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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Wiring Neck Joint

Top: Canary

Back & Sides: Soft Maple


Vintage Kluson-Style

*Dual Size
A3 - 7.5

Zachary T
A5 - 10
3-way toggle, Master Volume
Master Tone,
Coil Switch for Neck
6.25 lb


Hi Alex, It got here in good shape I opened it up immediately and its phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal, phenomenal to look at, phenomenal to smell and most importantly phenomenal to play.

My wife has not seen me, only heard me. It is absolutely beautiful - sight and sound. It is everything I hoped and expected, and more. Handcrafted is definitely the correct term. All the pictures on your website show your work very favourably, but it is not until one holds your work one's hands that the true genius, and meticulous hand shows to its fullest. In short, I love it.

The weight, or lack thereof, is astonishing. The contours, the finish give it a soft, yielding, responsive feel that is underscored by solid, precise construction. Sophisticated simplicity. The tones are legion. You can produce so much. And you are right Alex, the ZachAttack can produce almost a jazz tone. The sustain is eternal, all tones are clear, bell like and beautiful. The fretboard and neck is easy to access and very comfortable.

The case fits fantastically. This is the only guitar I own that is placed back in its case after every use. The guitar also has a really cool spicy smell to it. A feast for all senses except taste. (I'm not going to lick it).

I'm sure I could say more, and will as the discovery continues, but suffice it to say, I knew intellectually and by gut that your work is superior, but now I understand it fully. There is no other guitar to compare to. Thanks again Alex. I was tempted to send a quick note to you day one, but I wanted to get past the initial surprise and joy, play for a bit a give you some real feedback. The feedback is still gushing.
All the best.    Scott (AB, Canada)


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