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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

(one piece)

Gotoh Sealed
24 Dual Size Large/Medium
A3 BB - 7.8

A5 BB- 9.1
8.5 lbs

     The theme here was to make it look like antique Mahogany furniture, the type that may have been refinished a few times and has seen a lot of history. This is a nice one-piece mahogany, which is rare these days to find in wide width. The position dots are Ebony wood. The neck wood was chosen for its discoloration, although it is premium quartersawn wood. The rest of the aging can be done by the player, naturally. So many pros like the feel of old warn and broken-in instruments. Understandably, if you know it or not, sterile "perfection" does not cut it for anyone who is a real player. That only works if you hang the guitar on your wall. With a Zachary, the organic feel is there when brand new. No artificial aging is done, just the imperfection of hand-craftsmanship will do it.

That reminds me, there are so many liars and frauds out there who get a hold of a CNC machine and claim to be making handcrafted guitars. They know most guitar consumers are a stupid bunch so they know you will believe that their glossy, barf-top, computer machine-carved guitars are actually handmade. They only wish it were but you cannot have it both ways. You either decide to make instruments or you decide to make money. The two cannot go together at all. Impossible. Why do they all claim to make handcrafted guitars. I guess it sounds better than saying "I make the best CNC guitars on the planet" or "My CNC guitars are more accurate and even more consistent than other CNC made guitars".

For those of us who need to create, that is what the only purpose is... and those who cannot create will do anything they can to create manufacturing empires or should I say marketing companies. Ever see the two page color ads in guitar magazines for Taylor guitars, showing some 40 year old goofball in a suit on a a business trip dreaming of buying the latest Taylor to add to his other Taylors, none of them he can really play. These are the people Taylor targets. These are the people I run from. Very different in philosophy I guess. Diametrically opposite and morally repulsive to me.

Well, you can very easily spot a handmade instrument, it looks and feels very different from a machine made guitar. If you are still unable to tell the difference, then just listen and if the guy says he made 450 guitars in the last 10 years, you know he is a fraud and taking you for the fool that you are. True story by the way.

Video of this gutiar      180706 - 01

Hey Alex,     Listen buddy, you have completely destroyed me... I… I… I can’t even touch another guitar. I can’t even believe how nice this guitar sounds. The chording…the… Ahh…the textures… I mean its just amazing. The more I play it… I just can’t take it man. Why did you do this to me Alex? Now I don’t want to play nothing else…Man… now you have really fucked me up. This is not good!… OK bye.   Woody (HI)  (Owner)

That's a sweet one right there. Love those simple one piece bodies. Those are my favorites. Fine red wine. The discolored maple is a great organic touch. This is YOUR version of a relic-ed instrument. The way it should be with no fake aging BS. Some lucky guy (unfortunately almost no women play electric guitar, that has to change...) just scored big time. Eli (NYC)

Smell it, taste it, feel it - if you keep building these orgasmic guitars I'm going to have to give up women. Dude, I know you're proud of yourself being able to keep this pace. It's very difficult to build guitars the way you choose to, you put your heart and soul into these guitars. You speak out witthout fearing others and without flinching before society. You rock!   Eagle (MS)

I saw your 180706. That is one badass guitar. It reminds me of one badass bike that will be given away in the 12th annual SRV Remembrance Ride. That is most definitely an SRV kind of guitar. It is just the kind of guitar Stevie should have played throughout his career. It is the guitar Stevie was looking for all his time on earth. Put some wheels on that guitar and it will be the best chopper in the whole parade. It is the kind of guitar you can really dig your chops into and learn how to chop. I call her, Chopper. Enjoy your latest one-of-a-kind Z creation, Alex; and enjoy the luscious photos of the one-of-a-kind chopper built in remembrance of a one-of-a-kind artist that has not been equaled before or since. Great artist, great bike, great guitar, great guitar builder! These are great times we're livin'!!!!!!!     Ted Noiz (NV)

