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150402    Z1 Bass
The Bob Migliardi Signature Bass

This is an important instrument for several reasons. Most obvious is the headstock shape. I did not want to do it but I knew that it had to be done. Bass tuners simple do not fit on a Samurai headstock. I squeezed them in on my first bass but when it comes to 5 or 6 strings it would not be possible. I came to terms with that. My spiritual advisor and firebreathing bass player of the Fat Weasels, Bob Migliardi is responsible for doing a fine job at designing the headstock. He knew I wanted this traditional headstock shape to resemble my original Samurai headstock as closely as possible. This is what we came up with and it looks and works very well. Notice the perfectly straight sting direction to the tuners.

I hope to be making 5 and 6 string basses soon and the same headstock will be used. Another innovation is the string retainer bar on the head. This is designed by me and custom machined to fit the bass. The screws are also countersunk into the bar for aesthetics and most importantly the screws do not screw into the wood as on Floyd Rose equipped guitars. The screws are anchored in small brass bushings that are imbedded in the headstock. This enables the player to alter the position of the bar thus varying the string break-angle to the tuners from the nut. The unstained pickups were Bob's idea along with the black hardware. It is fitted with flat wound strings and the aluminum bridge gives it a bright sound. Switching and electronics are identical to my guitars.

This is also a more guitar like bass in that it has an angled neck. Meaning that the neck pocket is angled back like on many guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul and others. This results in a lower string height in relation to the top of the body. Uncharacteristically the neck is also guitar like because its V shaped. Again, a feature found only on guitars not basses. Do you get the idea that I am a guitar player and not a bass player?

Yes, I know, I could have built a Fender bass like so many highly respected (lets give Warmoth a call) bass builders, but that wouldn't be me now would it.


Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint Color
Pau Ferro
All Natural
7 lbs.

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