Zachary Custom Electric Guitars



Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Black Walnut
Black Walnut
6.5 lbs.


I finished this guitar yesterday and played it looking for flaws. I couldn't fine any. My playing sucks and my limitations really show up. The capabilities of this guitar are beyond what I am capable of, considering I am somewhat out of shape right now. This is another stunt guitar, so your technique better be good. This guitar is a magic tool capable of tremendous possibilities, so it should be used to its fullest capacity.

Here I introduce ZachAttack pickups with Ceramic magnets, unlike the original ZachAttacks with Alnico magnets. The tremolo setup is out of this world. I would have never believed anyone a few years ago that a non-locking system can stay perfectly in tune. I am even surprised myself. It must be the work of God because the wisdom just came to me out of thin air. Am I a genius? Should I be rich and famous? Should I have Pamela Anderson and get to fondle her silicone breasts implants? I think so. Yes to all of the above. Most definitely.

Who else has a better tremolo setup? The Mission Impossible nut is a pure miracle. What kind of a moron would play a guitar with a Floyd. Answer me that Steve Vai.

Its all here folks. Don't even bother going to any more music stores. They have nothing, just crap (I equate it to greasy junkfood). Don't bother watching any "rockstars" they're misguided and clueless Don't talk to any guitar shop owners, they will just force stinking shit down your throat and be proud of themselves for doing it and don't even get me started on Guitar Player Magazine. I'll shoot it out with any CNC machine they can throw at me. Have the balls GPM, if you can play worth two shits (which I doubt) then take this baby for a spin. She will just leave you whimpering lame-ass pussy boys.

Its all here folks. Now, do you have the balls?


Some of the close-ups of this guitar look really sexual to me. The imagery is suggestive in a symbolic sense.
Yes, this is a very different guitar website.


Wow, a psychologist could really do an analysis of me just by looking at my work.


Your wife, girlfriend or both will not stop looking at this image.


Is it just that I am a sick bastard or does this tremolo cavity look pornographic?