I noticed you had the number 180706 posted for a few days and was getting antsy - checking daily to see when the pics were finally loaded - just waiting for that eye candy. Today was the day and as the pictures started downloading I realized it must be like the musical equivalent of somebody waiting for their monthly Playboy or Penthouse or whatever to arrive in the mail - just dying to rip it open, whip out the centerfold, and feast their eyes. Of course, I only read your website for the entertaining articles and intellectual content, though. Anyway, gorgeous guitar!! I personally love Mahogany - it's great wood for a guitar in my opinion. That baby's got to be a tone machine. The gold hardware really goes with the Mahogany nicely and gives it a classic look. And the light colored neck gives a great contrast effect. Love the deep cutaways for the body and playing arm. Looks like the guitar will melt against you and lock right into place. The neck wood has a nice coloration and grain pattern to it and goes great with the fretboard - looks almost like 2 different kinds of wood even though they're both maple. Another outstanding effort. Keep up the good work!    Mark (Taiwan)

HI Alex, WOW Alex, I just had a chance to take a look at your new creation 180706. Now, that guitar is as classy as hell mate!! I love it!! I want it!! Who ever gets it will be totally blown away!! You are really coming up with great combinations of colors and contrasts to complement your innovative designs. It really looks like something that belongs in a millionaire's collection, and I don't mean that as an insult, as any one who hangs one of these instruments behind glass on a wall should be shot, but it really has class written all over it!! Funny though that despite all that, it takes nothing away from any of your earlier work including "Ned Kelly" whom is sitting here beside me taking a short rest. Looks aside, those of as who own a Zach (except for any Carl's) know that how they look is a small part of the appeal when compared to the feel and tone and all the other real attributes that make your guitars (for the time been anyway, until someone else can mach your talents and zeal) blow all the others in the weeds PERIOD!! Great work Alex indeed!! I really look forward to the amp and pedal, and I'm scared and excited to think of the Bass, and what you will come up with! I'm sure it will be something else in its simplicity functionality tone and coordination, and I will own it and play it, not just admire it on your web sight. Take care, Orlando (AU)

You know, I never congratulated you on 180706! You are making them so fast I am running out of clever things to say. I wish there was something I could say to help people understand what it is like to own one of these amazing instruments. Like with many things, I guess, there is a leap of faith you must be willing to make. Combined with a little common sense... -James (AZ)

Hey, Alex, No takers on 180706? What's up with that? Is everyone in a fucking coma - or what? Box that beauty up and ship her to me and I'll make her scream. I'll crank the fuck out of that bitch. Almost as exciting as your latest invention is seeing who is the person who gets it in his hands and what they do with it.

I don't really recall, but I don't think I have ever seen a guitar builder make a maple neck and put a maple fretboard on top of it. Almost always, the maple neck is also the fretboard; it's usually all one piece. In fact I cannot find another guitar with a two piece maple neck and fretboard. I don't believe I have ever seen that before. You are the man, Alex. Because of you, I will never again buy a guitar with a one-piece maple neck and fretboard.   Ted Noiz

I've just seen 180706. Wow. If you were after that timeless look, you have succeeded. And how. This looks like an old and trusty companion that will never let you down. Something hand-crafted and organic - which is exactly what it is. A thing of beauty that has already matured and will continue to improve with age. Like the finest vintage red Bordeaux wines. This is a heady Claret indeed.   Ludwik (UK)

About the Mark Miller videos, the player himself says:
Not only do the F1's sound nice and twangy with a diversity of sounds, but the Z3T (180706) really sounds freakin' great with the distortion cranked up a bit. Now I wish I had taken that guitar off your hands while I was there as well, cause it's a sweet player as well having monster tone!
Get that Z3-T back from that idiot and I'll buy it immediately...... Mark Miller

I've just been listening to those vids you made of Mark Miller (even with broadband, they took ages to download).
He's a very talented and very accomplished guitarist. I'm seriously impressed.
I much prefer his ad lib playing to those blues recordings of his, which, as you know, I found a bit generic and derivative. I also preferred the tone through the Zachary Supernatural than whatever amp he used at home. ...for me, the killer guitar was the wine-coloured Z3.   Stupendous.
Even though your F1's beat the pants off any Tele I've ever heard by a mile, I guess I'm just not a Tele man :-)    Ludwik (UK)

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