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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint
Soft Maple
Pau Ferro



*Dual Size

Compound Radius
9.5" - 12"

Zachary T
Neck: 9 ohm
Bridge: 10.25 ohm

6 switching options, including phase switch

9.1 lb



1. Bridge,     2. Bridge + Neck in Parallel,     3. Neck,     4. Bridge + Neck in Series           
 Mini Switch:   only functions when both pups are on and puts them in phase or out of phase with each other

Videos of this guitar        
These vids are all done with the Zachary Skank Amp in the low channel, gain half, + the Z pedal with its gain at half, + a delay and reverb and the occasional Wah. The Skank was played through a 2 x 12 cab. I really love the Bigsby, the way I set it up with the long arm and removing all play from the arm. To use a really tired guitar chat forum cliché, its "as smooth as butter", and also very light to the touch.

160808_F1T_PupJam01.wmv     I go through all the pickup settings here.
160808_FIT_01.wmv        Done with the neck pup only.
160808_F1T_02.wmv       Same tune as above but played more aggressively and using all the pickup settings.
160808_F1T_03.wmv    Don't you just love something played note for note? I wanted to do an exact indistinguishable copy but lost my TAB. So its the best I can do.


I was just thinking about TonePros:

Here is the first time I tried to do this Tele-Bigsby setup and I was thinking why Leo Fender never thought of this simple setup, instead of the clumsy, awful solution with the terrible bridge he had. Or maybe it was not Leo but CBS. Leo was much more practical.

This guitar has perfect tuning even with the hardest trem abuse. It stays in tune as well as a fixed bridge guitar. Truly amazing. I will share with you why this is. It hurts me to share anything but I will make an exception this time, to point out the stupidity of TonePros.

While building this guitar I was thinking of TonePros and not in a nice way.
You ever hear of TonePros hardware? Its Gibson replica hardware but they added little lock screws to make their parts motionless by locking them down to their posts. The claim is that you will get better tone with locked down hardware. Its like all those "get rich quick" schemes.

I knew instantly this was very wrong. What a stupid idea I thought. I mean, the only thing its good for is to stop the hardware from falling off your guitar when you take all the strings off and forget to remove the hardware. Other than that locked down hardware is seriously awful for tuning stability and it offers absolutely no tonal advantages, despite of what they claim. Its just a bunch of marketing to the stupid guitar consumer, forum faggot, who eats it all up and then brags about it to other idiots. In fact some guitar mass producers even use the TonePros stuff on their guitars. They are always looking for gimmicks since all the guitars you see for sale at music stores are the same. Take a look at that boring shit hanging at your neighborhood music store. Regardless of brand its the same disgusting plastic crap made by non players for non players. They all come out of the same factories in Asia with only different names put on them and they area all looking for a gimmick for some differentiation. But you know this already so I will not go into it again.

Hacks and Tinkerers, listen closely, its learning time.
Here is a little free education for you. Why is TonePros bull shit you ask? How dare I say such a thing? You believe that anything advertised in guitar magazines must be great? Are you up in arms yet?
This is because you area a fool, have no guitar knowledge and could never build the guitar on this page.
With locked-down hardware, I could never keep this guitar in tune.

Here is your Education.
Everything in the string path must be moving unimpeded and unobstructed. This is because strings are not motionless, they are constantly in motion. Always moving, always stretching. They stretch all the time even from normal playing and even with no tremolo use. This is how strings work, its their nature. Since strings move naturally, constantly and considerably, along their whole length, why would any idiot want to lock them down and stop their motion? The worst thing you can do is to stop this free movement. If you hinder string movement, you will instantly lose your tuning stability. This is the most apparent with a tremolo guitars, like the Bigsby equipped instrument on this page, but even with a guitar, which has a fixed bridge, its important to allow the strings to slide back and forth. With locked-down bridges they cannot move back and forth and only get stuck at the contact points. If you don't allow for movement, your tuning stability will be adversely effected. By locking down the bridge, so it cannot move with the string, the string will struggle to move and bind in the saddles. If a bridge is locked down It better have roller saddles on it. Although roller saddles kill tone, which is a whole other discussion.

