played/owned, yet it still sounds very unique, very Zachary. It does play effortlessly, even with the .10 gauge set. I put .10s on my other guitars to get used to the feel, but this one seems to play much easier than the others do with .10s.

The most amazing and important thing about this guitar is that it is ALIVE. Right when I first saw it in person I realized why you are so personally attached to each guitar. It has a personality. It smells like a living tree. It has an individual character that is hard to describe. Most electric guitars have a dead feel because all the life has been processed out of them and any life that may be left is covered in thick paint. It was your philosophy that originally caught my interest and now that I have played a Zachary, I can see how it really comes through in the instrument. Thanks so much for creating a great "living" instrument.
Sincerely, Charles  (CA)                                  P.S. I haven't thought of a name yet. I'll let you know when I do.

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top - Quilt Maple, Paduak, Walnut
Back - Mahogany

Sealed Locking
6.3 lbs.

Hey Alex, This is Charles, the owner of 250204. I just thouht I'd say hi and let you know that I am still enjoying this guitar immensly. The only problem is that whenever I bring it anywhere (especially guitar center) everyone flips out and begs me to let them play it. I've attached a silly little thing I recorded recently for a class. It's supposed to be for a toy commercial. The new guitars seem great. Maybe someday I'll be able to buy another. Take care, Charles

Sound Files:

250204 01    Kidz On Skateboards

Anyway, cool that that dude got back to you. He can really play and your guitar is obviously kicking ass for him. It really works for the wailing hi-gain shred Satch/Vai thing. You can hear all the notes clearly and smoothly at the same time. Palm muting, sweeping, legato, whammy bar, long tones, it all sounds really well done. He can play. I think this mp3 is just more evidence of your skill as well. From dead clean to slight OD, hi gain, all styles of playing, jazz, shred, whatever the Zach just nails it (if the player can that is). Congrats. -Eli

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