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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Canary top, Maple back
Bois de Rose
8.1 lbs.


I had a conversation with Eli telling him about me getting a second Z, and one of his responses was; "...he is not lying when he says he makes them all for himself." I know that I'm getting a sweet guitar. I already am constantly reminded of that fact with my walnut. If you remember you kept it for about 5 months after you made it and marked it as NFS. Probably felt the same about that one too. Too good to sell. You decided to sell it and I hopped on it. I almost begged you to sell it to me. I pleaded to you that I needed one. Glad I did.   Z. Fenner


Ok...finally have a second to sit and tell you all about this guitar. I picked it up Tuesday. Good thing I had the tracking # and watched it like an obsessive mom waiting for her child to come home from college for the first time. The people at UPS did not call me nor did I receive an email as promised. Dicks.

I am going to try to refrain from comparing this guitar to my walnut...although it is easier, I will try to describe it in a way to preserve it's own integrity. Upon opening the case I of course got the 'whoa' factor of 10. Although you take great pains to photograph your instruments for the world to see, nothing is like seeing these guitars in person. The guitar is absolutely striking in appearance. Shocking even. The color combinations are artistically and aesthetically pleasing and the neck it begging to be torn up. It is an animal.

So....now I play.... ...it is noticeably heavier than my other Z2. (ahh..comparison!) One pound makes a difference. Playing acoustically, the guitar has amazing resonance and tone. Thick as a brick. Lots of nice bass response even on the high end. The neck is nicely carved and it is quite easy to keep my thumb stable underneath the curvature. The action, is of course perfect and it is just simply the easiest guitar to play. No effort at all. Scales, arpeggios, sweeping, tapping all brain to fingers with no interference.

I now really understand the purpose of scale length. It all depends on height/body type. If I was taller, the 25.5 or 26 would be preferable, but let me tell you, being 5'10", this 25 is absolutely perfect for my body. WAY comfortable. Strapped on, the extra weight makes the guitar sit like a rock and the scale length is exactly where my body needs it to be to play without any strain on my back, shoulder and wrist. AND it is easier to do blues bending and country licks.

Let me tell you, this is one SERIOUS instrument. Serious. I took it to rehearsal the same night I bought it. Plugged into my Zachary pedal and Fender DLX amp, and the tone on this guitar is THICK. Punchy all over and NOT wimpy or muddy on the low end or high end. Having played on a Z for almost 4 years, I was able to rip on it without having to 'get used to it' at all. It feels so SOLID. Yes, solid. This is no pussy guitar. It has balls for sure. Eli, as both of us suspected, it is similar to Shadow. They would almost be sister guitars. My bandmates commented on how thick and WOODY it sounds. The trem is way responsive and the tuning stability is spot on. Got to play with all the tonal variations and I must say I love every combination. No need for a tone control on this one at all. It is not pingy or too bright. Just the right richness and balance.

I had to laugh a few times as we played...looking down at the guitar, realizing what I was playing and how amazing it looks, plays, feels, and sounds. I know why you didn't want to sell it. Surely it is one of your best. It growls and sings. It can be nasty and devastating or warm and gentile. It's name is Tiger.   
Zach Fenner

Thank you for upgrading the trem bar and the volume knob. I also noticed last night that the 'top' of the guitar is actually 4 pieces of wood. It is obvious from the pics on your site that the back is 4 pieces, but not so obvious for the top...unless you're really looking. you can only really tell from the sides that there are different pieces. Unreal work, Alex. I have let quite a few people play it including students and band mates and everyone is impressed. They all notice your attention to detail and hand craftsmanship. This is one of the best electric guitars ever made. It squawks like Page's tone and is smooth as glass if you want the David Gilmour tone. Or crank the overdrive and you get Van Halen. All in one guitar...pure bliss for the player.       Zach Fenner

Fenner just sent me an email which said something very accurate:
"Brush it lightly and it sounds like a lyre, hit it hard and you've got the thickest electric guitar sound known to mankind."
I have noticed the exact same thing.     Eli Friedmann

Gigged twice with my Tiger this weekend and it was great. Great sustain. Cuts like a hot knife through butter and easy to pour your emotions into. Z. Fenner


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