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Body Style
Body Wood
Neck Wood
Fbd. Wood
Neck Joint

Top & Back: Solid
I forget, maybe Canary

Sides: Soft Maple
(low grade with rot)



Air Norton

Air Zone

Master Volume

Rotary Switch

7.75 lb


with case

Pickup Sellection:   1- neck humbucker,   2- neck inside coil,   3- both inside coils,   4- both humbucking,   5- bridge inside coil,   6- bridge humbucking


Dude! You're being like a woman that pulls her shirt up to just under her tits and won't go any further. SHOW THE FUCKING PICTURES!    Regards,  Jeff

The only word I can think of to describe this guitar is: "mine!" - "Mine!" - "MINE!" - "MINE!" - MINE!"   Best,   JR

Alex, checking out your web site!! # 150311 is a beautiful guitar!!!!! BUT is that a PRS stoptail bridge???? SAY IT AINT SO!!!!! I have a gig this Thursday nite at the Alley Blues club in Sanford Fl. Wish I was playing # 231002. I really like that instrument. I will not play my PRS on Thurs. I will be using my Koa wood, satin finish (Thank God!!), local luthier set up Strat. I will think of the 231002 somewhere in the set lists. Would love to hear it. Spring is coming and be well.  Don

That's one bad ass looking guitar! Looks like all the suffering paid off. I know these hollow bodies take a lot more time and effort. You will never get this kind of instrument from a computer robot machine; just can't happen. Nothing can or will ever take the place of a human being with passion and drive. I'm sorry to see the art of true craftsmanship diminishing. It would be a truly great thing for the old time apprenticeship to make a comeback. Master craftsman passing on his knowledge and secrets to a student who can then blend his talents with what the master teaches. Thanks for all the effort to pour into these instruments.   Eagle

My Hollow - "RotGut"
Wow, I'm totally stunned by the pics. I wasn't sure whether to expect something elegant, something standard, or a clone of Eli's guitar (which would have been no problem!). Well it does have a touch of all the above, yet is something totally different. Somehow you have gone and created the most bad-ass looking hollow body on the planet. Everything about that guitar just flows - from the body right down the neck. The tuners are just right for the character of the guitar. The dual F-holes are perfect. And with the longer scale, the acoustics, and those pickups this is going to have gobs of tone. And be very versatile. I like the bridge but don't recall seeing one of those before. I recall that in the beginning you were a bit flustered about which way to go with it, but after a few discussions by email it suddenly seemed to hit you. And you nailed it big time. Haha LOVE the low grade with ROT sides - that's my kind of figured wood. I prefer rot to polyurethane any day of the week. Great job, man! OK, need to check the pics again.....

Haha, quite a coincidence that Eagle and I both used the exact same words to describe the guitar - "Bad Ass".     Mark Miller

It looks beautiful. I suppose this was inspired by your last design, which, if I remember, was sort of a happy accident, something that evolved from an attempt to recreate your first hollow body. I love reading your thoughts and such about each guitar...anxiously awaiting anything you happen to post. I'm imagining it must sound very stout played with overdrive, with the 11 strings and the bass response from that ample, hollow body, it must sound really nice for Les Paul type stuff.....although, the 26" scale probably tempers the bass response a bit. As usual, the details are gorgeous. Looks like you designed or had machined your own bridge design. And you must have happened on a nice cache of rosewood....the neck is gorgeous, like the guitar before it, the padauk body with rosewood neck. Congratulations, JPB

Thank you (he sighs with relief), you're killing me with the waits. :)
Though I really appreciate and listen to some of it, I'm no jazzer. Fusion maybe but not a straight ahead jazz guy. I'm not that good. I like this one. I like the two f-holes moreso than the single on Eli's G-1 (no offense Eli, just my preference!). It has a nice symmetry and the wood choice is again excellent. It's polished and sleek but then you see the dirt underneath the nails, so to speak. One is so used to seeing the light coloured wood on the top and back and the dark wood on the sides that this was a bit of a shock at first. Honestly, I enjoy this guitar very much. I hope that this will also see some time on video because it needs to be shown off. I can imagine someone like John Abercrombie playing it, you know, someone whose talent is undeniable and great but whose personality is a little off kilter. Someone that could really take advantage of the guitar and transend our dreary limited lives; making our spirit soar and commune with the stars.
Damn, now I'm waxing poetic. Regards,   Jeff (Calgary)

