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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top: Soft Maple

Back: Mahogany

Gotoh Sealed

Dual Size

24 Large/Mediaum

A3 7.6

A5 8.9
8.1 lb

Nash Guitars

Alex, It is always difficult to pick which Z model I love best. In the end, I love them all and they trample underfoot anything else that's out there. I get around town quite a bit and play all the guitars I can get my hands on and play with equipment to no end. I don't know why I do this really. In the past, it was always because I simply love music and I love guitars and want to be a part of it all and to try all the goodies and enjoy myself. But as of the last year or so, I go to experiment with other equipment to challenge myself to find something better than Z Gear.

I simply can't find any.

The first time I saw your latest invention, 240107, I was listening to Led Zeppelin and the "Trampled Underfoot" song came cutting through the air. When Bonzo kicked in after the intro, the name hit me like a ton of lead. 240107 is another great Zachary Optimum Guitar I like to call, Trampled Underfoot.   Perfect!

Pagey only dreams of playing guitars like the ones I have, like Poisian and Chinta. I trample Pagey's tone underfoot. My friend loved the ZOG 9z I gave him. I played his Strat after he loaded them with the ZOG and he's a big fan now.

Keep on rockin',    Ted Noiz

Alex, just opened the case and felt her.....I will be up all night with this guitar. I am at a loss for words. I am stunned at the quality!!!!
I have been playing for 40 yrs. and I have never seen a guitar like this... I will report back after I play her for a while!!!!   Thank you so much, Larry!!!!...

I just want to say this is the finest guitar I have ever played. I don't spell to well but I will be writing a full review shortly. Maybe you will post it??? for now I will just sum it up this way, anyone that would buy any other guitar than a Zach is an Idiot, or just don't know about your work......Larry (IL)   (owner)

Review-Zachary Z3...I own and work this guitar on stage 2 to 4 nights a week...I got Alex's site one night when I was on the web...I typed in "the best guitars in the world"...just to see what would pop up...I drove Alex crazy for a while but he hung in with me anyway...I don't know why...I now own his Z3 #240107 called "Jan".

Here is my review....as brief as I can make it...finish, pure wood I can't describe how great this ax looks...but looks is not why I bought this guitar...intonation perfect as a guitar can be...i use an old con strobe and I can't find any flaw......the pattern is clear, which means that the Zach attack pic-ups are perfect...I use only tube amps and the tone of this ax blows me away. I have owned Fenders, Hammers, Gibsons, Carvins etc etc, bla, bla, bla....by the way, what is a PRS ?

Stay in tune??? ...I used to have to tune after every set, so my 15 min break was cut short....not any more!!!!!!!! gives me a chance to mingle with the crowd....single and double coil switching----why carry around more than one guitar? This guitar gives me the country, rock, blues sounds all in one ax......this is a godsend for rooms that require all types of music for their venue. Ever unloaded for a gig? Less is better...The neck is the most playable I have got my hands on ever, and I have been playing for 40 yrs.....thanks for building this fine instrument for me Alex....Larry Marsh (IL)

I am off tonight but have a gig Sat.....I don't no how to spell keeeyokie, but these club owners are into that trash....so sad....we have a lot of work coming in March.......anyway just wanted to touch base with you and let you know I love my guitar....the action of this axe neck is so fucking good .... I will think of my guitar builder tomorrow night when I am playing.......keep up the good work and make more pro's as happy as I am.....larry....

Larry Marsh in action

Nash Guitars

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