150700 (Busywood)             "NORMA"          www.zacharyguitars.com

Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint



Bois de Rose
Sperzel Locking
Dimarzio Tone Zone, Air Norton
7.5 lbs.


Here is something different. Its called Busywood. To my knowledge its the first time it has ever been used in guitar construction. This material is made up of small pieces of different exotic wood. When I first saw this material I knew that I just had to build a guitar out of it. This material is very expensive and on the heavy side.

This is the third Zachary guitar that Bobby Simcox has purchased. It has a 5 piece laminated neck and a six bolt neck joint.
I took the pics of Bobby playing the guitar for the first time when he visited my shop in February 2003.

I just wanted to say that I've been playing Norma alot in the past few weeks, and She is Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!! Her sound is just simply Magnificent! I changed the strings to .011s after the first week and She can do No Wrong. My band Tsunami tunes down a whole step, thus the necessity for thicker strings. I've had to revoice a few of my ConPanna melody lines in the upper register due to the limited upper fret access, but honestly, I don't care. She is THAT AWESOME!!! I'm kinda scared to think what She might sound like w/ Jumbo Frets. Hmmmmmm... Her Neck is Superb!!! Fits my hand to a T!!! The Action is Inspiring!!! My hand really likes the 25" scale! It's easier for the long finger stretches. Believe it or not She fits my body Better than Baby or Maggie. Perfectly Centered. The Z2s feel slightly off center to my right, but that's Never been an Issue to me. Norma Hangs smack dab Prefect. I don't get it, but what the hell, It's Very Cool! Can't wait to see ANA and the 8 String, Bro!   Love Ya!!!!! Bobby

Hey there. I noticed something on your website I thought was a little weird. You are obviously outspoken on how violently angry you are about digital amps, implying that they make you so angry that the thought of using a digital amp might make you go on a murderous rampage, and that playing one of your guitars through a digital amp would be fucked up, and would "handicap" the inherent tone.

It seems that this guy is playing your guitar through a Line 6 digital amp. You also say that this picture was taken at your shop, presumably by you. This leads me to believe that, at the very least, you sat by idly and let this guy play your guitar through an abomination of an amp, and at most, that you actually own a Line 6 amp! It seems unlikely, but possible, that this guy brought his own amp; if he did, it would at least excuse you from the accusation of owning such a thing. It seems that, not only did you not go postal, but you didn't even revoke the gift of the guitar from him. I mean, people have to prove themselves worthy of one of your guitars, right? So isn't this guy immediately rendered not worthy the moment that he violates your well-known rule of not playing your guitars through a digital amp? Shouldn't you have ripped it from his lowly clutches, and burned it for having been connected to the cold digital embrace of a Line 6 amp? I don't get it.      Taylor

5 piece laminated neck: Manogany, Maple, Oak, Maple, Mahogany

Man oh Man, Norma plays Beautifuly!!!!!! Ya Set Her Up Perfectly!!!! I Just FLY on Her!!! Simply AMAZING!!!!
Love Ya!!!! Bobby