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220400      (Bug Infested)

I am really proud that this guitar was purchased by Bobby Simcox. It truly is a killer instrument and if you have not been exposed to any guitar other then what you can buy at a music store, you have no conception of what this instrument is like. I was very anxious to use this wood as nature created it. I just thought it was so unique, it totally turned me on. It sounds as great as it looks. The very porous Korina body along with the light Mahogany neck makes it a very resonant guitar. It is very loud acoustically and you can feel it vibrate against your body. It is also very light weight. I was striving for that aggressive look with the three pickups. The three pickup combinations, since they can all be switched into single coil mode, give a whole palette of nuances in tonal variation. Again, I am happy it went to a great player who can use her to full potential.

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Bug Infested


Virtual P90,

Super Distortion

4.5 lb

(keep this guitar away from woodpeckers)

Korina body, Walnut neck, Ebony fingerboard,
Super Distortion, Fred and Virtual P90 pickups.

This guitar is unique in that the Korina body is almost as soft as Balsa wood and it is full of little holes and channels made by, I believe, worms or insects. The neck is asymmetrical in shape, meaning that the back of the neck is lopsided. There is more wood on the right side of the neck than on the left side. It is not a perfect C shape. Its more like a V on the thumb side and a C on the fingers side.

The switching is accomplished with three on/off switches (one for each pickup) and one coil-splitter switch for all three pickups. Yes, there are many tone variations. Some subtle and some more pronounced. This guitar has very wide jumbo bass guitar frets and the action is extra low. If you are a speed daemon, this is the guitar for you. You can reach unbelievable speeds on this neck. You will impress anyone who hears you play. Tuning is incredible. After you stretch the strings, you will not have to tune it for a long time, no matter how hard you play. One hell of a cool guitar and incredibly light. And I almost forgot, better than any guitar you have ever played, unless its a Zachary.


hey! that 220400 is AWESOME man.......when i saw it i knew it was me. crooked and warped and beautiful. *G* how much? I'm seriously interested. (and that's RARE!). You make great looking creatures!    Thanks, Rick Stone