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Check out owner Frank Baker playing this F1


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Swamp Ash
(one piece)

Pau Ferro


*Dual Size

Compound Radius
9.5" - 14"

Zachary 9.15K A5

Zachary 10.25K A5
8 lb


Let's put it this way.     If you don't think that Danny Gatton was a hack and you can do better, then this guitar is not for you.
You better just go to your nearest Guitar Center or one of those disgusting guitar boutiques with the idiot losers inside... you know who they are ... they have what you deserve.

Here is the world of awesome tones. As good as God can create. He showed me the definitive switching system to be used with two Telecaster pickups. You get the 3 original sounds, plus the addition of three more musically delicious tones. Every tone possible from a Tele. I cannot reveal here what they are, for fear of being immediately copied by the army of untalented, uncreative, clumsy, incompetent tinkerers who are watching this site like hawks. You know who you are. You live in shame.

Some interesting features.
One piece light and soft Swamp Ash body. Custom-made 1952 Tele replica knobs but these are made from light weight aluminum, not heavy brass. Custom spaced control plate. My original designed lightweight aluminum neck pickup ring. Custom cut-down bridge. Custom pickups. Custom wiring. ZOG 9 strings.    A one-of-a-kind guitar.

I am certain that we would all love to hear a demo of all six tones. I have never heard of a tele with 6 pup switching options with just 2 single coil pups. Then again this is an F1. Listeners will be a bit amazed with the fat sounds coming from a single coil Tele. For it to be any kind of a Tele you have to have the single coil bridge pup. I see "Telecasters" with humbuckers in the bridge position and have to chuckle a bit. It is no longer a Tele. So you have achieved the fat sound (if you want it) but without the abomination of a humbucker in the bridge or neck position . Let us hear! Eli

I can't get over it. I keep looking at this guitar over and over again. I've been looking at it all fucking day. One of my top five favorite Zz. What an incredible fucking masterpiece. Alex is a genius. You have to wonder about Alex sometimes. You have to wonder how a guy who already creates the best guitars and gear in the world can keep topping his own work. He has long ago surpassed all competition and is now running his own race -- and he's winning. What could he possibly think of next? Anyway, every time I look at her, 190508, the Bob Seger song I've posted below keeps running through my head. No matter what we Z Headz think, we all have one thing in common.     Ted Noiz

The Fire Down Below
Here comes old Rosie she's looking mighty fine
Here comes hot Nancy she's steppin right on time
There go the street lights bringin on the night
Here come the men faces hidden from the light
All through the shadows they come and they go
With only one thing in common
They got the fire down below

Here comes the rich man in his big long limousine
Here comes the poor man all you got to have is green
Here comes the banker and the lawyer and the cop
One thing for certain it aint never gonna stop
When it all gets too heavy
That's when they come and go
With only one thing in common
They got the fire down below

It happens out in Vegas happens in Moline
On the blue blood streets of Boston
Up in Berkeley and out in queens
And it went on yesterday and its going on tonight
Somewhere there's somebody aint treatin somebody right

And he's looking out for Rosie and she's looking mighty fine
And he's walking the streets for Nancy And hell find her everytime
When the street light flicker bringing on the night
Well they'll be slipping into darkness slipping out of sight
All through the midnight
Watch em come and watch em go
With only one thing in common
They got the fire down below

Hi Alex, I see you've been busy. I would love to hear the sounds of this. You have to share the new switching and sounds with us. I can't believe how my appetites have changed so much. I want an F1 so-o-o-o BAD! This guitar is the epitome of Tele's. There is nothing wrong, lacking, or missing here, but there is more than has been before. Your guitars rule. Tony

This guitar is not beautiful. It's not even slighty good looking. It was never meant to be. It is every bit as ugly as my G3 -- possibly even uglier. This guitar is one of the ugliest things on planet earth. It has the Blackened Bluezy Bruized look and feel of the sidewalk in Downtown Las Vegas, where all the crack whores run around. It looks like their stained teeth after huffing on crack rock. This guitar belongs sitting on a Z stand at the Sand Dollar Blues Lounge, where all the blues pickers and the bikers can have a bang with her. She's a good ol', street smart whore, a straight-shootin' barfly who keeps herself clean and straight, a good ol' girl you can always rely on. By the way, this guitar is not a "Tele", any more than my "Z-Bird" is a Firebird. Aside from the basic shape of the body on both guitars -- they are all Z, through and through. And they can be nothing else. This is not a "Tele on Crack" -- it's not even a "Tele". She's a ZF1. She's a good lookin' streetwalker who's right on the fucking ball.     Ted Noiz

That is a lot of guitar. The organic look of that beautiful wood screams at me, the simple look hiding so many innovations and hard work.
How do you ever part with them? How do you top that?     Cheers, Orlando

