Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Bird's Eye Maple Top,
1 pc. Mahogany Back

Pau Ferro
8.4 lbs.


Hi Alex, I just unpacked the D1. Even the great pictures on your web sight could not prepare me for the magnificence of the guitar. It is a true work of art. I have been playing it for a few minutes unplugged and the only reason I am putting down is to drop you this e-mail and thank you for creating this wonderful instrument for me. I will never be able to walk into Guitar center again with out laughing my ass off. Nothing they have is even in the same league as this guitar.   Paul

Custom Guitars

Great work on that last D1. That thing looks both solid as a rock and yet oddly elegant. Something about the contouring and balance of the lines or something esp in that profile shot. Solid. It is a great visual representation of the underlying structural integrity and unity of all your guitars. In other words my Shadow has a smaller body and trem and less contact between neck and body but there is this solidity and integrity to the tone and feel and that D1 LOOKS like that. Hope the lucky buyer can really play something. Doesn't even have to be fancy solos, some big chords and Neil Young type solos with good time and feel through a nice tube amp would be amazing on that D1. Rock! That thing could anchor a whole band I bet.   Eli (NYC)

Man, you sure did it again. That D1 is just one of your sexiest guitars to date. It just oozes class. Loads of it. The pickguard is very well chosen btw. It accentuates the figures in the birdseye maple, makes them jump out. The wood is just spectacular, and has a classical, almost antique shine to it ("patine" in French and Dutch, I can't remember the English word).

My girlfriend saw the pictures and she loves the guitar as well. She says it shows your instruments are made by someone who really knows what he is doing, and clearly also loves what he is doing. Craftsmanship. She says the way they are finished and attention to detail is incomparable to anything else. This from a non-player. She asked what guitar our frontman uses, and I showed her the Fender.com website. She said Fender guitars look like M&M's. After hearing the sound bites on the fender site, it was clear they also sound like M&M's. I showed her the videos you did with Bobby. Catherine loves guitarmusic and knows more about playing than she lets on. She said Bobby's not human. Humans can't play like that. He should be rich and famous. And so should you for making guitars like that. Talk to you later, David (Belgium)

BEAUTIFUL Alex it's beautiful. I wasn't attracted to the D1 model but this one tops it all. Love the Bird's Eye Maple, the hardware you choose and the pick guard is great. Who would have thought of choosing a transparent pick guard but yet dark enough to bring contrast with the white maple. I'm in love what a great looking guitar and I'm sure it plays just as greatly as it look. You are a genius Alex, your are so talented. I can imagine when someone receive a guitar in the mail and doesn't know what he is getting and he opens the guitar case and the first thing he sees is a work of art like this one. I'm cumming in my pants right now, my mouth is drooling. Also the pictures you took are amazing too. What a way to promote your work. The first picture filled my 17" screen fully, my jaw dropped when I saw it and then scrolling down and seeing the others it dropped even more. Who's the lucky person who will get this one? Again great work Alex, you're the man. Roly (Montreal Canada)

Alex - This D1 is absolutely gorgeous. With the thicker than normal maple top and gorgeous mahogany back the player who gets this baby is going to have to know how to use your various available tonal shadings to the max. He/she will be well rewarded if the chops are up to it, and will be forced to DEVELOP the chops if not already there. A Win/Win proposition. Due to the construction I think this instrument will be a true showcase for both single and double coil settings. I'd love to hear it through a high powered tweed twin, tweed deluxe, metal front marshall or original handwired Hiwatt.
Whew. Just when you blow me away with one axe, another comes out of left field. Can't wait to see the next!!!     Robert (DC)