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240500    (Mimi)

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Air Classic,
Virtual P90
5.5 lb


This colorful D1 reminds me of Mimi from the Drew Carry show. I have always had a crush on Mimi, so I created a guitar in her spirit. The Ikea, 9 piece, private stock, AAAAA, Knotty Pine top adds to that wonderful cheesy character. I also love the awkward looking white pickguard with the pinstriping.

This guitar has a fatter neck then what I usually make and it feels great. The tone is extremely resonant and very acoustical unplugged, more so than any guitar that hangs at your favorite guitar shop. This open resonance and healthy vibrant tone can also be heard through the amp. The sound is full, thick and warm.

I have uncovered yet another new nut material, which I will never disclose. This material is the most slippery substance on earth. You stretch your strings, tune them and never have to tune again, no matter how hard you play. I am not exaggerating. Forget about graphite this and that, you can't compare it to the stuff I got. Its called the "Mission Impossible Nut", the demonstration of it on my video is truly amazing. If I sold this nut separately I would become rich and famous but that won't help me get to heaven.

Neck - Maple                               Body - Knotty Pine              Fingerboard - Maple
Frets - Train Tracks                    Pickups - DiMarzio Air Classic neck, Virtual P90 bridge          Scale - 25.5"


Is this guy cool or what?

She arrived safely. I've only played her for a few minutes, but she feels like an old friend. The unplugged tone is warm and resonant like an old well played jazz box. She's actually a lot smaller than I imagined. I was worried that the neck might be too big, but it is astonishingly comfortable. I can't wait to get home and plug her in. am I her first owner? It's hard to believe that such an awesome work of art would go unappreciated for five years! I'm glad she was waiting for me to discover her. Thank you Alex, your artistry is beyond my clumsy words.... Chris (MO)

I've had Mimi for a month and a half, and I literally have played her everyday. I LOVE that guitar! The neck feels so perfect. The other day I played a friends guitar (a Rickenbacker) for a few minutes and the neck felt so...WRONG...it also felt like it might break in half at any minute...but back to Mimi, I'm amazed at the range of tones your switching system gets. Also, she seems to have a symbiotic relationship with my amplifier (a THD Flexi 50). I couldn't be happier.   Thanks again, Chris (MO)

Salutations Master Craftsman,
I too am a Zachary. I am certain that with your keen eye you have discoverd that the last name is Gray, in between there is an Allen which is funny, because that is defined as "Harmony" in some circles. Mom said that she knew my name before I was born, that my name was chosen by God, and given to her. I believe that Mimi and I have somehow or another met before. Perhaps She went by the name Timberley Woods. None the less for a youngster hillbilly from the backwoods (see attached) such as myself she appeared to be solid with great lines and a bit of an attitude, or flair all her own. She certainly appears to be built with someone a bit out of the ordinary in mind. Besides the obvious celibration of the discovery of this previously unobtainable material, may I ask what inspired such a whimsical delivery? She's a knockout. The scooter's not bad either. Makes me want to take down Dad's old western Flyer with headlights and get her looking good again. Never surender,    Zach in Dallas

Timberley Woods, maybe, in another life. I don't know where Mimi came from. She just came to me one day as an inspiration. I wanted something comical, yet serious under that cheesy makeup. You describe Mimi perfectly. I don't know where these guitars come from. Heck I don't even consider myself a guitar builder or a woodworker. Its like its not me doing it. I just woke up one day and had a calling to do it. This proves you need to know nothing and its better if you don't. I do it by intuition, by instinct. You however do need to have someone whisper things in your ears and guide your hands and give you the strength to keep going. I hope I continue to get this guidance because I am nothing without it. Alex

Hey Alex, I recorded a solo album (me playing all the instruments & singing) that's available for free download here: http://deadlanguagerecords.com/christophertrull.html every speck of guitar, except the slide guitar on track nine, was done with Mimi. Musically, it may not be your style, but I thought you might dig hearing what one of your 'kids' was up to. Chris

The guy who got Mimi is really cool. Those songs are well done and the “clang” of the guitar is right on. It is a cool combination of guitar vibes from low-fi punk to early King Crimson era Fripp.   Eli

The new guitars look amazing...especially Ianeke. I LOVE the idea of a Zach forum. Fun times, that would be, I'm sure. Mimi's still wonderful. I played a show the other day with a band I've known for a long time. During soundcheck, the guitarist in the other band came running up to the stage because he HAD to know what guitar I was playing. He said it sounded "like bells". Here's a photo from that show (I'm whistling, that's why I have such an odd look on my face)...and one of the whole band too, keep it up... Chris


The following four pics are of this guitar and the way it looks in January 2012, played and enjoyed for over 10 years after it was made.

Chris, Mimi's owner has this to say.

hey, i just saw your new ZT (101211) & felt compelled to write. i love that guitar. it reminds me a lot of mine (Mimi) because it's a bare bones rock machine, with some hip 50's/60's styling. it's like a tricked out vintage muscle car.

anyway, i hope you're doing well. i still play Mimi every chance i get. i've actually thought about taking some photos to send you so you can see how daily play has aged her. there's definitely signs of being 'well loved' & the colors have muted noticeably, but she still plays wonderfully & looks great. I was just marveling at the fact that the sticker accents on the pickguard have lasted so long - it's pretty amazing. also, i realized what it was about that new ZT that reminded so much of MIMI - the pine body & maple neck! look at the grains in the wood of both guitars - totally similar! they're like sisters!      best,   chris


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