This is just one sick ass instrument.           I am already jealous of whoever gets to play it. Damn.    Eli

Smokin!           John

Its the perfect T guitar, in fact the best yet. Color, hardware, vibe. Lets hear it.
Its gotta be Bucky or something like that, like Buckaroo Billy. Maybe Bully? Gotta be somethin from the barn. Man it makes me want to pony up. Giddy up, ride that Bull.     Frank

What a fantastic guitar! This is just jaw dropping Alex. Looks like its already been played for a hundred years. Yes, you must not divulge too much information or the tinkerers will start claiming credit for coming up with it well before you. I am curious to hear those delicious tones you speak of - please post recording/video soon. My favorite pic is the full shot outside by the fence. I think I will use it on my desktop so I can drool whenever I want. Take care. Eagle

I love this guitar...and all of its innovations. The cutaway body (for proper angle when standing) and the cutaways on both sides. A Tele that's totally playable. I would love to see more vids of you holding your guitars, Alex. I think that's a big selling point...not just the delicious tone. You've worked so hard building these guitars to be comfortable and the only vid of someone standing with one is Bobby. Please make a video of you standing up and playing this guitar!    Z. Fenner

Hey Alex! I got some time to really look at the new rodeo queen. This is a perfect F1. The 6 sounds? Thats gotta be forever man. I'm in love with your F1's. I'll somehow get some audio to you over the summer or whatever and you'll see how an F1 for me would be perfect. I do need the super clean and bright F1! This particular one gives me heart palpitations. It looks downright rude! What an eye grabber. Man! You've completely reformed my expectations of whats important in the guitar.
Even when we say its ugly its just so beautiful. You have re-defined everything about it and I am hooked on Z-crack! I'm not shitting you, this goes beyond normal compliments. I know that rough looking thing is as smooth as a baby's bottom and I know the sounds the same but MORE than the Tele has ever sounded! Someone said you were running your own race and that is absolutely true. There is simply no one and no where else to even look anymore. Bitter sweet. (that should be the name ! of that sweet thing).     Tony

On this F1-C. Whoever it is, needs to submit a video audition. Ask them to post it on youtube. This one needs to be played on youtube. If they are any good they will be a disciple to spread the gospel of Z to the needy land of twang. There are so many Tele fanatics out there ready to drink the Z Kool Aid.

I am so much better now with the Z. I sold both of my Tele's because they sucked after playing the Z.) This one is too good for anyone who can't properly reflect and enhance the vibe. It is more than just a guitar really, in that way. Needs to go to a really good home. This is no tofu guitar, needs to go with bbq.    Frank

Alex, There seems to be no shortage of different takes on your new F1-C, but I've just got to say that that's gotta be one of your best efforts yet to date. All of your instruments have their own unique appeal but this is definitely something special. I only wish I had the chops to do her justice. Have you done away with the trio of strings trees in favor of the single bar? Your last three guitars have had the bar regardless of the presence of a tremolo. I do like the cleaner look of the bar and I know that you wouldn't use it unless it worked and worked well. BTW I put the ZOG 10s on and I can definitely tell a positive difference...I'm sold on them. I've not tried the 10+ on my LP yet, but I'm sure they'll be better than the hybrid set that's on it now. Keep the inspiration flowing and take care. Terry

Frank Baker ended up buying this guitar and here is his reaction.

MMMMM Tasty. This kills every T guitar I have ever played. Brilliant. No ice pick. My ears love it. Still has the sound we all love. Sooo much balance. Sooo much bass. All the highs are so SMOOOTH. Of course it is a Z so it plays like butter. I could not be happier.

It is much more in so many ways, so refined for a T type. It wants to be loud. So ballsy, but never ear biting like many. Still sooo spanky and never too dark. There must be a lot of engineering in the pickups - they are also very quiet. Extra pickup settings are fun and useful. Great resonance and tone.

I can't decide which of the Zs is better now. Very tough. I am leaning toward the F1 for clean sounds, and of course the Z2 for shredding with the trem, but there is no doubt the F1 kills. Each tends to make me play a different type of music. As expected I love the neck pickup blues tone.

Now to make more music.


Not much a video, but I wanted to slap something up there at least for now so you could hear the killer tone. Some random decent riffs in there, but its nothing brilliant playing wise. Frank

About the F1, accorording to Frank Baker

I am playing this a lot more today. I am telling you and not linking to a vid or mp3 yet because I do not feel quite like setting up enough gear to properly record this guitar at the moment at this time of night.

Re: differences in pickup settings. That was kind of a quick and dirty amp setup. I think a different amp/speaker shows the guitar tone more readily. I will do that next time.

