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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top - Holly

Back - Mahogany (one piece)
Gotoh 1/21
25 Large
A3 BB - 7.9

A5 BB- 10.5
8.5 lb

There is no stain on this guitar, its all the natural colors of the wood.
Some of the highlights of this guitar is the amazing Rosewood neck with Ebony board and Holly dots.
I recently invented a new way of leveling frets. This freaks me out because it results in a neck that requires no neck relief. You heard me right, a totally straight neck and it plays without buzzing. I can't believe it myself. Try to get a set up like that at your local "luthier". The process is totally proprietary of course. All the hobby tinkerers are watching and may learn something. Most likely they would have no idea what to do with this type of info and technique. This is not an information site for kids in kindergarten.

It also has my new super hard Nickel frets. Rather than going Stainless and killing the tone and the tools, this is the way to go.
It has some remarkable tuners with a 1/21 ratio. You need to turn the knob 21 revolutions to result in 1 complete turn of the post. So its great for fine tuning.
Its the first time I used Holly wood. This is a naturally white wood. Notice also the back is a very nice one piece Mahogany.

She is a long 26" scale with ZOG strings. It sustains like crazy. On a Zachary you would never guess its a bolt-on neck with a tremolo. Pick up a Stratocaster in comparison and it feels like a little toy a kid should have. This thing is a beast and an intimidating instrument, which will not let you get away with anything. You better be able to play your ass off or its of no use to you.

The tone control has my Soviet military capacitor on it and you can get any sound from this guitar you want.
The Tremolo is very responsive of course with the extra-long custom arm and modified block for increased travel.
I really like these versions of the ZachAttacks. Just totally flawless in tone and balance. Just totally organic, warm and responsive and BIG sounding. Alnico3 for the neck and Alnico5 for the bridge.

In summery, just the perfect guitar.

One problem, the strap button may have to be repositioned. ...I should not have said that, some fucking idiot may actually do it.
You know who all you Carls are out there.

When I first discovered the Zachary website, the Z3 was at first my favorite design. I don't know if this was entirely because of my enchantment with Jess Jess, (130904) or because the more traditional body shape makes the innovations and overall superiority of these instruments so blatantly obvious. (Another of my favorite Z3's is 201203 the "My little Pony.")

I really like 170606. "Holly" is something special indeed. She belies her virgin white body with an irresistibly unfinished rosewood neck and slick ebony fretboard. She could teach you a thing or two with that chrome hardware and those sweet fashionably styled tuners. The 26" scale not only alludes to alternate tunings but a whole alternative lifestyle. This is not a girl you want your wife to find out about. She squeals with delight when you manipulate her touch sensitive tremolo system, and the music pours out of her leaving you soaked and breathless. You better pop another viagra quick, because it won't be long before she is ready for another round. James- Zach minion

Ok. It looks like you have taken a step forward yet again. Maybe the progress will never end. No relief eh? I like the sound of that. Fine tuners? Also a nice touch. I have not had even a slight issue with my tuners and can zero in on the pitch no prob...but this ratio you have now can only be a good thing. 25 frets to allow for a slightly different and new position for the front pup? Also extremely interesting. Special caps for the tone and volume? Awesome. This is a serious instrument.

BTW that this Z3 looks like pretty much the ultimate Zach as far as function goes. Pure economical function. Everyone should want that instrument. Fantastic. -Eli

You're a guitar building genius. Killer designs. There is no reason why your designs shouldn't be on the floor of high-end guitar stores. I used to think you were a marketing idiot, but I now think that you're having too much fun pumping out a few guitars. Throw too much business into the mix and it becomes work rather than love. Holly, the Z3-T should be in the Smithsonian if you were in the US - or at least a copy of it while the real one is playing on stage. Ideally a small, smoky stage being played by someone who just loves what they're doing. Remotely close to "getting" you?   Kudos, Rich

To Alex, Hallo, I am writing from England, and I hope to one day purchase a Zach Z2T. Looks like my kinda guitar. What a beast! Anyways, I just found your website tonight for the first time, and I have to say, in my 26+ years of playing guitar, I haven't come across a builder quite like you. All the ones I've paid any attention to have been quite far up their own asses. Believe me, it's totally refreshing to know there's one guy who cares about the player first and foremost. Someone who doesn't talk any BS when it comes down to it. Keep doing your thing!   Regards, Dee (UK)

Just got back from our holidays in the the wilds of the north-east of Scotland. Gaia came too, of course. I think she enjoyed herself. And I've just seen Holly. What can I say? The Quintessential Zachary. Purity, simplicity, elegance and functionality. And like a true Zach, another quantum leap in innovation. Nothing more need be said. Except that it's just begging to have its strap button moved, of course! :-)
Much as I love the outre functionality of the Z2, the Z3 has an honesty, solidity and maturity that I really admire. I'm really glad you've made another, particularly in the trademark 26" scale. If my Z3 turns out anything like this, I'll be the happiest bunny on the planet!   Ludwik (UK)

Alex, I happened to see your latest creation Holly the other day. Man, that is a gorgeous guitar. I thought I could live with a Z2 and an F1 but now I'm questioning whether I could live without a Z3 as well........... The first thing that hit me was the natural color of the guitar - fantastic. Great contrast to the back and especially with the dark neck and headstock. Wow, I'm seriously drooling.................. I'm sure it plays as good as it looks...... Seems you are pumping out some guitars these days without having to babysit the Forum........ .. Cheers! Mark (Taiwan)

170606 is pure SEX to me. This guitar is too sexy for it's own good. The pristine snowy Holly wood top and the Rosewood neck with Ebony Fretboard should provide the summum of sensual experience in guitar playing. Man, I can just imagine stroking that 26" Rosewood neck.... All I know about Holly is that it is an ancient species of tree, which grows very slowly (I spent my childhood in a garden with a Holly tree in it, it has hardly changed in 35 years time), and that it is supposed to have magical powers according to Celtic lore.    David (Belgium)

WOW ALEX!!! If your last two guitars weren't impressive enough!! Holly s**t man! "HOLLY" is magnificent and gorgeous in every way conceivable!! I'm getting a head ache as I want it sooo much!! You know I like the Z3's!! This one is the BEST SO FAR!! I mean no disrespect to "Ned Kelly" whom I love dearly and am proud to own. If you have a beautiful woman already does that mean you cannot lust for another?? If HOLLY is an example of what you can achieve in 2 weeks as opposed to a month, I'm too scared to look at the "special" guitars you will come up with. What a flawless, beautiful, functional, innovative, inspiring instrument that will sound like nothing else a non Zachary owner has ever heard! I'm drooling!!! How you ever decide to sell your creations it will never matter when your product is of such caliber. To all those who see this guitar on their screens but are brand, prestige, flame top oriented and frown at this precision NO BULLSHIT instrument, and compare it to their precious PRS's or whatever, they should eat their hearts out and go hide in denial as Zachary is "THE KING"!! I could rave and rave but others will do a better job than me, I would just like to say HOLLY has really "struck a chord" with me and I only wish she was mine also. I take my hat off to you, great job Alex.     Orlando (AU)

Just quick note. Holly -- she's greawt. Finally got to play her on stage last Saturday. The balance is awesome and I dig the long scale. The tuners are butter -- just fantastic. Tone is great -- played her through a few good tubes amps. Visually stunning, yet understated, just what I like. The tremolo has a great sensitivity to it too. She'll get a lot of use. Thanks for the effort. -tq-

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