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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
(White Mahagony)
(one piece)
624 mm
Gotoh Sealed

*Dual Size

Compound Radius
7.25" - 12"

Zachary P90

3-way sellector + Phase switch

6.3 lb
$ 2400

Here is an example of a lucky mistake. I actually experience a lot of these, its what makes me grow in what I do. The creativity comes in when I need to come up with the solutions, to save the day. So far the results have been amazing and its one of the main reasons you see what you see on this site.

I almost swallowed my heart when it happened. I had two necks that I decided to finish sizing by using a new technique, which I thought would work just great if I was careful. I had the machine all set up to shave just a touch from the width of the necks. I mean microscopic amount. It looked to me that it was not cutting so I kept shaving the necks and then finally decided to measure them with the digital calipers. Then it happened. You know the feeling. When I got the reading I almost died. I went too far on both necks and the necks were now way too narrow. How could I ever use them? I only make wide necks. What do I do now? These were beautiful necks. One of them Rosewood and the other Padauk. I just could not live with myself knowing I had wasted these wonderful and special necks. So I contemplated what to do while sweating like crazy.

I decided I was going to change my plans for these two guitars. I would not build what I set out to build. I would change my Zachary model, use a narrower bridge and just persevere. I would stick it out to the end and see what happened. I had a real challenge on my hands. Since there are a lot of people waiting for their Zachary guitars, it was definitely a diversion and its now what I had in mind for any of them but I had to do it and do it fast for my own piece of mind. I had to save these two necks and prove to myself that I did not fuck up. After all I am the best electric guitar maker in the world. Its a bar I set myself and must exceed it every time. Its a lot of pressure I put on myself with each guitar but when I drop my drawers every month for the world to see, my work must live up to expectations, most importantly my own.
So I worked like mad and built a guitar which I would build for myself at this time actually. Might as well. I love P90s, I love the wraparound bridge, I love a Rosewood neck and I love a simple guitar. This guitar is also light weight at 6.3 lbs. with feather light aluminum knobs, bridge and strap buttons. So despite how behind I am with my orders, I wanted to prove that these necks were not wasted. I worked hard and I worked fast, because I was so anxious and curious to see what would turn out.
Here is the result. The neck dimension at the bridge is 42.6 mm, instead of my trademark 45.5 mm. The neck width and string spacing is like on a standard Gibson. It is highly playable, totally inviting and the tone is as good as God can create. I did it...I built one of the best guitars I ever made and I totally look forward to playing it every night, considering I am the most jaded individual when it comes to guitars. I like it so much I just cannot let it go.


An odalisque was not a concubine of the harem, but it was possible that she could become one. Odalisques were ranked at the bottom of the social stratification of a harem, serving not the sultan, but rather, his concubines and wives as personal chambermaids. Odalisques were usually slaves given as gifts to the sultan, although some Georgian and Caucasian families urged their daughters to enter a harem as an odalisque, hoping that they might become a palace concubine, favored slave, or wife of the sultan.

Generally, an odalisque was never seen by the sultan, but instead remained under the direct supervision of the Valide sultan (mother of a ruling sultan in the Ottoman Empire). If an odalisque was of extraordinary beauty or had exceptional talents in dancing or singing, she would be trained as a possible concubine. If selected, an odalisque trained as a concubine would serve the sultan sexually, and only after such sexual contact would she change in status, becoming thenceforth a concubine. In the Ottoman Empire, concubines encountered the sultan only once—unless she was especially skilled in dance, singing, or the sexual arts, and thus gained his attention. If a concubine's contact with the sultan resulted in the birth of a son, she would become one of his wives.

Good Evenin Wonderful Alex, Beautiful Guitar, Pictures, and Story! I wish You a good night and pleasant dreams. PeaceLoveRoger

As you all know I think simple is where it is at.....and this guitar is a stripped down monster. I also think that even tho I now consider the wide Z neck to be the proper neck....I am sure that playing in the hendrix style with the thumb way over the top of the neck will be great on this narrower neck. Enjoy that Alex. Eli


Nice save, it's a beautiful guitar. I am sure you made no mistakes though. This guitar was meant to be so your subconscious took over and forced you to create it. From the pics it looks like you got that nice low action also; makes for fast playing and smooth as silk. This guitar has Creamy white smooooooth skin and long dark hair. I'm in Love. Reminds of a beautiful woman like this one. Eagle


You know this IS a great comparison. The actress above is to women like a Z is to guitars. At least on appearance. I don't know how she plays, and I would bet none of us would qualify to play her. Well at at least I am speaking only for myself.
And you think it is difficult to get a Z?

Frank Baker









But just as a thought, perhaps this is the woman who is to women like a PRS is to guitars:

PRS, the Britney Spears of Guitars.

Frank Baker







Amazing guitar. Interesting story. It needs no excuses whatsoever. As much as you will enjoy it, I am quite certain you could easily sell it. Lots of guys would like the narrow neck. Depends a lot on your hands. I am sure it sounds sweet. Frank

Damn I missed the unveiling! Sometimes the best of the best come from "mistakes". Maybe subconsciously you needed to reward yourself for all the work. And another original is born. I'm so glad to have an Z2-SP already. I know exactly how good that thing sounds. The rosewood neck is a real heartbreaker and the contrast is downright scary. Congrats! Tony

Alex, Just saw the new '500th' guitar. I was admiring the black hardware against the white mahogany body (really starting to like those wraparound bridges!), but when I scrolled down far enough to get a good look at the rosewood neck I was like "Wow!". That's just like the neck on my Z but slightly scaled down and goes great with the rest of the guitar. I just love mine - it really makes the guitar - it's no wonder you were desperate to save it!! Overall, a deceptively simple, sleek, and dangerous looking guitar and I'm sure it sounds great. Mark Miller

I will play it for a few days unplugged.......After then it will be time to electrify........
Thanks for all your hard work and time. I am sure the new pickups will sing the blues.
You know Alex.......This guitar,,,,,,,,, #200708 was meant to be mine......... My birthday is July 20 th,,,, that is when this guitar was born.
So there you go...................... Need I say anymore...................Check you soon.....       Regards,  Billy

Received guitar in excellent condition. It is insane. Resonates great. Neck feels and plays wonderful.
It was no mistake when the neck was cut slightly thinner. This guitar is what it should be and more. Rosewood neck feels dynamite.
I will be electrifying on Saturday. Can't thank you enough for letting me purchase this guitar.    Regards, Billy


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