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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint



Gotoh Sealed
with Ebony wood buttons

*Dual Size
A5 13.2K


Master Volume

3-way pickup select

3-way Neck pickup switch Series/Single/Parallel

3-way Bridge pickup switch Series/Single/Parallel

8 lb

with case


Just got done indulging myself in the pictures of 170611 (R480T), and I realized once more that there are a lot of guitar makers out there that could learn a great deal from what you're doing. In this case, the specific lesson would be that it is possible to have a very intensely figured guitar that still looks like WOOD. I see so many instruments on the market, usually accompanied by boilerplate marketing text about "using only the finest woods," that seem to have had every effort made to remove all connection to the living thing that they once were. They have all kinds of figuring, but somehow manage to look completely artificial.

Perhaps its just my over-active imagination, but it seems to me that when a wooden instrument loses that visual and aesthetic connection to the life of the material it's made from, there is something lost in the sound, as well. It's not that they sound bad, really...it's just that something's missing. It's a bit like the difference between even the best modeling amps and digital pedals and a good tube amp cranked up loud and an old-school pedal built by some obsessed geek with soldering iron burns on her fingers.

Anyway, simply a gorgeous instrument. Bet it sounds as good as it looks...        David K, (Portland)

Hi Alex, Now there is a guitar that really speaks to me. I don't "need" any more guitars. But there is some lust brewing. I don't really care for gold hardware for the most part, but it works really well and wins my heart on this guitar, and in fact as it wears (and it will) it is going to make this guitar more attractive. Funny this axe is begging for some play wear. Don't you dare sell it to a non-player. Even a bad player is OK as long as he does it every day and has a feeling to use the entire neck. Ever seen a guitar with fret wear where some doofus only plays open chords on the first 3 or 4 frets. That is sad, the instrument is so wasted. This one is not going to be like that. And the trem and short scale, I don't have one like that. She is a babe. What a great body and nice jewelery. She is the Babe of the Wood and wants to be fondled and touched. She is gonna moan and wail. Stay healthy my friend, the most interesting guitar builder in the world.  Frank Baker

Hi! My name is João, I'm from Portugal in Europe...I just want to manifest my respect for everything that you are doing to keep guitars as they always should have been since begining...
I wish I had more skills and the ability to prove that I deserve the honor to have a REAL guitar... But, I'm just an humble player... I wish I had the money too (in Portugal 3500 dollars it's almost half an annual salary for me =( )... I thank you for your time... And I also whant to thank you for keeping it REAL. Zachary guitars always been an inspiration for me...Thank you so much...João

Nice work Alex! The “lacewood” body is mesmerizing. It all comes together nicely with the gold hardware.   Yordys Coro

Hey Alex, Your creations look great even from over here in Asia. You can't find good guitars around here. I love the lacewood body. I've never seen that before. I don't believe I've ever seen a Rickenbacker with tremolo either. You are really something else, man.
I'll be heading back home on the 18th of this month. I can't wait to see my Zz again! And when I return to Asia, I will be bringing at least one of them with me!  Rock on!  Ted Noiz

The fractal geometry of nature is perfectly represented in the grain of the lacewood - in synergy with the construction of the guitar.
The more you suffer - the better you get!    Best    JR

What a sweet guitar! Why isn't this a popular "figured" wood I wonder? It is so patterned it almost looks like a print. As usual, I love your rosewood necks. Amazing! Love the ebony in all it's places. Classy classy. A very good combination of colours and materials. Very beautiful. You make everything work so well together. It all just "belongs".
I no longer have any idea what it is like to play a shorter scale . It must be a loosy goosy fun to play rockin' riff machine!
The perfectionist in me wants to put a tiny bit of wood filler in those little holes. Thanks for not doing that. I think you know what I mean.   Tony

Was just going to your site to lust over pics of my own guitars when I saw this new one up. I was never a Rick fan but would love to have this guitar. The lacewood is amazing - I've only seen a few guitars built with it before but this is by far the best piece. The grain is just fascinating. I'm a fan of gold hardware and it looks especially good on this guitar. Your rosewood necks are the ultimate and the owner is going to love how it feels as much as how it looks. Those tuners are my favorite - same as my Z2T, convenient, smooth, and precise. Ebony buttons on them? Nice touch...... I actually like the open control cavity in the back - never an issue with my guitar. Going to sound great and play like butter with the short scale. Nice job on that guitar - somebody better snatch that one up asap. How could anybody imagine owning a stock Rickenbacker after seeing this guitar?   Mark

That lacewood guitar is really something. very interesting switching system going on there. The way the trem and electronics cavity look on the wide back is also striking.   Eli

I'm just letting you know. You can get arrested for that peice of crap wood your making. Rickenbackers are all that, you are just jealous because John Hall has a kick ass company. How about you make you're own designs instead of copying one that is already famous. And by the way, if you are going to copy rickenbacker, you should play in the style of a rickenbacker, not your crappy metal junk. Get your head out of the sand and just admit that rickenbacker is the best, there is no need to attempt to beat the best company outthere by stealing their copyright. Grow up.  MrIvanKite

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