Zachary Custom Handcrafted Electric Guitars, Bass Guitar


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Super Distortion
7 lb


This is the first time I ever used Purplehart. It is an extremely hard and brittle wood. Instead of cutting it, routers tend to rip chunks out of it. It is almost impossible to sand and kind of like making a guitar out of rock. Purplehart is very hard to work with but it does look wild however. This is the natural color of the wood. This guitar has not been stained. The holes help a lot by getting the weight of the guitar down to 7 lb. It is still a heavy guitar for me due to the maple neck as well. The Purplehart was not thick enough so I laminated it on to a fairly soft piece of Mahogany. It works well. It has lots of sustain and the notes are well defined and pure. It has a six bolt neck joint. This neck ain't going nowhere. The other interesting thing about this guitar is the 26" scale. This is a loooong neck. Its a concert classical guitar scale and most people have never played a scale this long on a guitar let alone an electric. There is lots of room for intricate chording and fingerstyle playing.

Quite interesting. Why be normal or build fender copies like most other so called "guitar makers"? Remember, Fender never built Fender copies.

Body: Purplehart and Mahogany      Neck: Maple      Fingerboard: Wenge 



I was going to write to you. I did get the guitar 2 days ago. It is absolutely wonderful. I showed it off to my older son tonight who said it was awesome. I love it. It is beautiful, it plays really well and has a very rich sound. It is an indescribable feeling having a guitar that doubles as a piece of art. I like the extended neck to play chords and individual notes at the high end.

I played it through two different Peavey amps. Both sounded great. Any amps that you recommend for your guitars? I am practicing every day now since my older son Brent is getting married on September 23rd and I am playing music while people cogregate prior to the ceremony. This is a big deal for me since I have refused to play in front of people for many years. The Purpleheart is guitar number 1 for my performance.

So bravo again. Now I keep thinking I should have another Zachary. There will be lots of musicians at the wedding so I can show off your guitars.

Thanks for your incredible gift as a master craftsman.
Regards, Bruce