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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Wood unknown ?
(two piece)

Pau Ferro
A5 14K ohm

C 18K ohm
3-way pickup select 2-way coil select
7.14 lb
with bar

with case

Who is a guitar builder?

I cringe when I see someone sell their name and loose track completely of what the purpose really should be. It saddens me. Its the opposite of anything enviable for me. I see a person who is doing what they were born to do and what they are good at but its not guitar building. For whatever reason they failed at being a guitar builder and must only masquerade as one for marketing purposes, while having no connection to guitar building at all. I see a salesman, I see a hustler, I see a pimp, I see "cheese ball". Such people should never be called or regarded as guitar builders. They are NOT.     

I would hate not being a builder. I would hate that life. Instead of trying to build the best guitars, I would have to try to sell the most guitars. That would not work for me, I got into this for one thing and one thing only; to build.

There is one or more of these characters at every guitar company. You see them in the ads, you see them at the trade shows, you see them with endorsers, you see them in interviews. They perpetuate the image of the guitar builder but in reality they are frauds and clowns. Maybe they are very good salesman, I hope successful financially but they are NOT guitar builders. Amazingly, dumb fucks cannot recognize what a guitar builder is. How could they? That would be overestimating them. They don't know that a guitar builder is someone who actually "builds guitars". Amazing! It sounds simple enough to understand. One who doesn't build guitars cannot be called a guitar builder. A salesman is not a guitar builder, a businessman is not a guitar builder, a marketer is not a guitar builder, a company clown is not a guitar builder and the corporate owner is not a guitar builder. A guitar builder is one who actually builds guitars, irrespective of anything else, just as a guitar player is someone who plays the guitar. Its simple; if one does not build guitars, they are not a guitar builder, no matter how they are portrayed through decades and millions of dollars worth of advertising. However, a dumb fuck apparently cannot differentiate between a hired corporate mascot and a guitar builder. This only proves again that the guitar consumer has to be one of the stupidest creatures on earth.

Regarding the annual 2010 "Experience PRS" event held at the PRS factory, it is claimed that 2500 PRS dealers and rabid fans from around the world had attended the center in guitar production and artistry, to witness how the best designed and best sounding guitars in the world are produced. It was no doubt a breathtaking experience and a life changing moment for all. Shame on you if you missed it. Double shame on you if you don't already own a PRS or several.

From The Music Trades industry publication:
"What brought them together was a deeply held love of the guitar in general and a near fanatical passion for PRS guitars in Particular. "I'm here because I love everything about PRS guitars," said Hans Lederman, who traveled from Denver to attend. "I have five and I'm looking to buy a few more if my wife lets me. After seeing how the guitars are made, I'm even more impressed." Joel Fletcher, a member of the PRS "Signature Club" from Virginia and a second-time attendee at the fest, added, "for me its like going to Disneyland"

Therefore, the Zachary Guitars purchaser evaluation process and qualification criteria, must firmly stand.   Why you ask?   Because its not about anything other than building instruments; built by me and me alone. That remains the only goal. Its all about the actual process of "building". Once a Zachary guitar is completed, the entire process ends. For others however, its where things just begin. Endless marketing, endorsements, advertising, trade shows, guitar magazines, distribution, dealers; all for the purpose of sales. There should never be anything after the creation of an instrument. Anything after that is pure hell, It detracts from the artistry and dishonors the artwork. When a piece of art is completed, a new project can begin; one at a time and without bar code stickers.

For me it has nothing to do with sales and profits. That has never been a part of the equation. That was never a desire or a need for me personally. Success is only defined by how good the instrument turns out, not how many can be produced and sold. An instrument can be a success and a great achievement even if its never sold. Success of an instrument or a builder is not contingent upon sales. However, these days things seem to be viewed backwards. I got into this for the sole purpose of creativity and nothing else; the same reason most people play the guitar. As it is to play the guitar, creating instruments is a privilege and an emotional need. Nothing beyond that exists or is necessary. I pity the poor bastard who must bullshit 24/7/365 about guitars and does not actually build any guitars. Where is the creativity in that?

Some have been stupid to mistake this web site for a commercial site and shockingly wonder why it fails so badly as a commercial site. Because, its NOT. Its simply a portfolio of one person's work; love it or hate it. You will not have your ass kissed here in order to acquire your credit card number. If you like that sort of thing, you should go to any guitar boutique, they will not care how much of a dumb fuck you are. In fact they make their money from mostly dumb fucks. I don't even like you. Get the fuck out of my face. That in itself will disqualify this as a commercial site. Selling my instruments is the most dreaded part of what I do. I abhor it and I do everything in my power to bypass it. Its a painful nightmare for me, as many have witnessed the hard way. Selling Zachary guitars brings out the worst in me and I really wish I would never have to do it. Unlike the company clown who panders to every dumb fuck he can find and builds nothing but hype ... I build guitars. You are witnessing here an actual guitar builder. Its a more rare occasion than you may think. You are privileged that I even give you the opportunity. Otherwise you would be looking at the work of CNC machines and some people staining wood. Can you tell the difference? Can you actually differentiate between an instrument maker and a phoney?

So, let's keep things in correct perspective and remember what a guitar builder is and the true purpose here; which is building guitars. If you have ever built a bird house at least, you will understand my point entirely. If you are a dumb fuck, there is no hope for you. Let's keep the dumb fucks, guitar hacks, schmucks, circle jerks and insincere sleazy musicians looking for a buck, where they belong ... at PRS ... they love you there.

On to the next Z.        "Experience Z, 2011"       You are all invited (as long as you are not a dumb fuck).    LOL


Now that's what I call ending the year on a high note!
Happy New Year!    Best JR

181210 is increcdible. Of course the Z2 is my favourite model so I'm biased, but I think what stands out most is that anyone who has watched the evolution of your art will see that every guitar is more refined that the previous. A little more wood carved from the bottom bout, different jack placement, just trying something that could possibly help the guitar be just a bit better. Learn from your mistakes, embrace them and triumph over all.

PRS? Fancy woods and inlays to try and sell baseball bats. Zachary? Art in progress.             My thoughts, not yours,   Jeff (Calgary)

Beautiful work on 181210. I think this is my favorite of your Z2 styles up till now. The higher fret cutaway shape was sculpted beautifully. The two piece joint and grain match is perfect. Of course the action is insane! I also noticed the bridge pup came extra “spicy”. The future owner will be very happy. I am still on “honeymoon” with “Miss June”. Hope you and the family enjoyed your Holidays…        Every Good Wish,     Yordys

181210 : Njaaah, just spray it and stick a barcode sticker on. ;-p   David K.

I got the guitar last night - just before the snow. What a beautiful instrument. I had some time last night to play it with the Skank, my Boogie, and my Fender Twin. Sounds amazing, especially with the Skank. I really couldn't turn it up that much because it was late. Hopefully, I'll be able to take it over my friend's house tonight to jam. I really love the trem and the longer scale. I have been playing short scale guitars for a while now - it's a nice change of pace. Good job making the shred machine. It is awesome!   Jamie

Played through my Twin and some pedals last night. Amazing. Definitely a shred machine. Thanks again. It sounded like an acoustic played clean. Very versatile. Nice, attractive, very soulful. Great job.   Jamie


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