Brian Moore Custom Guitars

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Soft Maple
Pau Ferro
7.7 lbs.

I like this latest guitar and the way it plays. It has a huge sound. Its very much like an acoustic guitar with a solid body. The strings really vibrate and sustain, unlike all the thin, buzzy sounding things you usually buy at a guitar store. They have no sound to start with. Its a 26" scale so it would be great for certain types of players. There is a lot of room on the fingerboard and with 10s or 11s it would be a dream for anyone using alternate tunings when they are tuning down as I do . Normally, I would not attempt alternate tunings on a short scale guitar like a 24.75". This guitar would also work fine with thinner strings such as 9s and even 8s. Are you listening Yngwie? You would not have to tune the guitar much either.

Bobby Simcox says that it looks too much like a Carvin with the rounded horns. He hates Carvin guitars ever since he tried them at last year's NAMM show. It does look somewhat like a Carvin but I like to experiment sometimes with different looks, especially when I am not building a guitar for anyone in particular, it gives me the freedom to try new things. Many times I never even know what the guitar will turn out to be like until the end. This one has rounded edges but the shapes are always identical. This Z3 has an identical shape to every other Z3 and its interesting how the shape of the edges will change the whole look of the guitar.

The guitar was supposed to be all blue but I thought that was a bit boring so I made it fade from blue to green. I wanted to mimic some of these fancy new car paintjobs, which change color depending on how much light there is and how the sun hits it. This guitar does not change color but it sort of looks that way. You probably have never seen a "blue to green" sunburst before. Its unique and that's the whole idea of having a Zachary guitar. Most importantly, the finish is not a surface finish and its soaked into the wood.

Brian Moore Custom Guitars