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Maggie (Magster)   - 27 frets, dual fret size

The Bobby Simcox Signature Model

You know, Bro, as far as the Busywood goes, I want that Monster to sound as AWESOME as possible!!! Do whatever You need to do. Longer scale, shorter scale, larger frets, smaller frets, smaller radius, longer radius, ZachAttacks or DiMarzios, Bro, it don't matter to Me! I want this Baby to be the BEST You've ever made!!! I Want You to be the PROUDEST DADDY alive!!! I'm gonna call Her MAGGIE!!!! That's Female and Short for ARMAGEDDON!!! She's gonna be My ARMAGEDDON AXE!!!! I want guitar players 'round the world to See and Hear Her, and SHIT their pants, QUAKE in FEAR, and LOVE every DAMN FUCKING Minute of it!!! In other words, just do whatcha usually do!


Yo Alex! MAGSTER RISING! And ALEX said, "LET THERE BE MAGGIE", and it was so. And She was FUCKING AWESOME, and the world was thrown into the GREAT ZACHARY DELIVERANCE!!! Ooops, Sorry, Bro! There I go again. Let's get this SHOW ON THE ROAD!!!! Ya, send Me the pics, 'cause I'm gonna put 'em on My Guitwar profile pg and let those folks eyes BLEED. The time to VANQUISH the Dread PMS, Over Blown PORKER, and the Marginal IBENHAD, is NIGH!!!! Let's Fuck 'em Up, Bro!!!! THX!!!! Bobby

I hope you have a cable connection. There are a lot of pics.

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint Color
Busywood top, Mahogany back
Maple, Purplehart
Sealed Locking
Huge + Medium
6.5 lbs.

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June 21. 2002
Well here it is finally. The Bobby Simcox signature model. Go ahead and check it out. Unlike a computer, my brain advances with each guitar. I find new, more efficient and more clever ways of doing things. This guitar is a good example of this progress. I want to get to the point where I can build these guitars intuitively almost without effort. This process is dynamic and alive, unlike a lifeless computerized machines which makes lifeless guitars. I am having lots of fun with Maggie and the tremolo is a real neat toy because it really works, instead of an object of frustration, like on other guitars. Something new with this guitar is the use of smaller frets at the end of the neck to give more room for the fingers to the 27th fret. I have to give Bobby credit for this idea, although it was done before but never by a large guitar company. Maggie is a serious high performance machine. Not for the timid. And not for goofs looking for a status symbol. That's what a PMS is for. Busywood serves as a comic effect that is a parody of all those distasteful figured tops that adorn otherwise very mediocre guitars. Busywood ridicules that whole juvenile and shallow mentality. If you fit into this crowd, then sorry but I don't speak your language.


Two springs only, for sensitivity of the tremelo. Stevie Ray would not beleive it but he was not fortunate enough to play a Zachary.


A modified tremelo block for maximum travel both ways. The bottom line is that you can do so much more with it.


Five big screws. This neck is not going anywhere.


A lovely day in the garden. Anyone for tea?


Can you imagine a non-locking tremelo with perfect tuning? Come back Stevie Ray and give this a try.


Yo Alex! ConPanna had a Showcase for APG Records yesterday and I had to be there Real early for set up and sound check, schmoozing and blah blah blah. I hope it works fer You. Alex, Alex, Alex, My Word, What an AMAZING AXE!!! Great display pg, too!!

Damn, Bro, people aren't only gonna turn their heads, they're gonna Break their damn Necks!!

I showed it to the Guys in ConPanna and they were Blown Away!!! Doug, Our Manager Really Likes You and Yer Work, and may be e-mailing Ya sometime. Geez, Maggie Looks AWESOME!!! Better than I expected, thats for sure!!! I can't wait to run Her through the motions!!! I'm Thrilled that She's exceeded Yer expectations! You Are The Master Builder, Bro!!!! Let's just hope Moses doesn't kill Ya! Heh heh heh...I Really like those middle sized alluminum dot markers!! Sheer Class, Bro!!! Love the "Purple Racing Stripe"!!! I Love the fact that Maggie looks Extremely Flashy Yet Totally Organic!!! Very Earthy if Ya know what I mean. Thx again for the locking tuners! Floyd Roses are such a Major Pain to restring. Maggie will be the easiest Lady to restring even btw sets if I happen to pop one during a show. Brilliant, Bro, Brilliant!!!

I met a bass player at APG, and when He saw the pics, He was Stunned! He said, "Holy Shit, that's at least $3500.00 to $4000.00 for sure and worth every penny!". I told Him 'bout Yer basses, so He'll be checking out Yer site fer sure. The Bussiness Cards are a Great idea, Bro! I'll deffinitely be handing out a Ton of those.
Thx For Everything!!!!! Bobby

She goes up and she goes down. A fully floating tremelo.



Spy Shot!

The manager of "ConPanna", one of the bands Bobby plays in sent me this picture of Bobby just a few minutes after he saw his new signature model guitar "Maggie".

I think he was happy.


This neck joint is tighter than a Witch's Cunt. What other guitar company can make that claim?


A cool purple racing stripe.


ZachAttack pickups, you can only get them on a Zachary.


Did you know that the neck ZachAttack has an Alnico 5 magnet to make it even sweeter.


Check out the metal dot position markers.


The secret "Mission Impossible" nut. That's right, you can only get it on a Zachary. You won't believe your tuning.
Its revolutionary!


Yo Alex!!!!!Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!! SHIT,Bro!!!! What an AMAZING AXE!!!!!! Damn, Bro, how do You do it?!!!!!!
The Sound, the feel, Maggie's simply the Most OUTSTANDING guitar I've ever played!!!!! I guess Baby's gonna get regulated to Back-Up status, but then again, that ain't all bad. The 2 Most Awesome guitars I've Ever played, and I own 'em both. Talk about a Mind Blower!!!! I Love Her sound!!!! She's actually a bit warmer than Baby. Must be the Mahogany, eh? And Her neck, It's slightly fatter than Baby's, but I Really Like it. It kinda reminds Me of a cross btw Baby's neck and a neck from one of My Jeff Beck Strats. The Trem feels Magnificent!!! Stays in PERFECT tune!!!! Wow, What more can I say? I'm Totally Blown right now!!! Prepare to be the Envy of the guitar building universe!!!! Let's Get This Ride Goin'!!!! It's Time to Dry-Fuck the guitar world!!!!! This Is Gonna Be FUNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!! You're a True Genius, Bro!!!!! THX!!!!!!!!! Bobby

Neck built for pure speed. Doesn't it look fast?


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