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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Wiring Neck Joint

Top: Possibly Koa?
with Figured Maple

Back: Soft Maple

with low B

*Dual Size

Compound Radius

Air Norton

Tone Zone
Volume, Tone,

5-Way Rotary Switch
9.25 lb


5-way switch
1 - Neck humbucker,   2 - Neck single coil,   3. - Both on single coil,   4. - Bridge single coil,   5. - Bridge humbucker


Sorry to make everyone wait this long for the pics. I wrote a commentary for this page and it was supposed to be about 2 paragraphs and I just kept editing and adding stuff and it turned into a major dissertation. I still did not finish it, so instead of waiting longer I just left it for a later time. In fact, I hope to have it uploaded on the Zach Perspective page in the next few days.       Players Wanted!


Incredible Creation!

What a beautiful instrument. A commitment to functionality. Natural beauty without excess. Of course it speaks as a players guitar. Based on our recent discussions, I assume you have built this with me in mind, and you are going to allow me to buy it. If not I will be quite disappointed. The obvious refinements in the guitar, the polished string retainer, the 7 way switch. The woods should produce incredible tone. The soft back. Absolutely lovely grain pattern matching the body curve. Quite brilliant and you once again have raised the bar. I won't make cute comments about how it is a weapon of sonic destruction, I will simply wait for the opportunity to wield it and let people judge this guitar as well as my ability to use it as intended, and as I can envision.

Once again you are able to read my mind with regard to building an instrument that is just fancy enough not to be mistaken for just a shiny toy.

Pickups are an interesting choice, and should be a nice contrast to my existing Z with the Zach Attacks. I have not played these pickups before but I do know that they are highly regarded and are used by people who are getting the kind of tone I am looking for. On your Z they will be incredible. Kind of fooled me with our discussion about those pickups.

Likely to be a critical guitar in my recording and performance set now with the Z2 and F1. You won't be disappointed with the music it will make when I play it. Waiting for it is going to be more difficult now that I have seen it!

Thanks much for the opportunity to own another of your creations. Also the camera work is perfection as well.                Frank Baker

Alex, I just saw the new Z3-7, WOW!! Absolutely beautiful. Hope you put it on your Soundfiles page...can't wait to hear how it plays.
Anyway, just wanted to let you know I think you've created another fine masterpiece. Tom

What a stunning guitar, the Z3 shape looks really good with the wider 7 string neck. Love the black hardware on bare wood front and back. Your guitars look like they beg to be played and will truly inspire those who play them, lest they feel unworthy. The neck heel and the attachment screws have a look of true artwork, makes me want to steal, beg or borrow to get a Z of my own. I have been drooling over this guitar-porn site for years and thought I would throw you some well deserved kudos for all the hard (art)work. The Z headstock design is still the best looking and most practical with it's Zachary Z fire-branded for all to see. Love the body brand too, it just makes sense on oiled wood. Killer sound from hearing the mp3's on the site and links. I am most impressed with each guitar's acoustic sound. Also, you have truly taken the Telecaster into the future with the F1, while retaining it's signature sound. My dream guitar though is a Z2T with Walnut neck and body, Ebony fingerboard and black hardware, ZachAttacks and locking tuners. Oh, and a screwed neck, as only you can do. Great work Alex and thanks for all the different angles in the photos. Mike S. (Bedford,NH)

Another beast is born.    Eli

OMFG, another 7!
Alex, long time! I hope you are doing well. I was wondering when you would do another 7.
I play mine 060807 everyday. Absolutely continue to love it. Anyway, I still prefer the Z2 body but that's me.   Best, Dave

Don't confuse yourself with the guys making product. You make art. It is not the same. Nobody can build a guitar to touch yours. Its not like assembling parts guitars. Sure you could make them nicer with great fretwork and perfect intonation, but a Z is way beyond a parts guitar. Thank you for that! Funny thing about your guitars is that a lot of people who appreciate them as art and are not good users of the tool are forbidden to own them, just as a lot of people who would use them as a tool are not appreciative of the art because it is outside of their expectations and comfort level. Art is like that. Like we said its not run like a business. You should stop being pissy at the guitar companies who are running a business. They are just exploiting guitar consumers who you hate anyway. You COULD do that too if you wanted too, but you would not like it.   Frank B.

Alex, Beautiful new 7 string sound machine you've created there. With the hard tail and 26" scale it is really going to sustain and ring. The woods are fabulous - it does look like Koa on the top and I really like that soft maple you are using on some of the backs. It will sound killer with the pickups you've selected for it too. I'm still challenged by 6 strings so I don't know what I'd do with 7 of them, but I'm sure Frank will put them to good use. He must be going crazy waiting for that to show up at his door. Mark


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