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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top: Figured Hard Maple

Back & sides: Padauk

*Dual Size
TV Jones Classic Filtertron set

Knobs: Mag Volume, Mag Tone, Piezo Volume


3-way Piezo/Both/Mag

3-way Mag pickup select

2-way Preamp true bypass

ZOG 10+ RW
7.85 lb

with case

Nor For Sale


So... do you think its hard to qualify for a Zachary Guitar? Well... its NOT. What is truly hard is to qualify for is this Beauty, who's name is Carolyn. So what's a guy like me to do? Given my abilities; build a guitar in her image. This instrument is the result of it. Talk about a bitter-sweat motivator. Art is only a surrogate for unrealized love. Art is the work of frustrated individuals. Is art even possible without having voids? If you are a content, well adjusted individual, you will be able to create nothing. Don't even try, the arts are not for you. You have nothing to say. Frustration is my motivation and drive but it can certainly be painful. Like fine wine, this instrument is all about class and sophistication but also with a generous amount of female cruelty thrown in, along with the beauty. Beauty and cruelty mixed together is lethal and can destroy even the strongest of men. You will agree that there is no pain like it when you want someone so much but can't have her. I lay my heart and emotions down in front of you Carolyn. I hope you see this and have a change of heart and for that matter, come to your senses. In the meantime, I will make love to you every time I play this instrument because this guitar IS phenomenal and this instrument is YOU. Thanks for the painful inspiration Carolyn.   With all my love,  Alex

This has a Gretsch vibe to it. It feels and sounds like a Gretsch. The Padauk body was a very heavy piece and had to be hollowed out, which made the weight just perfect. There is also a lot of sustain to this guitar. A combination of the dense body wood, the heavy stiff Maple/Padauk neck with the hard Ebony board and my hardtail bridge. The GraphTech saddles have been custom chosen for varying volume output to balance and even-out the volume between the strings due to varying string pressure on the saddles. As you know I look after details which most would not even be aware of. Unlike the standard Piezo wiring, I always include a Piezo bypass switch which totally bypasses the preamp. These Piezo systems are designed so the mag pickups also go through the preamp at all times, strange? but the preamp darkens the mag sound. That would not suffice for me standards. Mags through the preamp is a good option if you do want a darker mag tone, especially if you have no tone control but not if you want the pure unadulterated, true mag tone, which should not be denied any guitar or player. The Piezo bypass switch also cuts the battery power to the preamp, so no power is wasted when only the magnetic pickups are being used. In keeping aesthetic and stylistic consistency, the exact Gretsch pickguard shape was used for the Bakelite pickguard. This is the same material used on the earliest Fender Telecasters. This instrument is a unique creation in every way.


By the way, love your style! Reading your brilliant (and VERY informative) texts,    Marcel
One thing comes to mind: Bill Hicks' "Play from your fucking heart!!!"

That is one of the most strikingly beautiful guitars I have ever seen. I was thinking that I would not need another guitar but one like that would sure tempt me to part with the coin. Amazing detail and beautiful woods. I would bet the tone is remarkable. Such an interesting combination of badass and bling. That laminated neck is just ridiculous it is so cool. Looking forward to hearing some sounds. Like always an amazing display of artistry. That thing has gotta have some bark to it. Very interested in seeing how mellow and bluesy that neck pickup can sound. Hey that top wood is almost good enough for a PRS (wink).   Frank Baker

Your guitars are beautiful and I cannot decide which I would want more, this girl or this guitars
I am leaning more toward a Zachary I think, even if its just a one night stand.      Boris Moore

Carolyn is one astounding guitar. Congratulations. I really appreciate the component and progress photos. Shows me you had a clear line of sight on this piece from the out set.
Fantastic.      Regards,  Scott

That Carolyn chick is very hot. She and your new axe bear quite a striking resemblance. They're both perfect.
I feel better when there's more than one girl in the mix. Lol. Maybe that's why I need to own so many Zz.   Ted

Hi Alex, Wow, glad to finally see the new Z posted on your site. I figured something good was brewing.....
That is one beautiful piece of work. That Padauk has such a deep, rich color to it. Goes great with the maple. I'm not so familiar with those Filtertron pickups but seems you like the TV Jones lineup for your guitars. Definitely looking forward to hear how this one sounds. The semi hollow body must give it a very full bodied tone.
And with the variety of tones....... wow, probably not much you can't do with this one.
And, please fill me in on the neck profile - not sure if it is very different from what you have done before or it's just a camera perspective thing?   Best,   Mark

I have been watching your guitars since I found you online many years ago.
I find your design to be wonderfully refreshing and continually maturing (in a very good way indeed)
You see wood in a similar way to how I see it , and your ability to come up with designs that have a real 'feel' for the concept is astounding .
Live long and prosper !           Roger B

I just reviewed Carolyn. Ouch. If a person could extricate heart and soul and manifest it physically, outside the body, I think this would be the closest thing to that. Congratulations. Scott


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