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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Swamp Ash
(two piece)

Pau Ferro
*Dual Size
Gibson P90

Zachary Custom


5-way Rotary pickup sellector


ZOG 10+ RW
7 lb


with case

Pickup Selection:   1- neck ,   2- neck + bridge parallel,   3- bridge,   4- neck + bridge series,   5- neck + bridge parallel out of phase,   6- neck + bridge series out of phase


Well, if the previous Z-Tele was not enough for you, here is another 60th Anniversary Telecaster. A different variation.

Had Fender produced this guitar it would be regarded as totally revolutionary and considered as a highly innovative evolution of the Telecaster. They would be praised as finally adding something substantial to Leo's historic achievement. Fender would charge $4000 for it and make a limited run of only a 1000 pieces by using their CNC machines, boasting about the final hand finish sanding. One of their "Master Builders" would actually remove the CNC cutter marks by hand; thus they would call it "handmade". The slimy guitar magazines would turn on their hype machine and hail Fender in creating a landmark instrument. This would drive all the little circle jerks into a frenzy by the thousands on every circle jerk forum on the internet and they would be talking endlessly about this guitar had it been produced by Fender. It would get to the point that they would all offer to sell their dicks just to be able to afford one of these. However, being able to play it would never be a concern of any importance. After all, the Fender Corporation does not require anyone to qualify to own one of their guitars. You can be a slimy little circle jerk, a total talentless loser and still buy as many Fender guitars as you want. Just as it should be, its what you deserve.

What's cool about this Zachary Z-T? In case you don't know much about guitars, I will tell you.

Its has a Gibson vintage scale neck scale on a Telecaster platform. For me, its the favorite setup. A short scale neck with the simple Tele hardware, Tele bridge pickup and the Tele sound. Oh, you noticed the P90 neck pickup, yes, very cool. What that gives me is a totally different guitar, without the sacrilegious disrespect for the quintessential Tele. I hate those swine who put bridge position humbuckers in a Tele body and call it a Tele. They don't have a Tele! You slimeball morons belong on a circle jerk forum, its all the achievement you will ever reach and are capable of.

Oh, let's not forget the rotary switch. I get all the Tele sounds and 3 more additional sounds; two out of phase sounds and the in-series sound. So what more does anyone need? Its Jimi Page's loss that I was not building guitars when he was on top of the world. He really needed this guitar. No wonder he did so much Heroin, people thought it was because he was a junky but it was actually justified. Those Les Pauls were so heavy that they were destroying his frail body. He simply needed a powerful painkiller. When he came off stage after playing Dazed and Confused, they put him in a wheelchair and that's where he stayed until the next show.

What else is cool about this Z guitar? How about the Sycamore neck. You have not seen that before. Yes its quartersawn also. The dots are made from the same wood as the neck. You like the Ebony neck screw inserts? Yes, they are very cool. You have not seen that before anywhere either. A tinkerer would never even be able to figure out how to do it.

How about the half bridge, which can be strung both through the body or top loaded. This bridge also does not affect the bridge pup magnetically and one can get at the pickup much more easily.

The pickups are wonderful together. The Tele bridge pickup is an extra powerful one, for it to be able to stand up to the P90. The bridge pickup is bright and twangy, the quintessential Tele sound, while the P90 is the warmest sweetest tone you will ever hear. Its the type of "woman tone" Eric Clapton could never even dream of.

So there you go. Fender corporation is a joke and the worst of what corporations stand for. The Wall Street Occupiers should occupy Fender also. Most of them would qualify as Fender Master Builders. They wouldn't want you however, beucase they rather give poeple jobs in other countries. You thought I only laugh at PRS. They are all a joke. When one independent guy like me can sweep up the floor with them, you know they are all a joke and they are just perpetually deceiving you. They regard the guitar consumer as an idiot just as I do but they take a different angle because they want your money. Remember that Fender ceased to exist in 1965. Just because a bunch of con men bought Leo's name, does not make them Leo or Fender. Fender was not a corporation; it was a man.

If any of this talk makes you uncomfortable, then I suggest you go on any "luthier" website and you will get the usual polite bland pandering and boring representation of generic shamefully uncreative crap. It will get you as horny as when you kiss your own sister.


I will have have to keep this one also. It makes such a nice sister to the previous one. However, I will release most of the previous NFS Z-Teles. So if you think you qualify in terms of your ability and your intellect, then this is a good time to get a Z-Tele. I am on a roll.


What a beautiful dancer! Devil girl is appropriate, this one smacks of forbidden pleasure.

I personally like this one better than the first ZTC. To my eye it really shines. The colour and figure of the swamp ash are gorgeous and a sycamore neck? Go for it dude. You'll have to let us know how it performs and colours the tone. It looks great. I'm really liking your version of the Tele more and more. The overall shape is cleaner and has a real speed to it. Add the samurai headstock and it looks as though you could take the world at knifepoint!