Back in the 50s, guitar designers knew what they were doing and all those vintage bridges have built in looseness for a very good reason. In fact they are very loose. The fit is actually sloppy and some uninformed guitar enthusiasts would say the quality and tolerance of these parts is inadequate. However these traditional parts are loose for the very good reason I describe here. Decades ago they knew that the two points at which the string is tensioned must move with the string and offer very minimal friction so the string can slide back and forth during normal playing as well as trem use. The two "break points" of a string, being the bridge and the nut must not bind the string and allow for perfect movement of the string.

Then someone uninformed and with a different agenda comes along and tells you mindlessly to do the complete opposite, to lock down your bridge. People who don't understand guitars technically will believe this.

If you are still too slow to understand what I am saying, you better learn your guitar history. Look at the vintage guitars with tremolos like the Bigsby and other types of tremolos. Look at how on vintage Gibson and other brands the whole Tunomatic and other types of bridges, rock back and forth as the trem action is applied. Look at every Gretsch, the same thing happens. Also consider what Gretsch and others have done by even introducing roller saddles to help the strings roll freely over the saddles unimpeded. The less friction the bridge puts on the string, the better. If a strings cannot roll or slide across the saddles then the whole bridge must move with the string. This cannot happen if its locked down. Locking down a bridge will induce a lot of friction and make the string struggle it its movement. The string will bind and will not return to its regular position and operational length. Hence terrible tuning stability.

Strings constantly stretch over the two break points, the bridge and nut. Look at the original Fender Telecaster with the Bigsby and take a look at the bridge used for this purpose. You may not even know that the original Tele trem bridge, as bad as it is, stands on two pointed posts, which rock as the strings move over the bridge and as the tremolo is used. In fact the whole bridge moves with the strings. Its the most apparent on the Tele how the whole bridge rocks back and forth on two sharp pointed studs its positioned on. The opposite of TonePros, which is designed not to move.

The only points on a string that needs to be perfectly motionless and anchored, are the two end points of string attachment, the two opposite ends or anchor points of the string. These being the tailpiece and the tuners. Everything else on a guitar must be as "loose as goose" and move freely with the strings and the motion induced by the player.

No, you will not loose any tone if your bridge is not screwed down and motionless like a rock. Take that BS right out of your head. The marketers have brainwashed you. You are only told this so you will buy the gimmick.

The moral of this story is that once you know guitars, you will recognize bull shit marketing and guitar magazines will read like comic books to you. You have to know your stuff first though. Here is a start, you have just learned something, even if you admit it or not.

So if you lock down your bridge, I will instantly know you are idiot.

Wow. Brace yourself guitar world...you've never seen ANYONE do this before. Totally unexpected and original. I bet Alex had to tie someone up by their balls to get that custom Tele bridge plate. How cool is that? A custom Z - tele with all the great tele sounds, and a tremolo bar? The weepy pedal steel lick possibilities are endless. And, since a Bigsby is more stable than a standard floating trem, I bet it doesn't move when you bend strings. Clever, Alex. Very clever.   Z. Fenner

Damn...that is what I was going to say. You can do all the pedal steel bends and the bigsby will not move....and then you can augment the country sounding stuff WITH the bigsby. That will be sweet as hell.   Eli

Again The Best Guitar in the world. A real "Tele", with a real Tremolo, really not yet seen.   Roger

Everyone will naturally be fascinated with the Bigsby but having played it I can assure you that the most killer feature of the guitar is - the neck!!! After that the pickups and switching system. The Bigsby is actually just the icing on the cake!!   Mark

Who's got it? I finally made it back to the computer and was about to gush about my new Z. Now I'm sitting here jealous again. Whats with the neck? Besides it's being perfect I mean. The neck is super nice and being bolt on no doubt adds some spank but why is it # 1? All Alex's necks are superb. Alex is giving all the F1's the new switching I see. This one has it all. I've got swing country tunes in my head after laying eyes on it. I need to let the dust settle at home a little before you get my deposit for the perfected F1.   Tony

This is one guitar I have often dreamed about but never thought would happen. The F1 with tremolo is a dream come true. This F1 is the ultimate F1.
Congratulations, Alex.   Ted Noiz

Very cool guitar. I know how well it will play, having the F1-C. Very nice body wood as well. Another masterpiece.
I'd be interesting in hearing the way the trem bends.   Frank

I know, some of you guys are going to hate me for this, but the idea is just too good to let go... Watch the attached "BlondeStar" video.