Just saw “RotGut”. What a perfect instrument. What a joy it must be to play. The neck joint on your hollow-body’s type is genius. It seems like you have been gently tapering it more and more since 160809. Wrapping the hand up around that joint is probably effortless. Definitely one of the many (well though) traits a Zachary” has that no other guitar has - Oh yeah, and a life of it’s own .
I would have loved to been in your shop the day you came up with that one, to watch it all come together.
Thanks again Alex.     Yordys

Your latest guitar is the pinnacle of fine craftsmanship. If it is indeed going to Mark Miller, than it goes to a deserving player! Wishin she was in my hands instead....but there is another Hollow in my future....hehe.With the warmer weather here, now is the time to clear out the garage and take some pics of that hugh walnut slab. I will see if my bro is busy sunday and I'll take care of it finally!  

I remember you mentioning how innovative the connectors were on the electric acoustic. Just thought it was such a great idea. It makes it so easy to work on the instrument IF something does go wrong. Congrats on such a great instrument. Now who the fuck wouldn't wanna play that guitar???  Zach Fenner

Hi Alex, The Rot Gut guitar reminds me immediately of the Gibson ES 125, especially that model used by George Thorogood. I've read the comments on Rot Gut and I can see where most folks would get a "jazz-box" feeling from your guitar, but I was instead jolted out of a daze when I first gazed upon Rot Gut and I wanted to squeeze her tight and bend some of her strings and send some sounds and signals out into the galaxy. That guitar was made for rock and bluez, of course. It reminds me also of the Gibson Byrdland Florentine; the one Ted Nugent has been using for his entire career. I have always liked both of these guitars for their classic hollow-body tone and cutaway look and have always wanted one of each. But now I don't want either one of those anymore. I want the Z version instead. Thanks for another amazing instrument, Alex. Absolutely astounding.    Ted

Hi Alex, I've been checking out the latest, 150311 and all I can say is "sweet!" Love the color contrasts, love the woodgrains, love the rosewood neck, the pickups, the symmetrical F-holes, the sculpting of the cut-away, the countersunk tuners, the neck heel, the whole thing. Probably my favorite of the hollow bodies. Very warm, organic, and with character. Thanks for creating and showing another one of a kind.   Bruce

Wow this hollowbody is just perfection. I can't believe how nicely everything plays in the choice of materials. I would guess it just sounds incredible. The rosewood neck and that grain on the body is truly sweet. Probably has sustain for weeks. I can't wait to hear somebody crank it up. That curve on the neck would fit my hand perfectly. I am so tempted to sell the farm so I could buy it. Bad Ass indeed.    Frank

I just wanted to comment on the new hollow I just checked out. A fine piece of work. They are a completely different animal than the solids and a whole new line of Z's is opening up. I've never thought of having a hollow, I've always traded equally between acoustic and solid, but now I'm reconsidering. The final Z may have to be a hollow. I like the idea of the heavier strings, even one set up for 12's would be cool. More of an acoustic feel and attack playing. I'd really like to hear this thing played. I don't know much about those pups. Are they lower gain? Round wound jazz box? I'll look them up now.

Speaking of strings, I'm going to have to set up an order soon. The ZOG is the only string now. It'd be great if you got some stuff in stores. You could source out your amps and a 1x12 cab for stores as well. Where I come from, everyone is now looking for low watt tube amps. The market is really growing.
And what is the story on the Z pedal, I heard something about you finding a builder for those? I'll be first in line please, if you are.
Sorry for all the questions. Stuff thats been in my mind for awhile.
And congrats to Mark for his new RotGut Axe! It couldn't go to a more deserving guy. Blessings.    Tony

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