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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Figured Soft Maple
One Piece



20" R

Gotoh Sealed

Dual Size

Ceramic - 7.94K

Alnico5 - 9.11K
6.4 lb

The interesting thing about this one is that the body is one single piece of soft maple. You will not see this very often from the big manufacturers. I had this piece of wood that was thick and wide enough for a Z2 and I decided to use it. I have no idea where I got it from. Another thing about this guitar is that both the body and the neck are really soft. Incredibly soft actually. This is not so called "hardwood", this is softwood. I make a lot of guitars from softwood. Since there is no thick finish over this wood, it makes this soft wood really susceptible to damage. I even work damaged it while making this guitar. It already has nicks and dents all over it. So this guitar can get really hacked up quickly if one is not careful. It will relic or distress naturally in no time. So instead of paying big dollars for an artificially distressed guitar, this one will age naturally. I don't mind blemishes in the wood as long as its not in the back of the neck, which is a critical area.

You will not find a commercially available guitar with a one piece body like this and you will also not find a guitar made of such soft woods. The benefit is light weight, less than 6.5 lb and unmatched tone and resonance. The guitar just sounds BIG. If you have never played or heard a Zachary, you will not know what I am talking about. Ever wonder why soundboards on all acoustic instruments, be it guitars, violins or pianos, are made of the softest woods possible, Spruce or Cedar? The reason is that soft woods resonate.

There it is. A perfect zach. Soft woods like my korina and plink. Single piece body. Trem. 26 dual size frets at 25.5 scale (a good match). To be played hard and worn away a bit but never smacked into anything. I know those soft woods make for a rich and expressive voice but with that inevitable zach detail and sizzle like an acoustic close mic-ed with a condenser. It is all there on the guitar side of the equation. Needs a serious player (besides you) to complete the picture.

"Remember one thing, this wood is very soft, as I mentioned. It dents even when someone looks at it, its so soft. So be careful. Also never wear a belt buckle or even zippers and buttons will dent and scratch it."   Alex

That's why I either wear a silk dress on stage or just go on in my underpants. Also be careful with garterbelts. ;-p    David "YUF" (Belgium)

I do like this one, its understated simplicity, the beauty of that one-piece body and the way all the woods and colours integrate - the pale mahogany neck, the pao ferro fretboard, the brown nut and the brown tuners. Delicious creme caramel. Very, very nice indeed.     Ludwik (UK)

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