Correlations between this Tele and the Devil Girl? Spank! Well played, sir. Well played.    Regards, Jeff

It is a beautiful guitar. As I said, I like this one better than the last. The colours are more pleasing for the design. As I look at it, it has begun to take on a life that the original tele hasn't. Yours looks like it wants to fly. I'm sorry to speak in such fanciful terms but I am an artist too and I can't help it. I seem abstract sometimes but I hope that I come across well.

At first I didn't understand the Z1. I thought that it was an interesting guitar but it didn't really do it for me. But I could see that you were trying something different for a real purpose. The Z2 was, visually, the one for me. It soars in outer space. All the testimonials from your buyers and the videos convinced me that you had the right path in front of you. You show a conviction and drive that has converted players into believing that they don't have to settle for the standard. You have your detractors, of course, but they are still held in awe of big name players who are flogging mass identity and corporate bling. I think your fans appreciate honesty and are tired of being a ledger number. I am, I want individuality. Don't get me wrong, everyone has the right to make a living and make huge money at it, but where is the room to breathe for the rest of us that want some soul? When did the freedom of playing guitar pass and be replaced by cheap plastic and aquisition syndrome?

Well, I see something in the ZTC that is an evolution. It is not a Tele, it merely has its passing reference. What if the bean counters hadn't gotten to Leo? I see this guitar making some beautiful noise, climbing ambient spaces.

I hope this doesn't come across as trying to stroke your ego. I have said the same things to you for years now and I mean them. Its nice to know that there is a place to go after dissatisfied guitar players wake up.  

I'm not sure what is different about the new ZT but it is different from the first. It probably is cosmetic but I like it. Alex, you're doing something we all want: your own thing. If people don't understand what goes into the making of these things then make them understand. Include your rant and some thoughts from when you were building it. Tell them why you did what you did. Make a little booklet out of it all and place it in the case. Show the picture of your finger after you nicked it while routing the bridge. Its your blood they're pumping after receiving the guitar! You know, I always thought that you should put out a calendar at the beginning of the year. I'm sure that could make you a couple bucks too. I'd buy one!

I can appreciate the time, effort and skill that you use to build your instruments. I wish that I had all those attributes myself. Its painfully obvious that you have a need to build them and that they are a labour of love. Those are some reasons that I come around and dream about those guitars; I wish that I could do it myself. So I don't blame you for wanting to make sure that the guy buying it understands what you went through to make it. It needs to be played by someone that has a need to play. Its fine to look at that hot chick with the tight ass but do you know what to do with it when you get it?     Jeff

Just saw her…Sweet and Pure. Beautiful work as usual. All the curves and contours look perfect from the pics….I did not see any entire straight on full top and full back pics on this one but you posted enough to get the sense. Damn great job again on the joinery. Wood blend is perfect to the eye. WOW. Seeing that guitar made me hear music.     Yordys

To build 151011 so soon after the splendid 070911 is a bit cheeky! - if you will excuse the pun. You certainly are on a roll. As you are going to release the other NFS Z Tele's I would like to take 120207(Muddy) off your hands.  Best  JR

Amazing work once again. I like the "She Devil" best". Just be careful not to make to many mistakes while playing, she might just bitch slap your ass.    Eagle

I just saw the new Guitar, and that You sell the other Teles.
I would play everyone of them. Still My favorite is the hollow.
Also the Red Neck ... and the pine body ... and the Nestlé ... and the 50 year old ...

the red neck is so beautiful, I can hardly care for the rest
the pine body is even more beautiful
Nestlé is extremely beautiful, and like a chokolate bar :-)
the 50 year old looks so ... new and old @ the same time
not to mention the Rich Bitch, another "only You can do"

Hi Zac..i just wanted to drop you a note on your approach to having people audition for you to make them a guitar and how you make it for yourself and not them...FUCKING AWESOME...this is some of the most inspiering words and attitude i have heard in a long time. So i just want to say great work and great attitude, i make a lot of videos on youtube under the name themomozone and i will quote your visionary words, the ones they forgot before they got rammed by the corporate shit log....thanks for giving me a boost and confirmations on where ive been heading in my mind.   See ya Momo

Wow! That latest set of F1's!   Georgeous job Alex. I love 'em both but that lusty swamp ash with the mother of toilet seat guard...whoowie that's a beaut. A spank ass country / rock / blues machine. Can't say much for the sticker although she fits, and that's what your always after. Color and wood combinations are very nice. I think a maple fretboard would have really fit but the pau ferro is nice too. And P90's forever man!    Tony

I like that one a lot. That IS a great body shape. Must be a bit light on the touch with 9s on short scale but I am sure it spanks and bends like crazy. Great color combo. Not sure I'd like a decal on my guitar, but it works with that bar drinkin smoky guitar vibe twang thing. (not for the content, I just don't like stickers / decals of any kind on my guitars) Quite the blues machine. P90 is really the blues neck pickup of choice I think. Ya gotta play well to pick that one up. Nothing worse than a guy with a flashy guitar who can't play a lick. Looking forward to hearing some tone samples. Keep on pickin. :)    Frank

Frank was right. I chaged to ZOG 10+ RW on this guitar. It feels great on the shorter Gibson scale.   Alex

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