After viewing, tell me if it reminds you of all those wanna be guitar builders who keep messaging Alex with those pansy-ass emails and asking him to cough up all his guitar building secrets -- without so much as even extending Alex the courtesy of offering a tip. Tell me if this is what they sound like while they panic and whine because they don't know what the fuck they are doing and call Alex for help.

I've even taken this phenomena one step further... A friend of mine messaged me after my first look at the World's First Zachary F1-T. He sent me the attached video. Is this just a coincidence, or is it a revelation from God himself? After all, God is just, and we are all going to get exactly what we deserve. I've named the new F1-T just for those above mentioned assholes.

Here's one just for you, you fucking weinerheads. You've made it to the Z Hall of Fucking Fame. Now, let's see if you can figure this one out. Hell, let's see if you can even come close to it. Let's see if you can get even one fucking thing right in all your magnificent daydreams. Every time you look at this guitar you should break out in tears. She's the girl you saw, you know, the one you knew you were never going to get, the one you saw in your dreams at night and made you cry like a baby? You surely remember that girl, don't you? Of course you do... Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you, BlondeStar.

Now, that's fucking beautiful. That's fucking guitar greatness at it's very best. When it comes to guitars, Alex, you are the man, and there aint no doubt about that. Again, congratulations, my friend.     The Notorious Terrible Ted Noiz

WOW! 2008 must be the year of daring innovations at Zachary. 160808 is mad!! I wouldn't know what to do with it. WOW! How much thought has gone into that?...and how cool does it look?? What's next?? You go for it Alex! Raise the bar even further! Make a statement! Kick them in the balls!   Orlando

Goddamn I love this guitar! Can't take my eyes off it. Of course it should have been mine! I could pluck me some really Badass Blackened Bluez on that mofo. That's a Ted Noiz guitar if there ever was one. I was listening to Johnny Cash this morning, and one of his songs fit perfectly as I gazed once again upon the World's First F1-T...     

Anyway, I am tired from a long day of work in the heat and I am going to sit right here and daydream about the latest Z, the incredible Blistered BlondeStar. She just makes me cream my jeans. Oh! The fun we could have together!    Ted

It does captivate doesn't it? I have spent a much longer time than usual staring at the pictures. the Bigsby kills. I wish I knew more about them. How did you get one with the Fender "F"? Are they just available, like parts or something? For some reason the close up of the pic with the nut and the fingerboard rolling down into the headstock is exceptionaly appealing, like wall art. The string post looks old and rustic. Damn, the whole thing looks rustic! Like a mail-order picture from a fifty's Fender catalogue The instrument is a work of art. I love the colour of the maple and the slight flame. This thing makes me want to be a country and western fan. It would be hard to not wear a big steer horn belt buckle with this guitar.

This whole guitar voyeur thing is probably some form of social deviance. A new 21 century addiction perhaps (there are so many of those now). It doesn't seem healthy anymore. I have two wonderful Z's and each new one you build kind of depresses me 'cause I can't have it. And then I think "well, thats it, He'll never top that and by his own words He'll never build that one again", so it feels kind of hopeless 'till your next one comes along. How do you part with them Alex?   Tony

Just looking at this F1, I notice you can have the tremolo, or run the strings through the body as per original set up. I couldn't imagine why anyone would, but the option is there none the less. I also notice that with the tremolo in place it must be hell to intonate the instrument as you can't just get any screwdriver between the tremolo and the bridge. Not that Zachary guitars need fiddling with from original set up ever, but it must have been hell for you Alex, unless you had it set up as per original with the strings through the body and the tremolo off the guitar so as to set all up and get it sounding right, then remove the strings, and bring it to what it is now. Like all your work Alex, the more you look the more you notice, such as the clever "F" on the bigsby, I bet you can't buy that at the local shop. All this might be a case of "Captain Obvious" to you, but remember I'm no guitar builder. Just a technical head. On a different note, gotta say that since I got the Zachary SKANK amp, the Blues Delux has been dormant. Soooo many sounds, such a small unit, gotta love it!    Orlando

In the guitar’s description you say “It hurts me to share anything”… I don’t believe that is true Alex. Thank God and thank you, many wonderful things have been taught to me through you, and I’ll keep learning. Also, I’ll never forget that what I have in my hands is part of you as well, and I will treat it with that same love and respect.   Cesar


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