And while the crack reference got everyone's attention, that is not what this guitar is about at all. In fact, it is very, very balanced. The finish is perfect to go with the tone as the guitar sounds so completely experienced and broken-in smooth. Really its more like a Tele on T-Bone. Just what you had in mind. A tasty treat. So that's what I call it, T-Bone. That smoky finish and fine tone. Goes good with red wine or draft beer.

This guitar is so in excess of what any Tele guitar ever was, but at the same time it has only the best of what we love about the Tele. It is so remarkable. I have owned 5 Telecaster type guitars and each was somewhat of a clone of the other, some with subtle strengths, others a poor excuse for what Leo had in mind. Nonetheless I did enjoy each one and fell for the F1 easily as a result.

This one kills them all in every respect. I have had some that were more biting, but at the same time they were also somewhat gutless when forced to play hardball. Others were smooth but lacking in depth and character. This one is not like that. It has huge guts. It is still extra smooth. More smooth and balanced than any other electric I have ever played. It seems like all of my amps were built for the signal it puts out. In fact in can be crunchy and smooth at the same time. It is articulate and balanced. It is a joy to play. About the only thing it does not do is that high gain sustain bridge pickup thing. (of course the Z2 I have can do that so its not much of an issue) And of course it has no trem, but then it would not sound anything like it does so there you go.

To call this a Telecaster would be to deny what has been accomplished by Alex in making it. I wish I could understand the process by which it was made. If it was through engineering, it is brilliant. If it was through trial and error it must have a thousand predecessors. If it is through luck, well then you are all fucked because its mine.

Actually in a selfish way that would be cool, to be the owner of the only such guitar. But I do believe it can be reproduced, because I do not think it was luck that made it happen. Just really hard work and some incredible insight and talent.

And for those of you who do not have an F1 you must get a deposit on one immediately if you love the electric guitar. Because it is the essence of what one is supposed to be. Z2 is great, but with the trem and all that it is extra fancy and has a tone of its own, the F1 is the stuff of the Tone of The Legends of Guitar.

I am ridiculously surprised and pleased to have pulled off getting 2 of the last 6 Z guitars built. I am amazed that there was not someone ahead of me in line to step up and steal this one off the showroom floor, and am very appreciative of the opportunity to own it. I like that not every Z is for a waiting person on the list. This is where innovation like this is born.

Honestly, the world needs the F1 more than it needs the Z2. One needs to be convinced that the Z2 is better, because it is different, significantly tone wise. It takes time to learn how to make it sing. The F1, well its just making that sound in your head you grew up hearing, but better, way better. So it should not be difficult to sell at all. Some might say who needs another Telecaster clone? Well they don't get it at all. It is so NOT that at all.

I promise to do some more recording, and in fact can guarantee that this is the best investment in gear I have ever made. Seriously as much as I dig the coolness and vibe of the Z2, the F1 is artistically more significant. I intend to prove it musically at some point soon.

If you are ever in the LA area (I am in Laguna Beach) you might want to stop by and give it a whack. Or just get on the list and get your own. You will not regret it.

What a fantastic guitar! Congrats Frank you lucky lucky man. I would love to have an F1. I used to have a Tele too but was limited by its thinness and unbalanced pups. Not so with a Z! Great sounds and playing on the vid. As you know, there are no flukes or blind luck with Alex. You've got a masterpiece of design, construction and innovation. Tony

Seems I need to start expecting the unexpected....... I assume the "C" is for the "Crack" model?? Hahahah, nice touch! Sure it's not on steroids too?? I really like the body cuts and am real curious to hear the switching system in action. Frank described it as the best "T" guitar yet - certainly right up there, although I'm kinda partial to Roy B of course!!!!

MY own F1 (Roy B. 060806) Kills ALMOST every T guitar out there - except for ones on steroids or crack....... Leave it to Alex to build a bunch of drug infested guitars.... Who knows what the next F1 will be strung out on....... Damn, this guitar was hanging on the site long enough that I was going tell Alex to sell it to me even though I don't know how much sense it would make to have two F1's (though they are different enough that I could just justify it in my mind.......). Mark Miller

This is just one sick ass instrument!          Eli
This cracked me up. Something about the blunt simplicity of those words that just hits the nail right on the head...!!       

What could he possibly think of next? Knowing Alex, he's got a lot of ideas but just not enough time to build them all into reality..... Mark Miller

OK, very interesting. That whole thing about trying to 'age' guitars by making them look as if they just got bashed around on a world tour by some careless drunken roadies is really bizarre (and then there's the other extreme where an old guitar is worth more if it looks brand new and untouched - a slight nick could drop the price by hundreds or thousands of dollars....).
The good thing about your guitar is that the stain gives it a nice smokey, Western kind of look but doesn't make it look 'used' at all. The one piece swamp ash still comes through just fine - in fact, the stain highlights the grain very nicely in some areas.   Mark


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