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Bloody Red

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Gotoh Sealed
Tone Zone,
Air Norton
7.5 lb


I had some serious trouble with this guitar. This was originally a purple guitar. Can you believe it? It looked horrible and the particular stain which I was using for the first time was junk. I was in deep trouble. What should I do, I thought. My favorite color is red and although I had made several red guitars in the past, I could never achieve that certain blood red shade that I love and was looking for.

After receiving several emails from concerned viewers, I will tell you that I did not use real blood to stain this guitar, although it looks like it. I partially removed the original purple stain and applied a red stain over it. I did this to the complete guitar including the body, neck and fingerboard. I then oiled the guitar like I always do to seal in this blood colored stain.

So, here you have it. The first Z3 guitar with a tremolo. An awesome playing guitar, a wonderful tremolo unit and set up for unmatched tuning stability using my "Mission Impossible" nut. This guitar is just as good for tuning stability as the guitar in my video. The two holes on the back are real worm or insect holes, which I made sure to include. What's a Zachary guitar without some natural flaws? The guitar has a big sound and like all my guitars, its definitely one of a kind. The color of this guitar may never be duplicated.

This guitar is everything a handcrafted guitar should be so if you are thinking of rushing down to your local Guitar Center to see if they have something similar to this, don't even bother. They don't have any guitars with worm holes, you have to call me for that.

body - Single piece Mahogany,     neck - Mahogany,     fingerboard - Maple,     

scale - 25.5",     pups - DiMarzio: Tone Zone, Air Norton



hi..alex, got the guitar today...............totally..totally.........totally..........awesome......incredable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i m sorry i ,was so anal about certain things i only hope u accept my apology..u are gonna be famous some day u are very talented...please e mail me when ui r starting your next hollowbody...i d love to see that! thanks again ............carl

hey alex....i m telling u i can t put it down..yea i d love to get a crack at your next hollow..cause i dont know what i d do if i wear this one down....stay the way u are ,...keep doin what your doin ...update me please...regards....carl

Here is a tale of a rescue.

Bobby Simcox had allerted me that in horror he spotted this gutiar on ebay. I then told several Zacats of it and Fester set out to bring the gutiar home to him.
It had to be rescued from a "gay midged hardresser" who I should never have sold the gutiar to. He did manage to use solvents to "clean" the new guitar and thus removed the part of the finish of the gutiar, where the red blod stain was coming off and staining one's hands and clothes. This prompted me to put write on the Ownersmanual page "Don't be an Idiot". Most poeple should never have kids or own any gutiars.

Young Uncle Fester "YUF" (known by his enemies as David from Belgium) rescued this gutiar from its original owner who did not know what to do with it. Young Fester is now its proud owner and the gutiar responds to his love accordingly as the MP3s show.

Here is the sad tale with a happy ending.

Bloody Red is an awesome guitar. The Strat tone is very good, but darker and fuller than a Strat would be. I like it.

-Bloody Red was a bit reticent the first few days but felt really familiar to me from the first second. It's almost as if she was thinking "I hope this isn't another idiot I'm stuck with". I'd swear she opened up and started singing to me more after a few days.

I just got back from rehearsal. I have awesome tone. Bloody Red is the guitar with the most Voodoo vibe in it I've ever heard. It has so much mojo it's scary. Part of it is surely the maple fingerboard on the mahogany, which is unusual but brilliant, but there is so much more there. I love it. I should record some of the stuff we're doing now. We're getting pretty good. Oh, and we have a new singer. Pretty good one. Cute too.   David (YUF)

People noticed Bloody Red's auction. I just got the below question. Eat your hearts out suckers, she's mine! ;-)

Hello, I was wondering what you thought of your Zachary guitar. I was also interested in the one you purchased but did not want to bid that high. Is it comparible to an expensive guitar.    Regards, Billy

Hi Billy, The guitar is awesome. I'm not new to Zachary guitars. I own three of them and they are all great instruments. As for comparison to an expensive guitar : nothing compares to a Zachary. It will blow any Custom shop Gibson / PRS / whatever boutique brand away.    Cheers, David.